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  1. I got confirmation that im gonna go to japan next summer. im so happy. life has been so hard these past years... im so happy to finally have gotten something good happening to me, especially since it has been a childhood dream of mine. i still don't feel as much emotions as before but im so happy lol.

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    2. Zeref


      Have a great trip, that is an awesome place to visit. 

    3. Sakura


      THAT'S SO COOL! I'm so happy for you!! I hope you have an amazing time!! 💜

    4. Otaking66lives


      Congrats!!! Hope you have an amazing time! 

  2. I have to play MMO’s soon, I’ve been so lazy recently lol

  3. been a long time since i last change my pfp

  4. i wish sao would be real lol (not the death factor of course)

  5. I feel like I lost hope, I lost a bunch of my friends, I got treated like shit by one of them which I considered one of my good friends, there is no way for my dream becoming reality anymore, a vtuber I supported had to go to the hospital, I got hated by another vtuber because of multiple cases that were basically bad luck, I don’t feel comfortable anywhere, I just wanna sleep everywhere, I don’t feel like doing anything even playing games or watching anime, my mind keeps thinking bad things, I keep thinking about things I don’t want to uncontrolabily, I can’t remember most of my memories, my head feels empty, I don’t feel any emotion, when I wanna cry my tears just don’t come out, I can’t even do any loud noise or my dad will come in my room all agitated and worried as if s gun got blasted off, I don’t even wanna play a game I always wanted to, somebody I thought could become a true friend did bad things (not to others but to himself), I feel like all my passion are lost, I feel like I’m not connected to my brain anymore, I feel like I can’t become who I wanna be anymore, I feel like nobody could help me, i just feel like I wanna be alone even tho I know I also don’t Want to, stress keeps building up, my teachers keeps making us see films that are way to weird and just makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t have any energy left mentally, nothing makes me feel emotions that much now, my head hurts, I always wanted a girlfriend but I feel like I can’t, i still feel as if there was something stuck in my throat every time, the only time I feel like my emotions can get out it’s when my parents are asleep so I can’t make any sound, im just tired. Sorry for always saying these things here, sorry, I’m really sorry.

  6. I want an high school romance… already in my second year though

    1. efaardvark


      Been there, done that.  Not saying "don't" but... be careful what you wish for.  ;)

      (Graduated in '82 so for me all ancient history at this point.)

    2. Metro


      I think we all dreamed of this kind of romance and honestly sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not. Some people find it and some people find it later in life and every one of the options is fine. Young love can come with a lot of hurt. I was lucky enough to find my fiancee in high school but at the same time, I went through downs before that. I know loads of peeps who didn't get into a relationship before college because well, it's honestly easier to find people more like you in such an open learning environment. So my advice for you is don't rush these things, make sure you find someone you like and who equally likes you back, a relationship isn't 50/50, it's 100/100. And if nobody in your life is like that then it's okay, you're saving yourself from a lot of unnecessary headaches. 

    3. froggy



      I FEEL THE SAME! I had a few small relationships when I was a first year, but it was nothing serious. Now I'm a third year, and all I want is someone who sees me for who I am. Everywhere I look is couples kissing in the hallways, and I can't help but feel so jealous and angry! I wouldn't kiss my partner in the hallway though, that's gross. I just hate being so lonely, and having friends doesn't make this feeling go away😭 I just want to be in a relationship already!!!


  7. sometimes i wish i could have a group of true friends. maybe high school could be more fun. maybe i could be more happy. no im certain i would.

    1. Animedragon


      I can relate to that. When I was in secondary school I really only had a couple of real friends, and they both left during my final year. I'm sure I would have enjoyed school a lot more if I'd had more friends. Unfortunately I was the target of choice of the class thug/bully who had a tendency to also pick on anyone who was friendly towards me.

      Fortunately year 5 students weren't expected to attend classes for subjects we weren't sitting exams for, so I spent a lot of my final months at school in empty classrooms studying on my own.

    2. Metro


      I always personally found that the only "true" friends that have stuck with me for my whole life were ones I met in high school or grew up with, this limits it to around 4 people, and for them I really am grateful. As for many other people they just tend to come and go, people say University is where you meet your true friends for life but honestly, it's really hard to find that especially in our generation.

  8. I just wanna have a break. I don’t want to go to school tommorow

    1. Animedragon


      I know where you're coming from, I hated school, especially secondary school. But sadly school is one of those necessary evils in life. If you don't go to school you won't get an education and if you don't have an education you'll have a hard time finding a job.

    2. samcait


      Sameee, i hate school sm

  9. could you tell me what is the name your waifu comes from, im sure i know her

    1. Key Visual

      Key Visual

      Replied to wrong thread :)


  10. Seems I became a clipper for a vtuber. I still don’t know what happened

  11. I wish I could be more myself

  12. I can’t sleep and it’s 4am… I just kept crying all night

  13. I wish my school life was more exciting. I watched this series right before entering high school and now my year as a freshmen has ended. I wish I could have gone somewhere else. On top of being boring, I hate my school life. I just want to have a life like they did and be happy. On top of that i got depression. I will genuinly do anything to make my life more exciting but it's nearly impossible. On top of having a complicated family situation, my school has no club system or anything really, i have to fake my emotions and fellings at school and everyone of my "friends" became toxic. I hate this all. It's as if all my motivation disappeared for no reason since i got depression. I just want to be stronger like haruhi and chase my ideals like kyon. I just want to be happy for once... I don't know what to do anymore. I'm completely lost. Even when I want to change it doesn't work. I really hate this. shit im starting to cry. Been a long time since I did tho... My parents keep brushing off what is happening as a normal adolescent thing and doesn't help me when i need help. I've always been alone but I wish I could at least get a real friend sometime. I really want a life like kyon. I really really really want this to happened. I know I have to put a lot efforts but I don't know what to do. I was seeing a light of hope recently since I could go to japan as an exchange student but it seems it won't work out... why can't anything go my way. this song really makes my real self get out uh. To think i was so close to being happy... The only thing I can think of doing right now to help myself is to finish my audition for an haruhi abridged series. it hasn't started yet and actually I don't know if they terminated the project since it has been a year, I was so scared, i did absolutely nothing, but I guess haruhi made me a bit more motivated lol. I honestly still am scared but I want to get out of this loop once and for all. Dammit I just want to watch anime and play video games without being depressed like konata. I love haruhi and I want to be part of this abridge series but I doubt the creator would be happy with what I send him or the fact it took so long to send it. I just wanna fool around and have fun like any teenagers do before i have to go and find a job and have a repetitive life. please help. Honestly this song is very important to me and I love it so maybe that's why I started writing that full emotional paragraph lol. At least it's finally summer now and I don't have to deal with school. but i also have to deal with even more work now. Especially since my parents are forcing me to do it. I know having an early job experience is beneficial but do you ever think about me like i am or just as another kid, also I just want to take my free time to get out of this depression or try to be happy for once. I don't even trust my own feelings anymore. It just hurts. it's to the point where I can't express any emotions when doing what I like. I actually feel like a robot at this point. Is this what an existential crisis is? nothing makes sense anymore. I have zero self esteem too so this isn't helping. On top of that I have some trauma that I had to live all my life with. this may sound as weird or non trusty but these are all my real thoughts. I really want to work on this audition but since I have to speak loudly i can't wake up my parents too or else they will get pissed and ban me from using my computer for some time lol. At least my mom understand me a bit more than my dad. why did I wrote that.

    1. Animedragon


      Sadly there is a huge difference between an anime school and a real life school.

      I didn't like school. School in the 1960s involved sitting in rows at desks while the teacher talked at you, the teachers often had no real interest in the subjects they taught and were thus unable to impart any enthusiasm for the subjects to their students. In short, school was BORING!!!

      Did I mention that for my entire senior school life I was the target of choice for the school thug/bully and his little gang of followers, which went a long way to destroying, or at least undermining my confidence and self esteem.

      I had to stay for the fifth year if I wanted to sit any exams and gain some qualifications, but I firmly turned down the offer of a place in the sixth year and went out and got a job. Amusingly, or not, none of the qualifications I'd got were any help or use at all in my job.

      I believe that, almost, everything we go through in life happens for a purpose. Those bullies who made my school life so miserable taught me how to survive the much more subtle bullying of managers later on, some of whom resented the fact that I'd been in the business longer than them and had more experience.  I didn't always like the things my parents nagged and plagued me to do, but once a month I go to the cemetery to place flowers on their grave and silently give thanks for everything they did for me.

  14. Finally, my freshman school year is finished. I had hope but it was mostly nothing all year. Happy it ended but I would want to redo it. Now I want to transfer school 

    1. Animedragon


      Congratulations on finishing your freshman year, but are you really sure you'd want to do it all again? Redoing a year sounds like a pretty bad thing. (In most high school anime having to repeat a year is presented as the worst fate you can suffer).

      Transferring schools isn't always a good thing. In my final year at infants school my parents had to move house and because our new house was in the catchment area of a different school I had to go to a new junior school where I didn't know anybody.

  15. https://www.twitch.tv/jacobee1101

    my childhood friend second stream. please come and like


    my childhood friend second stream. please come and like

  17. It’s time, I’m gonna do another try and I will do everything so that I can come back to normal

  18. i don't want to go to school... i wish i could be reborn into another world lol

    1. Animedragon


      I know where you're coming from. I hated school, I especially hated Senior school and I really didn't want to be there, but sadly school is a necessary evil in this world (and quite probably any other world).

  19. I wanna go home…

    1. Animedragon


      East, West, Home is Best!

      Cue Simon & Garfunkel:

      I hope it won't be too long before you get back home.


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