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  1. Kind of hate how people do not understand that I cannot always afford gifts for others. If I spend too much, I will be in the red.

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    2. brycec


      Thanks. My family is getting on my case about how I only gave my BIL a dollar as a gift, but I was strapped for cash at the time and I need to spend money to maintain my blog, which I need to do so that people have reason to donate to me. I am not in as dire straights now, but it still irks me.

    3. brycec


      I would do that, if I remembered what day his birthday was, since I remember my sister's and brother's more. The case was with my mother, who thinks I am too greedy, even though she knows that I am now doing something that costs money to earn money. I certainly agree that the thought matters more and wish I could give more freely without these stupid guilt trips.

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