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Status Updates posted by Nutty

  1. Just finished watching Wolf Children. Left me with a myriad of positive emotions. Such a beautiful anime.. I'll be smiling in bed tonight :)

    1. Wedgy


      Creeping your profile, just had to necro your comment here and completely agree. That anime knows just how to pull your heart strings.

  2. Spent an entire afternoon writing a letter to Senpai. Pretty satisfied with what I came up with :D

    1. zoop


      Like a boss!!

  3. Anyone know what the "Levels" mean? I noticed that I was Level 2 a while ago, but now I'm a Level 3. I don't know what prompted the change.

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    2. Nutty


      Hmmm... Maybe because you have a custom title?

    3. Viper


      Yes that's probably why

    4. Kohloo


      Yeah the custom title takes the spot where the level is usually displayed

  4. Hmmm... I think I should actually work on making my profile page half-decent lmao. I have been neglecting it for way too long :P

    1. zoop


      You've got a nice background, at least. Info page could always use a little sprucing up, though. :) I don't really bother with profile covers, myself. The editor is an infernal contraption that does what it wants, and the covers themselves look different depending on the theme you use.

    2. zoop


      It's basically a giant abomination of inconvenience that refuses to cooperate. :'(

    3. Nutty


      Yeah, I will work on that :D As for profile covers - I'll just never, ever, ever, ever touch them :P Since I'm quite bad with tech myself.

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