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  1. Oddly specific question Seshi... but anyway seeing as my house only has side doors...
  2. I don't think it's bad. You can make beautiful greyscales. You could even have a second artist around just for colouring. Please do share, would love to see your work!
  3. Netflix has released another peek at this series with a new trailer featuring Henry Cavill's booty. It seems to be shaping up nicely and knowing Cavill is the supernerd he is, I'm looking forward to his portrayal of Geralt. Of course we know Geralt isn't the only thing we should be looking at. Anya Chalotra appears to be making a big debut here as Yennefer, so I'm expecting she'll want to put her best foot forward and leave a good impression since this will be the largest production she's been cast in yet, her previous appearances in web series and BBC docuseries being relatively low impact.
  4. Wedgy

    Selfie Thread

    I find that endlessly fascinating. Does this mean that Mars could- given the right conditions in atmosphere, have an underground ocean? Do we know how thick this layer is? And correct me if I'm wrong but there was bacteria found in Martian water, wasn't there? I always loved learning about the characteristics of planets in our known spectrum and how they could all easily kill us instantly. I just read about the so-called "blue marble" planet which rains molten glass. There's just something very humbling about knowing how tame our planet actually is by comparison. Awww what a lil cutie
  5. Wedgy

    Selfie Thread

    @efaardvark True facts? I'm having a hard time placing the tone of that t-shirt... I feel like it's trying to point out how California is so often plagued by droughts, in which case I find it a sad one. But then Mars is also like, an entire planet; having more water than a fraction of earth seems like a silly thing to spotlight. Then it could also be both.
  6. In light of recent events, reddit is of course doing what reddit does best.
  7. Please explain why, despite never hearing how it is actually said, I always say "Washija!" like the Chinese food lady in Dude Where's My Car. 

    1. The History Kid
    2. Wedgy


      When we were kids my brother thought he knew better than me and often chose to end an argument by basically lifting me on to a high surface (ie. Laundry shelf or high table/counterspace) and give me head a pat like I was a naïve child. Sucked cause I found it a bit demeaning and also it was a long way down... 

    3. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      This is useful information that I will use in future disputes.

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  8. New steam sanitiser to complete my setup. No bacteria is safe from me.
  9. Welcome! That's cool you have Japanese available as a class. The electives at my school were pitiful by comparison. What's the highest skill level available, and do you plan to advance those skills beyond the classroom?
  10. I have tried to watch MHA three times this weekend. 

    The first time, I fell asleep. 

    The second time, I also fell asleep. 

    The third time, I was so exhausted I made it half-way in and had to go to bed. 

    I'm tired yo. 

    1. Ohayotaku
    2. Ryuji


      Just means you need to find a better anime to watch ;)

    3. Seshi


      This season is pretty lacking in its intro for sure.. Sort of a big letdown considering the hype behind this season 

  11. So I don't normally share youtube videos but this clip absolutely made my day. 😁 (I should add... Do not attempt this!) 


    1. efaardvark


      One bump and he'd be squeaking a few octaves higher.  :)

  12. Bingo. Look, this is much more political in nature than people realise and I'm not one for discussion of that here in a space which is generally unfit for such a topic. But I want to just bring up why that is in this thread and what I believe is actually going on here. I agree with HK that passing legislation to handle the dealings of a private entity is about a slippery slope as it gets. However, it's not legislation that targets any one entity but rather targets trade itself. Remember a couple of months back we were hearing about League of Legends being banned in Iran and S
  13. OH, hey it's you Talk about back from the dead.
  14. A couple of years back I was on shift when we had a fire in our Radiology unit. Luckily our building is designed to eat fires, so they just locked down that side of the building until the F&R arrived and continued operations as usual. It was kinda bizarre having to keep working knowing there's an active fire happening on the other side of the hospital.
  15. 1- I'm glad Ghibli finally got on board with streaming. 2- Still not paying for HBO. When they allow for digital copy streaming such as Vudu, let me know. Edit- I guess the website picked up on my cookies from my laptop, I just saw an ad here for Sausage Party on Vudu that my husband already bought. I just emailed support today asking to remove that from my account because I'm tired of my 4 year old niece asking if she can watch the hotdog movie.
  16. I am, though I'm at work at the moment and tonight's been pretty wacky. Taking a break in our private room, which coincidentally is in the LDR hall and got to listen to another babe being born. Thankfully I am certain this baby is more on the cute end and less on the terrifying end.
  17. I'm up at all hours of the day, but I also work second shift and am off the clock past midnight. Then I'm on baby duty until my husband gets off work. I sleep when baby sleeps, which is currently a bit broken but getting better. Long story short I'm up in the wee hours. Anyway, I'm getting all excited for spooktober. I paid my hair lady a visit today and it turns out her nail tech got a bit ahm.. creative with some dolls. This was just around the corner from the door and I'm not going to lie, I about pee'd myself. I told her they make me extremely uncomfortable
  18. Darn, that's disappointing to hear. I'll still watch it when time allows to give it a chance, though. I often have a lot of downtime where I'm tied down and can only watch something on the tv for entertainment.
  19. I'm so sorry to hear-- I hope you can make some anime-loving friends in the real world. Maybe you already have some and they're just hiding their inner weeb from you? Ever since I started being more open and unashamed about my likes and interests, I've found being the first to open up often encourages the other weeb to step into the light. So to speak, anyhow... but it could just be I don't know how to be shy and just annoy people in reality. But in any respect, you can of course have online friends! A person behind a computer screen is still a person, after all. So welcome aboard, enj
  20. Is that just the second season, or has that been all of it so far?
  21. I'll echo what @Faeding said; there's so many layers to this question and due to its nature alone, answering in full is a wall of text about some very personal experiences. I used to think I was a more logical person, but the older I'm getting the more I find I have to rely on empathy for dealing with most situations I find myself in. Thinking of myself as a stone cold and forwardly-thinking individual was in hindsight awfully obtuse of me. Realistically, humans are complicated. We all feel a colourful range of emotions but where we differ is in how much we choose to acknowledge them. I n
  22. What would a submission look like? Are we looking for a floor map or a view from the outside? Would it be several pictures detailing features in a haunted house?
  23. I like what I've seen of Cautious Hero so far. Reminds me of Shield Hero in many ways. Could just be the genre of course-- is anyone else getting the impression that isekai is almost becoming a meme of itself in its growing popularity? Anyway, I need to watch Dr. Stone and Fire Force. They're high on my list of 'want to watch and haven't found the time yet.'
  24. I dunno, it felt like a recap to me and I'm not complaining but I would have found it more useful if they recapped the story more than re-explaining everyone's names and quirks. The characters are the easiest bit to remember. I really didn't need that montage of class 1-A.
  25. Your new icon is quite pretty. :D

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