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  1. @XII360 Changed my team yet again with the summoning of a new character I've been waiting on for a while ^^ (She'll be shown at the very end.)




    And the new addition to my team is Flora!!!! Was worried I wasn't going to get her 😧 Anyway, really great Ploy user that kills just about anything reliant on Distant Counter or any mage in the game really.  With Attack/Res Solo and buffs she gets up to 63 Attack and 44 Res.  Harsh command was added to counter Panic Ploy users, and she can afford this skill since she sits in the back using Ploys as well.  Below I do have a few impressive screens I saved during her training.






    1. XII360


      Whoa, whats her bane ?, shes.pretty op, makes me wanna pull for her now too (since i still have around 30?.orbs

      I should still have until end of week to decide whether.to pull, i think

      I hope, exams tomorrow so im gonna have to get serious now

      But felicias sister seems pretty fun, since im semi maining felicia, i should really get her too >.>

    2. drill


      My Flora is +Def/-Spd.  Speed is pretty much a throwaway stat for her since its so bad, she becomes completely reliant on Quick Riposte and Hoarfrost Knife to score doubles.  When initiating combat she gets a full +29 Def (20 due to her weapon, 3 due to her boon, and 6 due to her buff), so it seems that +Def is actually a pretty decent boon for her.  I'd say +Atk, +Def, or +Res are all acceptable boons for her, but she would just be played on the field differently depending on each.

      The banner is up for another 17 days, so you have plenty of time to summon her.

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