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    Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, Konosuba, Lucky star, Haruhi Suzumiya series, miss kobayashi maid dragons, nisekoi, golden time, houkago teibou nisshi, chobits, fate/zero and... yeah a little bit of sao and oreimo/eromanga sensei. You can judge me.
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    Slice of Life
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    Konata izumi, haruhi suzumiya, komi-san, hiiragi kagami and shiraishi minoru
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    in my basement
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    escaping high school
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    playing video games, watching anime, reading manga/light novels, listening to music, making utau covers(I'm pretty simple)
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    FF14, apex legend, osu, SMB ultimate, MK8 Deluxe
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    if we count visual novels there would be atri but if not maybe marth from fire emblem
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    Nintendo Switch, wii and PSP

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  1. Since I don’t know Japanese and I bought vn’s that are only available in Japanese, I’m currently playing with my psp in one hand and my phone in the other trying to google translate the text showing up and understanding it. It’s hell but it’s much easier than learning Japanese.


    1. efaardvark


      If you have the google translate app on the phone then try using the camera.  Just point it at the PSP's screen and it'll translate automatically.  Very convenient for such situations.


  2. I didn't expect that there will be a new season of digi charat since i thought nobody knew this about this series except maybe some older anime fan. I also didn't expect a new gundam series and a new urusei yatsura which I have never watched the original. these are the three new sequel I'm hype about. Just watched the new op of spy x family and I'm so happy that bump of chicken made it because I love their march come in like a lion openings (same with this one). I guess I'm lucky since both gen hoshino and bump of chicken, who are two of my favorite musician, made a song for this anime. I'm also hype for chainsaw man and the eminance of shadow since i heard very food things about it. And I can totally confirm that eminance of shadow will be good since I read the manga and loved it.
  3. Playing my new psp games. I think I may be the only person still playing with a psp lol
  4. Watching Haiyore nyaruko San W. The op is awesome
  5. If I remember tinted glass just doesn’t let light go through and makes you still able to see through it but depending on how you desire to make your farm you may need it or totally not.
  6. What a great game… 


    i can make Konata call me manager, onii-san or dog.

    1. Soramee_


      I’m still on this screen because my degenerate side wants to see what will happen if choose dog or onii-san but I feel like they are the wrong choices…

    2. Soramee_


      still on the screen

  7. My package finally arrived… ((o(^∇^)o))
  8. For shows I’ve rewatch there is the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, lucky star, sword art online and I’m currently watching code Geass again but I’m sure there is some more I rewatched
  9. I had bought Haruhi Suzumiya merch on mercatique and it was suppose to be there yesterday… but because there was a fee to pay I didn’t receive the box and and I needed to go to Montreal to get it or pay the fee online so that they can give it to me today 😭

  10. and also that


    1. Kōyamaki


      That is quite an assemblage of characters used in the montage footage.

  11. just wanted to post that here because it's awesome 


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