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  1. I often don’t follow this phrase when it’s about the things I like lol. There is a lot of nights we’re i watched anime until 5 am when I had a test at 8 lmao
  2. i wish sao would be real lol (not the death factor of course)

  3. I feel like I lost hope, I lost a bunch of my friends, I got treated like shit by one of them which I considered one of my good friends, there is no way for my dream becoming reality anymore, a vtuber I supported had to go to the hospital, I got hated by another vtuber because of multiple cases that were basically bad luck, I don’t feel comfortable anywhere, I just wanna sleep everywhere, I don’t feel like doing anything even playing games or watching anime, my mind keeps thinking bad things, I keep thinking about things I don’t want to uncontrolabily, I can’t remember most of my memories, my head feels empty, I don’t feel any emotion, when I wanna cry my tears just don’t come out, I can’t even do any loud noise or my dad will come in my room all agitated and worried as if s gun got blasted off, I don’t even wanna play a game I always wanted to, somebody I thought could become a true friend did bad things (not to others but to himself), I feel like all my passion are lost, I feel like I’m not connected to my brain anymore, I feel like I can’t become who I wanna be anymore, I feel like nobody could help me, i just feel like I wanna be alone even tho I know I also don’t Want to, stress keeps building up, my teachers keeps making us see films that are way to weird and just makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t have any energy left mentally, nothing makes me feel emotions that much now, my head hurts, I always wanted a girlfriend but I feel like I can’t, i still feel as if there was something stuck in my throat every time, the only time I feel like my emotions can get out it’s when my parents are asleep so I can’t make any sound, im just tired. Sorry for always saying these things here, sorry, I’m really sorry.

  4. lol it's the same for me. i have a lot of games where im near finishing them but when i have to play them i don't feel like playing
  5. Raku ichijou from nisekoi, kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya and sorata from sakurasou no pet na kanojo. If I had to chose one then I guess it would be raku Did you ever want to be reincarnated into another world, like in an isekai. in case of SAO or anything similar then you would be reincarnated into the reality where this game existed but you are forced to be trapped in the game or play it.
  6. Sushi Did you ever had a dream that was influenced because of anime?
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