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  2. Been ridiculously busy and a little bit ill the last few days... but I'm much better now and I'll be returning to posting later tonight ^w^

  3. Beyond stressed

  4. Ay someone talk to me

  5. I like this place, I find there's a lot of friendly people here. I'm still new to the anime fandom honestly.

  6. kind of a weird day. Guess I better get out of here, before things go as expected.

  7. I only got 30 mins of sleep last night and i'm still awake like why

    1. Tefutakato


      Hope you fell asleep. And have a good one.

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  8. glad to be here

  9. Today is going to be a very tired day.

  10. How was your day today?

  11. Happy Friday everyone! :D

  12. Hey there! How's it going?

  13. How are all of you today?

  14. A little sick at the moment - in recovery mode... @_@

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