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  1. brycec

    Hey, zin, how have things been going?

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    2. brycec


      So far, it is better, but I do not yet if it will stay that way. That's good your are liking it. I remember back in college I had to evaluate different platforms and talk about their usefulness and stuff, and the teacher said that my analysis was quite in-depth.

    3. zin


      i see! maybe you could give zoop and cy~ some feedback if you have time : )

    4. brycec


      I gave zoop some feedback on the things I could notice quickly, like adding descriptions (a few things are not too obvious) and possibly changing what is emphasized in site rules, but for everything else I would have to join, since Lamia is not available for download, which is good and bad.

  2. zin

    Kpop Discussion

    ahhh palette is incredible! im sure youll really love it once you do check it out~ i havent heard of eunjung, but i love the other two. they are Goddesses
  3. i think ill have to no vote this round since i have no idea
  4. i have no idea who to vote for to be honest
  5. ah oops i didnt clarify, i meant last game. aw man maybe im just a nice person and dont want people to be killed for no reason~ i didnt want to vote anyone without actual reasoning last game either. i just dont like voting blindly is all! im just a little more vocal this time around since zoop isnt here to make all the perfect points and leave me with nothing to add haha
  6. of course!! you had sound reasoning last time, im not trying to corner you, just saying that based on that alone, i dont personally find nectar suspicious. and i did actually defend scrooge at the beginning of this game for the same reason. i wouldnt corner my lovely kirry kitty~
  7. please call me this forever please and thank you i agree with this thought process, however you couldve just put your thoughts out there instead of immediately voting, which is why im a lil suspicious says the one who suspected me all last game~
  8. if thats the only case, half the people here would be suspicious. and you did make that vote quite quickly.. without allowing nectar to make his case first. which may or may not be suspicious
  9. zin

    Kpop Discussion

    all great groups!! what are some of your favorite songs from them?
  10. ive been so exhausted all day..

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    2. brycec


      What have you been down about? zoop is right about mood not being great with oversleep.

    3. zin


      ah just a general feeling,, ill try not to oversleep tonight

    4. brycec


      I see. I would have suggested finding something funny too.

  11. zin


    ennoshita obviously! he already does it a lot of the time
  12. i have enough credits for a fancy title, only problem is i have no idea what to put...

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    2. zin


      all great suggestions thank you, but i think i just came up with something : ))

    3. Cy~


      It seems quite fitting. I like!

    4. zin


      thank you so much! i might change my layout to fit it but im not sure yet

  13. zin

    Ask Zin

    yup! but im pretty ambidextrous with everything but drawing. in fact, when i was younger school kind of forced me to use right handed utensils (scissors, etc.) so i prefer using my right hand for a lot of stuff;;
  14. zin

    Ask Zin

    which hand of yours do you have trouble with? if its the left one, than id have to give up drawing, or start all over with my right hand;; either way itd be quite difficult living with one fully functioning hand, let alone with only one fully functioning leg. itd be very hard to get used to. if you dont mind me asking, were you born that way or did something happen? you dont have to go into details if youre not comfortable with it scritch behind your ears!!
  15. zin

    Ask Zin

    thats an interesting question! but im not sure i now much about you to answer very well im sorry : ( oh god, i probably wouldnt be able to use it to its full capacity, since im super scared of deep water ;-;
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