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  1. I'm currently re-watching 3-gatsu no lion also know as march come in like a lion and to summarize my experience so far... I'm crying like a baby. I've never relate to a main character so much in my entire life. My childhood friend recommended it to me a while back but I was still in elementary school and I didn't understand very well what was happening honestly. But now that I'm older and more mature (you could question that) I finally understand the feelings Kiriyama Rei feels since is story resemble my childhood a little bit. just to say even if I've only watch 4 episodes I would give this anime a 10/10 and would recommend it if you have not watched it already. just give it a try and you will see if you like it or not.
  2. There is a big snow storm outside sooooo I don't have school \ (•◡•) /~(˘▾˘~)!(^o^)!
  3. All I have to say is that it's -23 celsius right now (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`).
  4. Overwatch was my favorite game when I was younger. I remember playing with my childhood friend all day online. He was playing genji and me hanzo. That was the good time (ಥ﹏ಥ).
  5. I was reading the manga when it was first serialized and when the harem part came in I just dropped it since it was so bad.
  6. seriously I didn't see any problem with the syncing. this is a really good job . the only problem I had was that between 6:40 and 6:49 there where multiple voices stacking up on each other making it less understandable.
  7. I don't know if anyone is interested but I got my hand on a very obscure konosuba game that only got out in the Japanese Blu-ray for the second season. It's surprisingly good and it's worth trying it. I found it in a reddit post so I will leave the link below. As for the konosuba game it's a fighting game made by a fan. it's still a pretty decent game if i may say so myself and it is worth checking it out. PS: this fan game was inspired by a real lucky star fighting game. I found it trough a youtube video so i will leave the link below (the link to download the game is in the description of the video). The video:
  8. I'll watch it tomorrow morning since I'm getting sleepy right now but anyway Ty for the dub and I will review it
  9. I don't know if this count but when the second season of the devil is a part timer just dropped out of nowhere on YouTube AFTER 9 or 10 year since the first season... That was the best moment of my entire life. Also the first time the Eurobeat music came out of nowhere in initial d This was a magical moment.
  10. Tomorrow morning I'll check what are the difference between the two and give you feedback. Well if I remember... You are doing fan dub ! That's so cool
  11. I would never have expect that but that's cool! Thanks for the link .
  12. Thank you so much for the copy and yes it's working perfectly . I'm going to read it right now.
  13. That was a critical hit!! (。>﹏<。)
  14. You have so much chance cause where I live there isn't a lot of place to buy books beside maybe 1 or 2 bookstore.
  15. I've search for an English translation of garden of Avalon and I couldn't find one. I don't understand how you did this but this is impressive . I don't know what to say . I would never been able to do something like that.
  16. 14 and started watching anime when I was 9 or 10 I don't remember very well (;一_一)
  17. Nice! Where did you bought them?
  18. Ok so this story is not about me but about my friend... To summarize it he wore the atatsuki uniform for half a year EVERY DAY EVEN WHEN HE WAS AT SCHOOL!!!!!! He is on another level.
  19. Haha I totally understand. I am currently watching 20 plus anime and I'm planning to watch over 100 of them.. I'm in despair. Please HELP. Also I'm currently watching Ichigo 100% in parallel with Haruhi suzumiya. It's a really good show. I recommend it definitely to anyone.
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