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Status Updates posted by Tefutakato

  1. It’s been about year since I’ve taken my medication, I haven’t relapsed but I fear that I could. I stopped taking it abruptly. If I remember I was taking anti depressants. 

  2. Have you ever had a best friend or a very close friend? I used to have those, I guess me not wanting others to get close to me has prevented that from happening again. Friends is something I like but it feels like I’m bad at it. 

    1. Kurosaki27


      Remember the Golden Rule #1: "You can't be bad at something if you succeed at least once", and to my knowledge there's 7,500,000,000 people out there, give them a try before quitting King.

    2. XII360


      i still have my best friend, and we been friends since i was a kid, like, 2009? or somewhere around that year

      we had a fight once, longest fight we had, where we ignored one another, but after 3 months or 4months of no communication, he apologized, and i cried and apologized too and said

      "i been waiting for his apology so we could be friends again" >.>


      needless to say, best friend-ships dont happen in a day, it takes a long time, lots of bonding, and trusting and other stuff

      just be sure that the friend, isn't someone who is just "befriending" you, due to fact they get something from you

      those aint best friend tier, those are opportunist-tier

  3. It feels like I’m not going anywhere, I have some problems and I haven’t figured them out yet. Things are not right with me.

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    2. Tefutakato


      @Kurosaki27 It’s pretty personal stuff, some of it is medical, fears I have and mental stuff. 

    3. Kurosaki27


      Wish you the best hommie, God bless and stay tuned. There's always light after dark.

      PS: tag me whenever you want to chat if you wish, I'll try to respond as soon as I connect.

    4. Tefutakato


      @Kurosaki27 Thank you. Although I prefer to DM you if I do decide to talk about it since some of what I have going on is embarrassing.

  4. Any of you play Call of Duty or Halo? 

  5. Do you ever just miss a place? I do but at the same time I shouldn’t because I was banned from the site. The good times I had there were more than the bad times. Memories, that’s all they are now.

  6. Finally beat Dishonoured Death of the Outsider, I thought it was alright as a DLC to Dishonoured 2. The ending to the DLC could’ve been better. I liked the series as a whole though. I also played Dishonoured 1. 

  7. I thought about doing entrepreneurship but I wouldn’t know what to do, starting a YouTube channel would be my first choice although that will take a lot of work. And I wouldn’t know what to make content about. Tried YouTube in the past and had 3k views on one of my videos which was a top10 video. I don’t know what to do with myself.

  8. Wish i didn’t hate cooking, I will eventually need to do that in the future. I can barely cook anything. 

  9. Feeling pretty good. Hope you all are doing well too! Happy Valentine’s Day as well. 

  10. Hopefully I will have my birthday cake be an ice cream cake today. I love Dairy Queen’s cakes.

    1. XII360


      as for me, no cakes, only pizza

      10/10 though, bbq pizza best pizza 

    2. LonelyPoet


      Dude don't mention food I failed my PT test lol

  11. Been trying out dating apps lately, no luck. Maybe I should stop using them. 

    1. efaardvark


      I never got along very well with dating apps either.  Then again, it might have something to do with the fact that I just don't get along with -people-.  People are exhausting.

  12. I might just spend more time here, I like anime and video games so I guess I could probably write something on those subjects here. 

  13. Happy 2021! Long time no see. How are you all?

  14. I want a PS5 but the scalper’s bots take all of them right away which is awful. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is on list of games I want to play along with Modern Warfare which i didn’t play yet either. I’m glad campaigns are back in COD. 

    1. efaardvark


      Scalpers got all the new GFX cards too.

  15. How are you all holding up? 

    1. L Lawliet

      L Lawliet

      Tack så mycket for asking...

      I think I'm holding up pretty well... I haven't crumbled yet, I mean, if that counts as anything...

  16. Stay strong and keep moving forward my fellow AF members. I wish you all the best in your journeys to success! Hope you all are fired up now. 


    1. XII360


      lets go greet 2021 strongly <3 

  17. I see AF got an upgrade. Nice! 

  18. You ever have good conversations that you don’t want them to end?

  19. Long time no see. Hope you all are doing well. Cheers!

  20. Not sure if it’s bad that I can’t really cry even though I did a lot at one point. Can’t seem to do that anymore even if I legit feel very sad.

  21. It’s always painful when you don’t talk anymore to someone close to you. 

    1. XII360


      what's up ? you seem under the weather 

    2. Tefutakato


      @XII360 It’s nothing. It’s just that something I should have let go long ago keeps bothering me.

    3. XII360


      @Tefutakato well, if you ever need an ear, i dont mind lending an ear -- you can even bash me xD

      or you know...your closer friends >.>, feels like releasing those kind of pent up sadness is best when let out on close friends?

  22. Have been rewatching Fairy Tail, currently on season 7. I like the anime, it’s my favourite. Natsu and his pals are loveable to me. 

  23. I’m going to college this fall for a one year program, it will be a hybrid program so not every single class will be at the college so some classes will be online. I’m taking a one year program as I want to ease into college and gain some valuable credits. Wish me luck.

    1. EvaUnit69


      Best o luck pal, im more or less on the same boat

  24. Applied for community college earlier today. Hopefully I get an offer.

  25. I’m happy to announce that yesterday I finally graduated with my long awaited secondary school diploma. Took me a long time to get it but I am happy I finally got it! I’m still not sure if I want to go to community college or not but continuing education would be good. Never stop learning. 

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