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  1. Me and the fam had Pizza Hut and DQ ice cream cake. So good!

  2. I’m officially turning 25 years old tomorrow, I was 20 years old when I first joined this place. Time sure flies by.

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    2. Ohayotaku


      So you’re my senpai when it comes to how long you’ve been on this site, but half my age 🤔


    3. Wodahs


      if it makes you feel any better Ohayotaku in both those situations Tefutakato would be my kohai

      and maybe yours as well in both aspects 😩

    4. RyePotatoes


      Belated Happy Birthday Tefu-kun! I hope you had fun on your birthday. 🤗🥳

      Woooaaah Time really flies by. 🤔 I was only 16 when I joined here and well hihi. 😊 I think I’m the ultimate senpai here for now 🤔

  3. Yo, what up AF?

    1. RyePotatoes


      What’s up?! It’s been so looong!! Just been coming on and off here tbh. 

  4. It’s nearly Christmas Day, I hope you all are doing well this December. 

    1. Wodahs


      9 more days of work to go then a 11 day break here 😁

  5. I recently watched Maid Sama, Bleach most of it and Konosuba. I completed all of them, I liked the shows. I probably was more invested in Bleach as I found it so fun to watch, not to say the Konosuba and Maid Sama are bad they were good too. Konosuba is so silly not gonna lie but I found it comedic, Maid Sama was also funny at times. Overall pretty good shows.

  6. My rank on AF is currently rookie, oh neat.  

    1. RyePotatoes


      That makes us co-rookies! Haha though you are familiar 🤔

    2. efaardvark


      @Tefutakato They stirred the mix a while back and it reset things to zero.  Ranking up again is easy though.. just keep posting.  Personally I would have done that anyway so I didn't/don't really care what my rank is.  :)  I think you can rank up faster and get different badges if you do different things though, if you're into that sort of thing.  Can't find it now but I seem to recall a post to that effect early on.

    3. Kit


      I was promoted to rookie today but understandable 😆 does that mean site vets were all demoted? 

  7. Follow Me by Uncle Kracker is a good song. It’s catchy. 

  8. Been doing pretty much the same thing everyday. It has gotten old very fast. 

  9. Batman Arkham is one of my favourite game series. Been playing a lot of it lately. Origins is so underrated, I like the enemy variety my favourite enemy to fight in Origins is the martial artist. Someday I will play Origins on PC as it looks like the most optimized version minus the PS3 exclusive extra combat challenges. 

  10. Oh hey a new your achievements section. Cool!

    1. Optic


      Hoping to add an anime flavour to it soon. :)

  11. As much as it would be nice to date, I have little hope in finding the “one”. I have no dating experience either. Had crushes in the past those went nowhere.

    1. XII360


      Little does not mean impossible

      Keep fighting, TATAKAO DESUKA

  12. Resident Evil Village comes out tomorrow, I want to play it but I don’t know whether I should just wait for a discounted price or get it day one. 

    1. XII360


      WAIT WA


      tomorrow im night duty, so when i come back i can play it


  13. Apple might announce the IPad Mini 6 today and I bought my IPad Mini 5 last year i feel like I should’ve waited a bit longer to get a new IPad. 

  14. Pulled a muscle in my back again, second time I did that. 

  15. Feeling pretty good today. I am relaxed.

  16. Hope everyone that has a long weekend is having a good one. 

  17. I really dislike a weight scale the thing is inaccurate, I was 252 lbs and today I check i was 247 lbs from what I could remember. I’m overweight and I can tell it’s having a negative effect on my body. 

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    2. Tefutakato


      @XII360 I think I need to modify what I eat because I eat mostly garbage. I need vegetables and fruits in my diet. Exercise would be essential too considering I usually don’t get exercise. A food diary could work for you and @Kurosaki27, I seen people on weight lost shows do that. Not sure if you’re serious about actually wanting to team up in tracking each other’s progress. 

    3. XII360


      Not sure if you’re serious about actually wanting to team up in tracking each other’s progress.

      bery sirious (very serious)

      it would somewhat help motivate us on losing weight, in terms of us wanting to show off to each other that our weigh's are going down, rather than up

      tho', if you don't wanna, then you don't gotta'..>.>...

    4. Tefutakato


      @XII360 I appreciate the kind offer but I think I’ll be okay on my own. Thanks buddy. 

  18. I just want to ask, I’d like to add you on Discord if that’s okay. Send me your discord name through a PM and I’ll add you. 

  19. Sometimes I think to myself if I’ll ever amount to anything. Nothing is really happening in my life, almost everyday I just stay on social media and play video games. I have become useless, I want to get out there but unfortunately a unknown condition I have prevents me from doing so. It bothers me from time to time honestly. 

    1. Kurosaki27


      There was something called "getting out of the comfort zone" i believe, I have been reading a book lately named "Do the work" and it covered about how we get tired mentally when doing the same things over and over kinda like a routine. Perhaps a change towards a new field could help you, like idk swap games for a bit with watching a sport maybe? Sorry if the recommendation bothers.

    2. Tefutakato


      @Kurosaki27 Not really a sports guy. I appreciate the recommendation though.

    3. XII360


      @Tefutakato was gonna reply yesterday, but i lacked sleep, so i left it for tomorrow (which is today) to reply 


      Sometimes I think to myself if I’ll ever amount to anything. Nothing is really happening in my life, almost everyday I just stay on social media and play video games. 

      i too, used to always have this feeling, while i was in school, i would hate how i always had no money, how my father always loaned my allowance due to lack of finance for other needs in our life, had to just focus on my studies that i didn't even want to be part of (i never said i wanted to be a scientist, i wanted to be an IT >.>)

      and the ever so feeling of while studying

      "am i really learning?, how sure am i that what i'm reading is sticking to me?"

      "can i pass the national board exam?" 

      "will i ever get a job and be allowed to live the life i wanted?"

      and look at me now, after a VERY long time, i finally have my license, meaning im a professional,

      i can also finally draw art that takes me a whole day if im trying to do something im not used to (when before it would take me ~3 days)

      and after such experience, i can safely say that

      "i had character development"

      going a little off topic there, but yea,

      its fine to have such thoughts, we all have our flaws, motivations, weaknesses, strengths, doubts, and certainty in life, no one is born perfect, even "the best of the best" at some point in their life, had a rough time in life in which they could not control

      after a few years, you will look back at yourself, and laugh at how you used to think like that, and tell yourself

      "man, i really had developed as a character in life"

      ...though as @Kurosaki27 said, 


      "getting out of the comfort zone"

      it all depends on how badly we, as individuals, want to develop, but the problem on developing character is, we have to take risks, we don't have to do a really big risk which involves money

      and the risk's ain't even a risk, its just "scary" to do, but once you do it, and get used to it, its pretty much like riding a bike with no hands

      (notice; please dont ride a bike with no hands, your mom will most likely not be looking, and you will most likely have an accident)


      a joke to remove some tension on all i said xD

      but yea, as patrick star once said to rocky..


  20. Thanks for the follow.

  21. Rejection can hurt but it’s a part of life. When I got rejected it broke me, I did get over it though. 

    1. XII360


      the more they shoot you down (reject), the more you get used to the rejection, until you become the embodiment of rejection


      ...and then you get stronger from all the experience earned on getting rejected, and either become a better person, or turn onto the dark side


      in my case, i reject the dark side, even if the world we live in, majorly favors them >.>

    2. Tefutakato


      @XII360 I almost let complete darkness take hold of me but I fought it and I fought it hard. Reminds me of the Batman Begins quote “Why do we fall, so we can learn to pick ourselves back up”. 

  22. Finally did my taxes today. Better to get that done right away.

  23. Dude, do you have a game’s console? 

    1. Kurosaki27


      Nah, I'm a student, I live on noodles and coffee.

    2. Kurosaki27


      I only have a PC. good enought to play games, but I'm focusing on studying and watching anime. I can chat on discord if you want to, fine by me,

    3. Tefutakato


      I have a PC too, I have a few Steam games maybe in the future we can play a game. The family PC is very old though. As for Discord, I rarely use it. If you want to add me just ask.

  24. Thanks for the follow. 

  25. Making friends hasn’t been my strongest trait, I’m a bit awkward and I am very shy. 

    1. Kurosaki27


      Mastering one's feelings is the greatest of virtues - Some old man (probably).

      Don't think about the overcome, most of the time you just go with what's on your mind. I've also heard a theory from called a book called "The last night of love, the first night of war" which states that a trauma (not necesarily a trauma, it can also be a problem or stress) will become insignificant once you face an even bigger threat and you win. On the same concept as it's easier if you jump directly into cold water than getting in slower I guess.

      Don't listen to me, I'm on a couple of beers rn.

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