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  1. If you dont mind my asking, is youtube your full time gig? I notice that you make a video a day, effectively, which is pretty tough.

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    2. Mangastorian


      Yea I was thinking about it, I work so much I don't often have a ton of time to spend doing other things

    3. TheAnimeTimes


      That I understand too lol. Nothing wrong with a little hustlin though

    4. zoop


      I'm not a mod or anything, but personally I don't see any issue with it as long as that's not your only interest on the site? Which, based on the fact that you've been posting around doesn't seem to be the case.

  2. Sometimes I'm almost sad. Then I remember that Holo is a character and am not sad any longer.

    1. zoop
    2. TheAnimeTimes


      Just being silly haha

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