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  1. There were a couple of fun counting games that come to mind from another forum I used to frequent. One game we try to count to 25, but if a staff member (mod) posts something entirely unrelated, the count starts back at 1 again. Maybe this one was just fun since I was always the one ruining it. :D

    The other game was men vs women. You start at 50, women add 2, men subtract 2. The goal is to get to either 0 (men win) or 100 (women win.)

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  2. I enjoy manga equally. It's a little more accessible in terms of time/place in comparison to anime, however. Especially if you happen to be a closet fan. You can read manga now on your Kindle if you have one. It's amazing! My only complaint about manga is that it's harder for me to determine settings. It's a personal problem, I guess. There's so much space taken up by speech bubbles and speed lines or other artsy effects that I lose my concentration and this sometimes results in me not understanding the story. Some manga is good about this, but others... they just get a bit too wild to follow.

  3. Nice to meet you! I'm new here, too. So you like rock climbing? I tried that once, got up pretty high and looked down. Big mistake. Not good with high places, I get sick. Maybe hiking is more my thing, lol.


    But cooking! Now that is something I can share a lot of interest in. I'd love to learn some Japanese recipes, and I'm particularly interested in keto-friendly dishes. As far as I can tell, there is a lot of potential to be found as long as I can skip or substitute the rice. I bet with some practice I can whip up a good miso soup. My favourite two things to cook/eat however is a good old stir fry (grilled onions and peppers, omg yum,) and green chile enchiladas (I try to avoid them though, since they can be really starchy.) I'd really like to make something like toriniku, maybe with some vegetables. <3 Turkey day sort of recipes though... not really my forté. I pretty much try to stick to the grill as much as possible, so I'm not the very popular cook at Thanksgiving time.

  4. Aladdin for the SNES. Got me hooked on the challenge of beating the game. Also played lots of Super Mario World on the same console, but really it wasn't nearly as challenging as Aladdin was. Grr. Really it wasn't even my own console; it belonged to my cousin, so I only got to play when I was at her house in Laguna Beach. Otherwise I was stuck playing the arcade machines at certain places in town, my favourite of which was Mortal Kombat. The first video game I actually owned was Pokemon Blue, when I got super-spoiled one year for my birthday and my mother bought me a GBC. <3


    The first game i played was The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time


    You are one lucky soul. OoT introduced me to some serious emotional conflict in gaming and while it seems silly now, consider that I was only eight years old when I first beat it. Oh, also, I'm scarred for life because of that game. Thanks, Dead Hand.

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  5. But, then, at some point I more or less stopped. My dry period lasted probably around five years, during which time I still watched an occasional anime, but it was a fairly rare event and far from the norm. In my case, this trend started to reverse around 2015, and has continued since then. I still don't consume nearly as much as I used to as I frankly have better taste these days, and am far pickier than I used to be, but it's a far cry from going a year with only watching one show like I was previously.


    I can imagine why you'd be picky, since free time becomes more and more precious the more responsibilities that take its place. Opportunity cost, and all. I've tried out a few anime recently, and I find its been a lot harder to get a 'wow' out of myself than before. I might just be afraid of wanting to binge watch something, since I have a tendency to put off things like sleep to get that last squeeze of content, whatever it may be.



    I actually joined for much the same reason, actually - not having a lot of people in my social circle that are interested in anime. My significant other is a fellow anime nut, but that's about it. :'(


    Do you live in a lowly populated area, out of curiosity? I ask because I used to live in a fairly large city growing up, and it was so so easy to find my fellow Japano-nuts in someplace or another. Pikachu hats on every corner, know what I'm saying? Now that I've moved out and I live in a teeny-tiny town, they don't seem to be anywhere. My most immediate circle consists of a few other gamers (that aren't necessarily interested in anime etc,) and folks who like fishing, biking, and hockey. My own SO is kinda "eh" about anime. He doesn't dislike it, he actually got me to watch Death Note with him, but it's not something I'd mention if I were to describe his hobbies or interests. It's good you have someone close to geek out with, though!


    * Clannad / Afterstory

    * Fate/Stay Night

    * Fate/Zero

    * Erased

    * The Twelve Kingdoms

    * Spice and Wolf

    * Another

    * Kara No Kyoukai

    * Azumanga Daiho

    * Madoka Magica



    Ooh yes! Thank you for the list right off the bat! I'm going to have a look at some of these. I've actually heard of one or two, so I'd like to check out the ones I haven't yet. That will make things more interesting. Really appreciate it friend!


    I actually haven't played Fire Emblem before. I was going to, but I have zero idea where to start and I have zero motivation to find out.

    I play both League of Legends and DOTA2, but focusing more on LoL right now. I have been playing Rune Factory and Harvest Moon games recently for some reason tho.

    Also, I think the Blood Moon skins are far more eastern-based than Star Guardian. lol. That's just imo.


    I suppose they are, in a more literal sense of the context. I was thinking along the lines that Star Guardian is, without a single shred of doubt, 100% anime. But you're right; I should have said that, instead of Eastern! I've heard from some other LoL'rs that it has to be based off of Madoka Magica. My first thought was Sailor Moon, but as I've stated above, I've been outside the anime loop for a few years, so I'm not familiar with that one.



    I can't really point you to the "Right Direction" since I'm also a casual. However, I am a follower of the "Three-Episode Rule". I suggest you try everything by watching two or three episodes before deciding to drop or continue the anime.


    Well, this post has been my longest so farand I'm not even getting credits for it, but hey, all for the sake of new members.

    Welcome to the forums. See ya around!


    Thanks for the tip. I've found myself a victim of curiosity before. I've watched the entire length of a movie/TV/anime knowing full well it was terrible, but unable to look away for one reason or another. I still kick myself in the head over all that wasted time!

  6. I've heard a lot of good things about Tokyo Ghoul and it has me interested. I don't know much about it (that is to say... well, nothing, other than it's really good.) I'll look into it. Where can it be accessed? I have only Netflix right now, but I wouldn't mind looking elsewhere.

  7. The first anime that I invested in (if we're not counting DBZ,) was Fruits Basket. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the manga first before I was able to actually own any of the DVDs, but it still holds that I didn't really watch any other anime in between that time since I was so focused on that one in particular. I remember what interested me in it was when I read an article about it in a Newtype magazine. I thought the idea was so cool that I went out of my way to find it at a bookstore as soon as I got the money together to do so. I remember being so sad when I got to the end of it so quickly... I had to have more. It was even worse when I caught up and had to start waiting for new volumes to be translated. So, while I was waiting for them, I stumbled upon the anime version and of course ended up buying them. I totally loved it, and didn't even mind the 'filler' episodes, because they were just as much fun! Makes me want to go back and watch them again.

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  8. Alright, where to start? HI. I go by Wedgy most places, so I guess it won't kill me to add another handle to that short list. I like how the community is set up, so thought I'd swing in and give it a go.


    Back in the day I used to be really into anime. Like, super-obsessive. Used to do the works, had the manga, watched all of the animes. Even tried (and mostly failed,) to tap into my art potential. Loved what was hot then: FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Wolf's Rain, D.Gray-Man, you know them. DBZ? OF COURSE. I even had the Legend of Zelda volumes because I was that cool.


    However, in the last decade I've slowly just... sort of fallen off of the wagon somehow. For a while I really just wasn't into anime at all. I was talked into watching the Death Note anime and I really enjoyed it. I also watched something about a messenger service... thing and I cannot recall the name of it to save my life (help?)


    I've been primarily a gamer. I think that is what has helped me keep my dwindling interest in anime from fully being extinguished. I'm a HUGE Fire Emblem fan. I could play those games for hours and fangirl over all the bishies. League of Legends has also become a giant timesink in my life, and with the recent Star Guardian skins it's hard to ignore the fact that it has a lot of Eastern inspiration to it. I've also been somehow able to consistently write D.Gray-Man fanfictions this whole time, and that I cannot explain, either. I guess the characters are just very likeable.


    Now look, I'm obviously here because I want to watch some anime again. I need a place where I can have an outlet when I find something I really enjoy so I'm not bottling it up because as it turns out I'm surrounded by other adults who don't give half a rat's bottom about that sort of stuff (and some of them don't even own a computer. Sigh.) That said, I haven't officially lost my interest. I can feel it in there, somewhere. I just need something to scratch that itch, you know? I wager you lot can point me in the right direction. Glad to be here, if that is the case. \m/

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