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  1. I have a keyboard app on my mobile which is super goofy about autocorrecting. I start to type "could" and it changes it to "xoxo". It evidently decided I meant to say "rape chalk" and I didn't catch it in time. I need to get a new one for sure.
  2. It hasn't reached my area yet, but working on what's effectively our frontline in dealing with it, we've been doing what we can and taking due diligence. There is a worldwide PPE shortage due to this, and with much of the manufacturing of such items coming from China, it's a bit of a concern in the healthcare world. Our site has adopted new temporary guidelines which create a "skeleton minimum" PPE requirement so we aren't using any unnecessary equipment. We also have information posted in our lobbies informing patients/visitors that the masks are only to be used by those presenting cough/sore
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    You may know their names, but how well do you know their titles?
  3. Can I offer a tip? Thieves guild spoilers:
  4. Ive done it. Been doing it since 2014. Aaaay
  5. Wolf's Rain and Wolf Children. Two unrelated anime about wolves that will both totally wreck your heart.
  6. I'll just use this opportunity to plug this wonderfully insightful video I found on the intertoob. There are 3 videos in this series (so far), one in fact focusing on Minecraft, and I recommend them all if not just for entertainment. As for the anime, I'll probably check it out. I find it hilarious the title of the anime is so absurdly long it couldn't fit in the thread title, though.
  7. Nah, I'm not giving up my ink just to visit a hot spring. There are a few which accept tattoos, and some I think you can notify them ahead of time and they can set up a private room. I respect their culture but I'm won't forsake my own to please anyone. If I can't find any that accept me, I simply don't go. No hard feelings to be had.
  8. Nah, not for me. I'd love to visit, though, just for the experience. I would love to learn to cook some of their foods, go hiking, and visit an onsen if I'm allowed (I'm covered in tattoos, I understand I wouldn't be welcome at many.) I don't think I'd be especially interested in the anime-related things there. It would just be spending money on nicknacks I wouldn't want to keep in the long run. But I agree with Kohloo. Any chance to travel abroad to live and learn another culture is a treat and you should go for it!
  9. That's ok. I might just have an exceptional memory for people and names, even when I didn't see them for long.
  10. Hey, welcome back Teru, I remember you. AF moved platforms sometime late 2017 and with the move the live chat went bye-bye. If you're interested in joining a discord group in the meantime, you can find the link in this thread. Again, nice seeing some old faces back!
  11. I enjoyed it, although it did surprise me with its more somber tone. If you're used to Trevor's usual humorous approach to his stories, it certainly feels different (especially for me in audiobook format in which he himself is narrating). But it was nonetheless a good read and I feel like I took away a lot of perspective about racial prejudices in S. Africa, with and without the context of the apartheid. There was a lot in there about his mother and everything she had to do to raise him against all the odds stacked against her. That part I loved. You really walk away from it with a healthy res
  12. Ahh yeah I can see that now! And I do understand where you're coming from. There is a thing as too big, and it's overwhelming.
  13. I can't say for certain what my last theatre experience was-- might have been Endgame? I haven't been since my daughter was born. But we stream our movies now, so I keep up somewhat. We watched Code 8 last night!
  14. I would have thought BOTW to totally be your thing! As a fellow fan of casual titles, can I ask why you didn't like it?
  15. That's fair! Besides, it seems unlikely to me we'll see a 2020 release, since they're only just starting to film. If I had to guess, it might be a Q2 or even Q3 2021 release. Funny, I never watched Korra, either! It wasn't necessarily that I didn't want to watch it, in fact, I have the blurays sitting under my tv set right now (friend lent to us.) I just haven't found the time to dedicate to it. I heard some things about the series being frustrating to watch due to it wanting to be more but being unable to send the messages it wanted to because of its PG rating, so I wasn't in any hurry.
  16. I renewed my audible membership and have been audiobooking like crazy the last few months! I just finished The Turn by Kim Harrison, a prequel to the Hollows series which I'm a longtime fan of. I'm looking forward to American Demon later this year. I've also read a number of other titles including Girl, Stop Apologising (Rachel Hollis), Becoming (Michelle Obama), Born A Crime (Trevor Noah), Precious Little Sleep (Alexis Dubief), and Unfollow (Megan Phelps-Roper). But my absolute favourite book I've read in the last six months: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Lori Gottlieb). I can't recommend
  17. The infamous M. Night Shyamalan film is 10 years behind us, but even if you're not familiar with the legendary Nick cartoon, you're no doubt aware of the epic dumpster fire its adaptation was. It was announced in Sept 2019 that Netflix would be taking the reigns to do right by a live-action adaptation, this time as a proper, multi-season series helmed by none other than the original co-creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. While we've seen that authors of successful media playing a role in subsequent media doesn't explicitly guarantee it will be a hit, I have a goo
  18. This and, we can't forget the Holocaust wasn't entirely unique. It wasn't the first time history has seen genocide, and it hasn't been the last. It's not the novel brainchild of our aforementioned dictator and therefore was a hurricane that was bound to have happened whether or not the proverbial butterfly flapped its wings.
  19. This is in line with what I was thinking, I just didn't want to dip too far into the psychological aspect of it in attempt to keep to the subject. No doubt this was a character trait that was present even before he let it ripen and subsequently fester the way it did. I also agree that he wasn't made Chancellor by accident. He was appointed that position. He was viewed as a great leader during extremely harsh economic and geopolitical times. History knows it was ultimately a catastrophic decision to put him in power- but not specifically him, as in such desperate times, anyone who stepped up wi
  20. @The History Kid Do you think if Hitler had been accepted into the Vienna art school, would there have been another dictator who would likely have risen to commit the same crimes he did? It seems to me the political climate at that point in time had morale low and it could have been any other unhinged dictator in power if not him.
  21. I'm tickled to see more Given fans popping up, how could you not just love Mafuyu? Glad you're here, welcome
  22. I've never played Skyrim with mods (more of a Fallout fangirl,) but my understanding is that while the console versions have mods available, the difference between Xbox and ps4 versions is huge. Xbox supports all modding. Ps4 supports modding with only elements which already exist in the game. This means if you play on a ps4, you won't be able to play sexy babes or fight Thomas the Tank Engine or hit Rainbow Dash with a Sonic Rainboom shout. I don't believe modding is available on Switch, but you never know.
  23. I've been hearing a lot about what's going on with the fires in your corner of the world. Just wanted to wish you a Happy 2020 and I hope you're safe and well. ❤️

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      Thanks Wedgy, Happy New Year to you too! Yes the bushfires have been very ferocious and we're not even in the peak yet... I'm in a different state but we are still impacted, though not as badly as NSW.

  24. Took the words right out of my mouth. I really hate when anime does this. With this being an actual societal issue in Japan itself, you'd think there would be a little more effort to provide better representation to impressionable youth. Pretty disgusting and irresponsible in my opinion.
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