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    Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, Konosuba, Lucky star, Haruhi Suzumiya series, miss kobayashi maid dragons, nisekoi, golden time, houkago teibou nisshi and chobits
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    Slice of Life
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    Konata, haruhi suzumiya, komi, marin kitagawa, goro, hiiragi kagami and shiraishi minoru
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    in my basement
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    escaping Middle school
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    playing video games, watching anime, reading manga/light novels, listening to music (I'm pretty simple)
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    FF14, apex legend, osu, SMB ultimate, MK8 Deluxe
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    don't have one
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    Nintendo Switch but I mainly play on pc

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  1. Welcome to the forum @Solus!! Hope you enjoy your time here. Good luck finishing fairy tail . It was one of my favorite series as a kid but I never got the time to finish it entirely. I maybe also need to read the sequel, the 100 year quest I think.
  2. Soramee_

    Summer Break

    Really beside just enjoying my summer watching anime, reading manga, playing video games and doing other stuff I don’t really have any plan and probably won’t have any in the future. Just a nice and relaxing summer even thought I might also work.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum! Hope you find your place here! If you need me for anything I will gladly help you.
  4. 3 days ago we got a 10 min thunderstorm which disable an internet tower and multiple electrical pole. The result: 3 days without internet, electricity and a way to speak on the cellphone. At least my dad had a generatrix which could power up the refrigerator, light up some lights, a way to cook food and power up a PC. Even thought we had all that, the 3 last days was hell for someone who leave his house only to go to school in the week and rarely leave his house on the weekend. We didn't have tap water since our water come from a well. At least I already counter this from happening and had already download a bunch of anime and games on my SD card and some manga on my phone. In addition, it happened the moment when I finally had my sweet sweet 3 days of vacancy line up one after another one!!!! RQERQQTEQT >:( Oh well at least it didn't suck more than that and I may also not have school tomorrow since the area where it reside also was touch by the thunderstorm.
  5. the legends of zelda links awakening on switch
  6. Finally... I finally have internet...

  7. Do I have even need to say it... Japan!!!! I mainly want to go to akihabara since I am a huge weeb and also go to a konbini since I wanted to go to one since I learned about them. Also I certainly want to go to animate and Gamers!
  8. It's said on the forecast that there would be a storm but nothing happened for 4 hours. even thought the air is humid and hot
  9. if this is a chobits reference I'm gonna be so happy!!!
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