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  1. finally finished the infamous endless eight arc
  2. It was warm all day with the temperature going around 24 C.
  3. Yeah of course I will. I currently play on tonberry but I won't mind creating a new character on the EU server.
  4. I will try to binge all the anime I wanted to watch from this season but didn't have the time because of final exam. There are a lot....
  5. welcome to af forum @TheSmolestAnimeNerd!! hope you enjoy your stay here! I'm also a player of FFXIV, well a new one. Even though I'm pretty new to the final fantasy franchise and mmo in general, I love playing this game from time to time so I kind of understand why you play this game too much . Just to know, what is your current level in the classes you mainly play?
  6. Currently watching season 2 of the melancholy haruhi suzumiya. I know this may sound like a bad idea but I will try to watch all the episode of the endless eight.
  7. Just finished middle school technically even thought for me I go from sec 2 to sec 3. Even thought I finally have my sweet sweet summer break I still feel down.


    1. Hällregn


      Congrats on the progression in school! 🥳

      Sorry you're still feeling kind of down though. Can you recall how long you've been feeling this way exactly? 

    2. Soramee_


      @Hällregn i don't recall exactly but I think it was 3 months ago or 2 months? I don't know why but I'm having trouble remembering anything so I can't really give you a precise answer.

  8. Just finished watching the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya for the second but in the broadcast order. I should have watch it in this order when I first started watching haruhi. It's so much better!!!!!!!!
  10. I’ve waited for this weekend for so long !!!


  11. cloudy all day except that there was some rain few hours ago
  12. started and finished konosuba in the life started and finished konosuba in the life started and finished konosuba in the life started and finished konosuba in the life started and finished konosuba in the life

    1. Ohayotaku


      so … much … kawaii 😊


  14. I feel nothing and it's even worse than last month. I think I'm starting to be depressed. I don't have energy for anything. Even doing what I like or going to school. This may just be a side effect of the medicine I take and my cold. At least that's what I hope. I'm also forgetting everything from simple things to what I love. I don't remember which emotion are which and I'm just feeling like shit. I have never felt this weak in my life. I don't know who to trust and I feel like I'm trusting myself less and less. I'm making my parents worry about me and I feel like there is no hope anymore.

    1. viruxx


      Sometimes I lose all interest in everything I love doing and find no joy in anything, so personally, I can relate. I struggle with anxiety, and when it gets severe enough, it can spill over into depression. I'm so sorry that you're having such a rough time with it. I wish I could do more than offer up words, but for what it may be worth, I hope you feel better soon, and I hope you find your spark again.

    2. Hällregn


      I'm sorry you're going through such an awful time. This sounds pretty rough, in a concerning way. Have you tried asking your parents to go with you and speak to a doctor about it? It might help give you proper care and clarity. 

      There's always hope left, even when it doesn't feel like it. Keep it in mind if you can't keep it in heart right now. 💜 

    3. Kōyamaki


      I don't know your story but, it sounds to me that what you need is a personal confidant - a "sympathetic ear" that you can release this energy around privately in harmless ways. Unfortunately you have stated yourself that you have difficulty trusting others; I honestly don't blame you for this. I am sorry to say that decent people are in very short supply in this particular era...at least in most places outside of Japan - where the people there live in a tribalistic society with customs of hospitality where everyone is expected to take care of one another personally, not because it's their job or because they're being paid to do it. While I have personally never been over there myself, I think this is one of the best aspects of Japanese Society that is portrayed in anime. I realize that to some extent the main characters are being presented as an ideal to be emulated, not necessarily because it is common behavior over there. Even so, does this make such a tight-knit social structure any less desirable? It's a rhetorical question. I think it is something worthy of meditating on. We can talk in PM if you would like to.

  15. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! relatable
  16. just did that on osu osu! 2022-06-12 21-09-22.mp4 WHY DID I CHOKE AT THE END!!!!!!!!! I was so close to an SS
  17. I recently got an Haruhi Suzumiya figure and there were some part that you could put and remove. the problem is that I don’t know how to put the other armband this one: the arm doesn’t seem to be detachable and since it’s my first figure I don’t want to break it. if anybody know how to help me with this problem please respond to this topic!
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