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    Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, Konosuba, Lucky star, Haruhi Suzumiya series, miss kobayashi maid dragons, nisekoi, golden time, houkago teibou nisshi, chobits, fate/zero and... yeah a little bit of sao and oreimo/eromanga sensei. You can judge me.
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    Slice of Life
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    Konata izumi, haruhi suzumiya, komi-san, hiiragi kagami and shiraishi minoru
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    in my basement
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    escaping high school
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    playing video games, watching anime, reading manga/light novels, listening to music, making utau covers(I'm pretty simple)
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    FF14, apex legend, osu, SMB ultimate, MK8 Deluxe
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    if we count visual novels there would be atri but if not maybe marth from fire emblem
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    Nintendo Switch, wii and PSP

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  1. I feel like I lost hope, I lost a bunch of my friends, I got treated like shit by one of them which I considered one of my good friends, there is no way for my dream becoming reality anymore, a vtuber I supported had to go to the hospital, I got hated by another vtuber because of multiple cases that were basically bad luck, I don’t feel comfortable anywhere, I just wanna sleep everywhere, I don’t feel like doing anything even playing games or watching anime, my mind keeps thinking bad things, I keep thinking about things I don’t want to uncontrolabily, I can’t remember most of my memories, my head feels empty, I don’t feel any emotion, when I wanna cry my tears just don’t come out, I can’t even do any loud noise or my dad will come in my room all agitated and worried as if s gun got blasted off, I don’t even wanna play a game I always wanted to, somebody I thought could become a true friend did bad things (not to others but to himself), I feel like all my passion are lost, I feel like I’m not connected to my brain anymore, I feel like I can’t become who I wanna be anymore, I feel like nobody could help me, i just feel like I wanna be alone even tho I know I also don’t Want to, stress keeps building up, my teachers keeps making us see films that are way to weird and just makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t have any energy left mentally, nothing makes me feel emotions that much now, my head hurts, I always wanted a girlfriend but I feel like I can’t, i still feel as if there was something stuck in my throat every time, the only time I feel like my emotions can get out it’s when my parents are asleep so I can’t make any sound, im just tired. Sorry for always saying these things here, sorry, I’m really sorry.

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