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  1. After 3 weeks in the hospital and a near-death experience, I'm starting to wonder...is this what a pin cushion feels like?? I got poked so many times!!!! LOL XD!

    1. Animedragon


      That sounds really bad. I hope and pray that you'll soon be on the road to recovery.

    2. Otaking66lives


      Thank you very much.

  2. I'm currently trying to deal with the fact that my job is being eliminated at the end of this week. I like my job very much, but with Covid-19 being downplayed the need for Covid-19 screeners is non-existent. I work for a security firm. My manager says he is trying to get my status changed from screener to officer and put me in a new post at the same site, but I haven't heard anything from him in two weeks. Yes, I'm nervous about my future, but no one needs to know that...

    Status: Nervous and depressed

    1. Hällregn


      Sending my best and wishing you luck. :( Wish there was more I could do to help besides offer a few words, sorry. It's a terrible position to be in! You're in my thoughts. 

    2. Takatofan1986


      I'm sorry! I hope they are able to find a place for you, and if not, hopefully you'll find something better. :)

  3. Sad day, today. My roommate had to put one of her dogs down. She was quite old and I have mixed feelings. She had started to suffer(unable to walk). She was sweet and I loved her and miss her, but I'm also happy she isn't suffering anymore. I hurt...

    1. Ohayotaku


      I had to do the same for my 14 year old yellow lab last year. It’s never easy.

  4. Trying to deal with an evening at work, doing security for a building that has 95% of its employees on vacation until the new year...why am I here??? LOL

    1. Deeath


      WOW, ok, imagine that. I can't imagine having to do security at a half empty building, do you do night shift? honestly if its night time, and its empty, I can't imagine how creepy that is. LOL

    2. Otaking66lives


      Yeah. Current time: 7:13pm. At least I'm not alone lol

  5. I was a longtime member of a now defunct anime forum...I missed it very much and am happy to find this place and resume my anime rhetoric!! 

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