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    oren's Birthday!!! she is currently singing the magic knight rayearth op

  2. httplucky-ch.com the main site of lucky star just got updated and there is supposed to be an exhibit in saitama at musashino museum. I might get my hopes up but with recent annouced of the manga continuing and this, there seem to be more chances for a season 2 or an english translation of the manga. Well I hope so. Here is the video kadokawa uploaded:
  3. Even thought I've already post this on this forum, I guess it would also makes sense to post it here so here you go this is the video from which I found this game and it's surprisingly very fun. Especially if you like both of these series. If you just want to download the game you can go on the description and you should found a link to download it
  4. her singing is top tier


  5. You all are so much better than me at drawing lol. I want to be able to draw anime style sometimes in the future
  6. I've started mob psycho season three and it's amazing. I'm at episode 7 right now.
  7. watched ep 9 of the final season of zero no tsukaima and ep 7 of chainsaw man. I just wished zero no tsukaima would have had another season... it's exactly the type of anime I like
  8. Finally… it’s here!!!!!


    1. Animedragon


      That looks like a good haul of plunder.

      Towards the end of the last millennium I saw a few episodes of Shuffle on a couple of DVD's which had a rather dubious provenance.  

  9. That’s the main reason why I don’t watch tv and instead watch anime on Crunchyroll or on dvd/Blu-ray
  10. Remember, anime is an investment For a stupid thing I did well after I watched Naruto and sword art online as a kid I turned pretty much every guy in my school as anime fan. I don’t know how I did it but I did
  11. I need to wake up at 5am just to get my blood check and then I need to go to school… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Kōyamaki


      I feel for you brother. Try to hang on.

  12. I'm at ep 9 of the last season of zero no tsukaima
  13. Just a few nintendo switch game like the new pokemon game
  14. 291 i want to go home… please!!!
  15. My internet died for no reason yesterday 😭

    1. Animedragon


      My internet died one day last week. Turned out that I'd killed it by clicking on the wrong option! 😱

      It took me a long time to work out what I'd accidentally done and correct it! 🥴

  16. Well the reason I love the “skittles “ song is mainly because it’s my favorite amv
  17. I was wondering if any of the mods could add a vocaloid/utau or anything related to that topic since there is none. I would greatly appreciate.
  18. this mmd is so good! sad they didn't finished it thought


  19. I've been listening to this for i don't know how many times and each time it made me cry. I love this anime
  20. just got the badge for being on this forum for a year lol. it feels as if I created an account last week.


    1. Otaku Gamer

      Otaku Gamer

      Congratz! ^^

  21. im finally at patchouli stage!!!!!
  22. lucky, i live in canada so the winters are pretty cold
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