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  1. Sad day, today. My roommate had to put one of her dogs down. She was quite old and I have mixed feelings. She had started to suffer(unable to walk). She was sweet and I loved her and miss her, but I'm also happy she isn't suffering anymore. I hurt...

    1. Ohayotaku


      I had to do the same for my 14 year old yellow lab last year. It’s never easy.

  2. Trying to deal with an evening at work, doing security for a building that has 95% of its employees on vacation until the new year...why am I here??? LOL

    1. deaaath


      WOW, ok, imagine that. I can't imagine having to do security at a half empty building, do you do night shift? honestly if its night time, and its empty, I can't imagine how creepy that is. LOL

    2. Otaking66lives


      Yeah. Current time: 7:13pm. At least I'm not alone lol

  3. I was a longtime member of a now defunct anime forum...I missed it very much and am happy to find this place and resume my anime rhetoric!! 

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