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  1. I am trying to read every Shonen Jump manga, or at least give them a chance if possible. And I currently have a few slots open in my manga cycle...so yeah.

    Have you read World Trigger?


    I have not, but I've heard about it.

  2. Welcome Mars Terra! I hope you get some internet up because I'd love to see some of your art (I'm supposing that was implied, forgive me if I'm wrong.) There are a ton of anime/manga lovers here so I'm sure you'll feel right at home. Hope to see you about!

  3. I just looked it up on Amazon, and the summary and blurbs alone seem to be as irritatingly disgusting as you make it seem to be.


    People think that anime/manga fans are perverts, but that seemed worse than anything I saw in the manga I have read or anime I seen.


    Yeah... you think Fifty Shades is bad? This one is worse.

  4. Once upon a time, one of my cousins and I spent a particularly close summer together (I was probably 13, she was 14.) Now my cousin is a bit of an oddball; she's into things like nude beaches and vintage Honduran cigars. We were spending a day inside because it was storming and she suddenly hands me this book and tells me to read it. Well, I always trusted her to have good taste, so I took it with me and dug into it.


    Ohhhh boy.


    See the book horrified me, but I had a code of honour back then and decided to stick with it until the end in order to give her some fair feedback, which she seemed to want badly. Several times I considered putting the book down. It was just downright the most cringiest thing I have ever seen. The book was called 'Lost Souls' and it was by Poppy Z. Brite. I don't think even a brief summary of the events of that book would be proper here, but I'm certain that information can be found elsewhere on the internet. I was left at the end feeling very confused and a bit disturbed, and knowing I had just read perhaps the most tacky piece of literature our generation had to offer.


    I'll say this til the day I die, don't read that book. It actually is that bad. I suspect the author was on drugs.

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  5. I like quite a few titles that have aired recently, thought I tend to enjoy those with a good story and/or where I can connect with the characters well.


    This page will answer that for you, since it is my personal site.


    Detective Conan is fairly high as well, but not as much as those that I listed on that page.


    Oh wow this is awesome and unexpected! It's kind of like an interactive portfolio/CV is it? I think I had one of those buried somewhere, too, but haven't kept up with it in so long that it's no longer useful.


    I see you like Pandora Hearts. I'd totally forgotten about that one. I think I stopped half way in, and I can't remember why. I want to finish it now!


    You seem like an awesome person, after snooping on your bio there (sorry.) Publishing a book has always been a dream of mine, and naturally I have a lot of respect for someone who has. I really hope you stick around! :angel:

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  6. Welcome geddoe! You joined the right place because there are anime fans a-plenty. I also enjoy comedy, so we have something in common there. Which is your favourite comedy anime, by the way? I love Gintama and One Punch Man.

  7. Do you mean narration by a character? Or narration as in the type you hear at the beginning and end of every Pokemon episode (non-character?)


    Come to think of it, I haven't seen much of it, either. Considering the lack of examples, I can't say for certain if I would find an anime like that enjoyable or not. Although, if there was an anime out there akin to 'Stranger Than Fiction,' that would be a must, and would also be totally hilarious.


    edit;; How odd. I just watched an anime with narration (Adventure of Sinbad.) Twas oddly fitting, since there were some notable time gaps in between some episodes.

  8. Thanks for the fantastic post, Nutty! I'm one of those people who are always looking for some direction in what to invest in next. I work quite a lot and in between that and other adulting activities I have little time to go scouting for new entertainment, especially in the anime world. Therefore I genuinely appreciate seeing reviews and opinions that help me discover new anime so I can try to keep up with the rest of you lot. :crazy:


    Kuzu no Honkai doesn't seem to be a genre I'm interested in, but Subarashii looks like something I can dig my heels into, and I've never even heard of it! I'll be certain to check it out. Thanks for the recommendations.

  9. I've been involved in a fair number of forums in the past, but this would be the first one that centred on anime. The first legit forum I was a part of was the Nintendo forums back in 03, but as some of you probably know they got shut down in 2007. Some dedicated members rebooted it and archived as much as they could from the old one before the forum as a whole was deleted, and part of that reboot was the introduction to a more diverse subject matter, including anime. I didn't stick around much longer after that, mostly due to the rising toxicity. I didn't dive into another forum environment until I discovered a roleplaying forum in 2011. I moderated that one for about four years, until some stuff happened in real life and I was unable to continue. I tried returning, but was treated quite coldly for leaving rather suddenly in the first place by the staff that took over in my absence, so I decided to simply move on.

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  10. You know, I felt the same way when

    And that list doesn't even cover all of the Americanized adaptations of foreign from the last couple decades, otherwise it'd be even more ridiculously lengthy. :x


    Might be a good topic for a thread someday, given that this one appears to be going the route of being nothing more than fodder for hysteric, over emotional ranting regarding every change to the source material that has or may yet be changed, which isn't really my thing.


    Well, that's what tends to happen when "adaptation" is mistaken for "carbon copy" and expectations are thrown into a totally different avenue.

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  11. Got myself ME: Andromeda last Thursday and loving it. :P I will finally get time to play it on Weds/Thurs since I don't work for once. I usually only get one day off a week, it's nice having two so I can actually relax.


    I recently bought final fantasy 15 for Ps4 was looking forward to getting this since forever Hugh fan of final fantasy franchise


    I've been watching that one for a while now, waiting for the price to drop a bit. I want to get it but I've been iffy about the combat system. I've only played FF3 and FF13 and was NOT a fan of 13. I'm hoping this one will be better. You'll have to let me know what you think after you play it, will you?

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