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  1. Ah well, I'm sure Mass Effect Andromeda will keep me busy well enough - it's next on my to-do list now that I've gone through Breath of the Wild.


    I'm installing that right now, and I am happy. :) Still don't have BoTW but oh well. Nothing in April gaming-wise I'm looking forward to. I guess patch 7.2 is hitting WoW in April, but I'll probably sub for one month, get the new stuff, and unsub until the next cool thing hits as I always do.

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  2. I don't think it will replace the original, but I am looking forward to this simply because I often enjoy a fresh look on something I like. That's not to say there's a possibility it will totally bomb, but I'm going to give it the benefit of my doubt and give it a watch. I figure if a notable Hollywood presence has decided to pick it up then that means they found the story worthy of their attention- something that doesn't often seem to happen with anime in particular. The changes they make don't bother me one bit, because if they can change the right things and the film will still come together, I'll probably be satisfied.


    One "bad" version of something doesn't spoil the whole lot. The Dragonball live-action movie was horrendous (and frankly, downright painful to watch,) but it didn't ruin Dragonball. Likewise, Netflix isn't burning the source material while going about this, so fans who don't like it are perfectly welcome to stick with the source material with no harm done.

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  3. 9AixQC7.jpg.396a76a29a0be2eca7d1eb06c9584879.jpg


    "The Last Name" and "L: Change the World" were garbage in my opinion. It remained true to the anime/manga and delivered well in that respect. Beyond that, it was unsatisfying and unappealing to me as a film. I even saw it in the cinema with some friends. Let down. The acting was terrible and far overdone as if they were trying to sell to a preteen audience. The CGI was a bit sub-par but perhaps that can be blamed on budget. I'll readily admit that it beat out DBZ live-action by over nine thousand (but let's do everyone a favour and pretend that movie never happened.)


    Yes, I understand how totally frustrating it can be to have a franchise you enjoy be completely torn apart by the film industry (RIP Percy Jackson/Assassin's Creed/Avatar/etc.) But I don't think it's the end of the world. Just because some elements are rewritten and moved around doesn't make it any less Death Note. People are upset about "whitewashing" or "Americanising" the characters and settings. Hollywood has a recipe. They follow that recipe and that's why its so well-known. If Hollywood thinks that Death Note is fantastic enough to get their attention when so many others are not, that's actually something the creators of Death Note should be honoured by. But they want to do it within their comfort zone; they aren't going to risk trying to film in Japan with Japanese actors and writing a script that potentially may or may not be totally culturally inaccurate. Therefore, the settings are changed, the names changed as well so we don't have some peachy-skinned Canadian bloke trotting around with the name Teru Mikami. And, following the trend of recent adaptations, there's a chance that this version may have some extra writing that will make the small nuances (such as the significance of the name "Kira,") make more sense within the cultural context.


    I like to think of it in the same way one might perform a cover song. It's the same song, but you've got another artist performing it and perhaps it's turned into a totally different genre. And sometimes it can be even better than the original. (

    , anyone? :D Or how about


    When all is said and done, the original Death Note and its two Japanese-produced live action films will still be around for your enjoyment if this new one does not please you. All I'm saying is give it a chance, first. I for one am looking forward to this fresh take, and I am a huge fan of Death Note myself. After all, Aladdin was originally Chinese but that didn't stop a whole generation from loving Disney's Arabic version. This version may just be fantastic.

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  4. Oh boy here we go. I think I've made it plain already here but Lavi (DGM) is for certain one character I'm hopelessly obsessed with. And does he ever have one heck of a feelsy side to his story.




    On the surface he's a cheery, handsome, kind of goofy man who loves to pick on his younger teammates and ogle attractive women. However... spoilers up ahead, seriously. Up to ch. 224 manga.



    Lavi is a member of the Bookman Clan. In their quest to scribe the "true" history of the world, they've sworn off all attachments, even their names, to live a frugal existence. The "name" Lavi is actually an alias, which he's now had 49 of. He is not allowed to truly make friends, or even love anyone. His life has been a nonstop chronicle of wars among humankind, forever a witness to the ugly side of history. His alliance with the Order is tenuous at best, and exists only because the Clan believes they are losing the war, and wants to write that side of history before it is lost when the war is concluded. Lavi struggles between his duty as a Bookman and his growing attachment to his comrades, which he fears he will have to throw away in the future, as he has had to do countless times in the past. As of the current chapter, it is unclear whether or not Lavi will even survive, being held hostage in exchange for Bookman's secrets, something that is valued much higher than Lavi's life.



    Basically, it sucks to be a Bookman.

  5. So I ship Lavi/Lenalee harder than any ship has ever shipped. I'm not even ashamed. It's like the love that is totally wanting to happen in the canon, but just can't because of reasons. :'(



  6. As a series this was just great. It managed to keep everything interesting, including new characters and plot threads, and episode 1 was a great start to that. The way the everything was set up was nearly perfect. The setup for any anime should start with the first episode, and even FMA Brotherhood didn't do that. This one did though, and it was amazing.


    Oh yes, great point. It really did highlight what the focus of the season/arc (what do we call it? hmm,) was. I really like the extra focus they put on Mana, and Allen made it very clear how he felt about Cross's comments on the matter. I think it was a lot more to do with himself than Mana, though. Allen wants desperately to be his own person, and had to defend himself when Cross suggested that even his feelings were fake. You kind of feel sorry for him.

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  7. Oh crackers, I forgot that Hallow started! I need to catch up. It's been years waiting for this to happen! Of course in that time the manga has gotten so far ahead now, that I'm afraid to discuss it without producing some major spoilers. However... there was something I found especially interesting in this episode that not even the manga could really get across.


    Bookman telepathy? O. M. G.


    I've always found the story of the Bookmen to be extremely underrated. Even Hoshino stated that Lavi was originally the main protagonist. It only follows that she's put a lot of work into his character, and I don't feel that enough people recognise that. It's been painfully obvious ever since Lavi broke them out of Jasdevi's labyrinth that there is an obscene amount of secrecy surrounding Lavi, and we still don't yet know what all he is capable of. Even the manga has been exceptionally frugal about details, even so after some of the information we got through his battle with Road.


    But this episode really knocked my socks off, and it was all thanks to that simple exchange Lavi had with Bookman. In their minds. This anime just keeps surprising me!

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  8. Unexpected savings permitted the immediate purchase of Breath of the Wild on Wednesday.


    I'm so jealous right now. (o^.^o) I've got my hands financially tied until at least June (paying my brother some money back that I borrowed from him last year,) and even then I have other things I want to save money for. I might just be doomed to wait a long time and just watch some LPs of the game. At work, one of the nurses I bond with over nerdy stuff keeps telling me allllllllll about it and it's just gutting me! lol I will live. I hope! Meanwhile I picked up SP: The Stick of Truth, and it's making me feel like a truly awful person for enjoying it so much. I'll call it my attempt at holding myself over until I can finally afford to buy myself a Switch.

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  9. Welcome to AF! Glad you stumbled in here! Very nice YT editing, I'll have to try your game out when I am somewhere I can use sound. ^-^ I will probably do badly since I haven't watched anything relatively new in a long time. Sort of getting back into the anime scene myself. I see you have a lot of anime on your list there. Have any recommendations?

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  10. So hard to choose. I really liked a lot of them. However, in terms of completion and how satisfying the story was, I'll go with Death Note. Depends on your tastes, but I thoroughly enjoyed this anime for the fact that they took a relatively simple scenario and expanded it into full-on crime thriller. Something I also found rather unique about this anime was that it was anything but "one-sided." Since you're watching the action unfolding from both ends, there really was no clear protagonist or antagonist depending on how you looked at it. At 37 episodes, it wasn't something you could knock out in one afternoon, but it wouldn't take you a month to finish it, either.


    Also, who didn't love this absurdly over-dramatic scene?



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  11. Lol, that's fine. I didn't even realise it was through Amazon for the books/etc


    Lol! Yes Kindle is the amazon e-reader. There's others out there like the Kobo or Nook, but since Kindle has the largest library that's the most popular now due to the availability of books. I've read at least a hundred books on mine but I wanted to start reading manga on it too. There are TONS and I'm still kinda browsing around for things to try, but was just hoping someone had one to point me to.


    Maybe even if you just know of a less-popular manga out there I could cross my fingers and see if I can get it on my ereader. I'm trying to move away from paperback for several reasons, one being I seem to lose them easily. :blush:

  12. I've never used a Kindle. Though, if you've got a link or something for what manga they offer on it, I'll see if I recognise any of it


    The only way I've figured out how to find books has just been browsing the amazon store. If there's a comprehensive list somewhere, I don't know about it. :( And it doesn't appear I'd be able to link to it since it appears to be static.

  13. I'm looking for some good manga series that are available for Kindle! There are a lot of titles available, but unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with many of them. The only big titles I've found are Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul, which I may pick up soon. Anyone else read manga on Kindle? Any recommendations?

  14. I love the Zelda manga! I actually owned physical copies of OoT part 1 and part 2, as well as MM some decade ago, but lost them after a bad breakup as well as a few other of my beloved book and manga collection. I hope to purchase TP after it's released, which should be this month, actually. ^_^ The manga is impressive considering a video game is the source material. It really adds more story and personality to the characters you already know. I would for certain recommend it. I actually remember tearing up at some point in the OoT manga:



    First time Link returns to the forest and has to lie to everyone about who he is. For some reason this really got to me. I also definitely cried when he had to kill Volvagia because the manga decided to invent some backstory to that event and it was just really sad.



    If anyone is a fan of Twilight Princess, you will love the TP manga because Link actually has a great personality in that one. There are also manga adaptations for the Oracle twins, Minish Cap, and Wind Waker, although they just didn't personally stick with me as well as the ones I mentioned did.

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  15. I agree. All servers have toxic players, but imo, PH server has an alarming number of them. It's simply disgusting.


    There's got to be a statistic out there showing that Fizz and Yasuo mains are twice as likely to receive a chat ban than other players. >_<

  16. I think we might have some differing views because I for one adore that piggy! Anyway I watched the anime last year on Netflix, and I don't remember a lot of detail. I did watch the first four episodes of season two that were recently added, and I enjoyed them even though they kind of felt like fillers. In any case what I really like about the show is how the characters interact. I can easily say that my favourite is King. Maybe I'm biased here since faeries rock. He's got a really interesting story, though, and you've got to appreciate the fact that he blatantly wasn't designed to be a "pretty boy."


    The story is easy to get into, but I wouldn't say it's the best I've ever seen. There are actually quite a few things I don't like about it, for example Meliodas comes off as this painfully cliche, perverted Gary Stu, which is extremely disappointing to me since he is the central character in this. It also annoys me how they pronounce Diane- are they desperate to be different?


    It's a good anime if you want to kill some time and want something more light-hearted.

  17. Wait, Misa is disliked?!


    She was my favourite character in Death Note! I haven't seen the other two animes you listed, though. I have one to add myself, although I can't be sure if he's disliked as much as I think he is.



    Ritsu Sohma, from Fruits Basket! He's one of my very favourite characters in that series next to Haru and Momiji. I think he can come off as a strange fellow since he is not only a cross-dresser, but is very superstitious and apologises profusely for the most trivial of things. I find him totally adorable and sweet! And he's not nearly as bad as his mother!

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  18. Been playing since only season 5. I'm a Jungle Assassin main with only 100k mastery points on Rengar. I can also use different champs and can lane depending on the situation. However, I'm on the PH server, which is known for being one of the "Most Toxic" servers ever.


    I didn't know your server was considered exceptionally toxic but let's be fair... the community as a whole, on all servers, has an alarming level of toxicity. I've played on EUW and LAN quite a bit (before EUW drove me crazy with their servers being down all the time,) but EUW was pretty bad too. Something I noticed that was interested to say the least, was that while it seemed I encountered the same amount of toxic players on both NA and EUW, the bad behaviour was different. On NA, you have more people who int, afk farm, or just simply afk. People on NA are too afraid of getting banned for using the chat so they just do other things to ruin the game that are harder to track on Riot's end. I also notice on NA, that select screen trolling was especially common. On EUW it was less destructive gamewise, but far more verbal abuse. Like you could tell they still wanted to win the game in a way, but the language was colourful and there was a lot of spamming the "?" ping. I'm someone who has learned to love and embrace the muting feature LOL. I also always have ALL chat turned off. Now if only we could mute pings!

  19. For me personally, I'd rather put up with an animated character sounding this way, than encountering adult women in real life putting on that kind of voice since it's supposed to be cute. *coughs*maidcafes*coughs*


    Heavens, I'm going to have to agree with you on that. Do I even want to know what a maid cafe is?

  20. What I can't seem to get over when I watch anime, and this seems to happen more often in the Japanese versions, is female voice actors. Female anime characters are always voiced in a very "breathless" way. They sound like they are whining, moaning, and gasping for air. High pitched. I don't know why this is but I just can't stand it.

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