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    Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, Konosuba, Lucky star, Haruhi Suzumiya series, miss kobayashi maid dragons, nisekoi, golden time, houkago teibou nisshi, chobits, fate/zero and... yeah a little bit of sao and oreimo/eromanga sensei. You can judge me.
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    Slice of Life
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    Konata izumi, haruhi suzumiya, komi-san, hiiragi kagami and shiraishi minoru
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    in my basement
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    escaping high school
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    playing video games, watching anime, reading manga/light novels, listening to music, making utau covers(I'm pretty simple)
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    FF14, apex legend, osu, SMB ultimate, MK8 Deluxe
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    if we count visual novels there would be atri but if not maybe marth from fire emblem
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    Nintendo Switch, wii and PSP

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  1. I’m still fourteen and my friends are starting to act “too cool”. I hate that. skipping school to watch anime is based . I would do the same if I had the chance
  2. I still have to watch this anime. I heard it was really good so I will surely give it a try sometime
  3. I’m still watching season 1 so I don’t really know but I guess it’s as good
  4. Since I didn’t watch a lot of anime from the last season I made my mind to finish all the one I’m interested in from this season and the last one… it’s gonna take a while. Beside that I’m also watching the misfit of the demon king academy since the second season is airing right now
  5. played minecraft with school friends
  6. no worries... it will be better. this is my favourite anime of the year
  7. I still have to wake up at 5am to get my blood taken… I need sleep…

    1. Animedragon


      I'm told that garlic is good for keeping vampires away. 🙂

      But seriously, you have my sympathy about the 5am wake up calls. Before I retired I had to get up at 5am every weekday to get ready to go to work. It was OK in the summer, but not so good on a freezing cold winter morning.

  8. I just lost my lunchbox somewhere in school… aaaaaaaaaa

    1. Animedragon


      Hopefully you lost it after you'd eaten your lunch, otherwise it would be a major catastrophe.

    2. Soramee_


      I found but I didn’t ate the content fully. Only less than half I would say and I’m someone that eats a lot

  9. started watching the angel next door spoil me rotten and I love it. as a fan of both the author and romance anime i already love this anime. the main character does resemble me a lot and by a lot i mean A LOT. haircut, age, personality, flaws. pretty much everything beside the hair color. Also I love shiina she is my type.
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