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  1. I played lethal company with some people I found on discord and it was fun. Also, I’m trying to derust on osu since it’s been a while since I played and I’m playing little buster, which I really really like (a visual novel by key, the one who made clannad, kanon, etc)

  2. On 10/13/2023 at 9:51 PM, SomeoneIDontKnow said:

    I came across a romance anime of this type years ago (I forgot its name) where the MC is literally you, the girl is breaking the 4th wall.

    I hope someone know the name of this genre, I looked and looked and couldn't find the genre name or any rom anime of this kind.

    Genre name ?

    And some sauces ?

    Oh maybe one room? tawawa on monday too

  3. 3 hours ago, Animedragon said:

    I've just finished rewatching The Pet Girl of Sakurasou. Which is a Slice of Life series about a group of high school misfits who live in a rather ramshackle school dormitory called 'Sakura Hall' and it follows the lives and activities of its inhabitants. Now, it has to be said that a few of the early episodes are rather silly, however things do settle down as the series progresses and follows the various residents as they strive to achieve something in their lives. Each of the characters has an interesting personality and the interactions between them are really good.  I  really enjoyed watching this series, it has its silly moments but it also has its fun moments, its sad moments and its serious moments but whatever happens all the members of Sakura Hall are there for each other when times get hard.

    Overall, I found this to be a good series.

    the pet girl of sakurasou was one of my favorite anime and it still holds a very special place to my heart. i really love it!! glad somebody else watched it. I'm still sad there was no season 2 though

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  4. 23 hours ago, Sleepy said:

    Hello, I guess this is where I re introduce myself. Hi it's been a minute the  last  time  I've been active on here or even using a fourm. All I want to say first off is im sorry to those if I ever hurt anyone in anyway or by me leaving  the fourm. I was major mess back then and needed to go for my health sake. I'm not the same person back in 2018, I'm re born into something new, and proud to say I'm in a wonderful place now and at peace. I noticed some of the people I used to know back then on here still,  which is pretty cool. Well I'm never really good at these so I'll shall take my leave. I hope to enjoy the fourm once again and contribute. Thank you for listening. 

    welcome back!!

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  5. surprisingly my mom got into anime and manga because of the live action of one piece and yu yu hakusho. she really liked one piece and loved yu yu hakusho (the live action of course). any anime you would recommend for new watchers or/and with darker themes would probably what she would like. any help would be recommended. even if they are old show

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  6. On 1/13/2024 at 5:42 PM, Sakura said:

    I accidentally clicked on an anime while scrolling CrunchyRoll called "The Daily LIfe of the Immortal King" so now I'm watching that lol It's not bad tbh so far but I'm only on ep 5.

    ooooh!! i really liked it. I didn't watch all of it though. only season 1 i think

  7. 3 minutes ago, Sakura said:

    I mostly play computer games that are MMO's. I play some phone games too that are kinda cutesy anime games. I prefer playing Playstation when I use a console but I've always played games on Switch and kind of obsessed with Pokemon type games.

    which MMO?

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