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  1. This is the most eighties anime I heard in a long damn time. And I love it.
  2. I think the only film you need to see is Rebellion, as it the sequel to the original series the first two films Beginnings and Eternal are simply recap movies of the series. So you can skip those if you watch the series, and just jump on into Rebellion. Walpurgisnacht Rising was teased recently and that's gonna be a sequel to Rebellion and continuation of the story. As for Magia Record from what I understand (only watched the first series) it a side story so like a spin off (similar to Apocrypha and Grand Order in Fate) so there not necessary viewing to the main series but are just extra Madoka Magica. I liked the first season so I'll watch the second and final seasons later but I'm waiting for the Blu-ray release. Whenever that comes about.
  3. I also like Madoka Magica, but then again anything written by Urobuchi and I'll gladly watch it. Looking forward to Walpurgisnacht Rising, and the rest of Magia Record... whenever that meant to release on Blu-ray.
  4. Welcome to the forums. I like the PFP, I instantly recognised it has Nagisa from Modaka Magica. I gotta get out more.
  5. I've always been into nerd culture. Doctor who, Star Wars, Babylon 5. I also was into games, abd since I was a kid I had a controller in my hand. I got into anime much later on, but it hits that same spot. And as a lot of the above stuff as changed in directions which I personally fine un-fun. I find I have literally decades of anime to shift through to find the stuff I didn't watch back then but still resonates with what I like in the media I am nostalgic for.
  6. Reminds me of Goblin Slayer. I remember when I first watched that, the first episode completely threw me. The goblins raping and murdering the Priestess companions was so messed up, and then the genocide of Goblin children by the titular Goblin Slayer. For a first episode that was really unpleasant. The rest of the show was pretty enjoyable, so I guess Skeleton Knight is sort of the Iseaki version of that. As far as opening episodes being sort of over the top edgy for the sake of shock value? Not sure what they gain, as it seems your more likely to lose interested people. Keep the dark shit for later on, so all the invested time and sunk cost fallacy kicks in. By the time you get to the end of Wolfs Rain, or the Chimera Ant arc you can't back out by then. Also I started Gintama and Yu Yu Hakusho. Gintama watch order is a little messy so I might need to look into what order to watch it in, as there several seasons, movies and OVAs and I don't want to miss anything crucial as I heard that it a comedy which sets a lot of stuff up early such as long running gags (a little like RVB from back in the day). As for Hakusho, now that I finished HxH and all its films and with no confirmed date for anything else HxH related beyond the Manga coming out from Hiatus this might be the perfect time to watch Togashi other series. I heard it good, and considering I ended up rating HxH a 10/10, I can't imagine Hakusho is bad by any means.
  7. I'm proud that you were able to reduce the amount of tens by about half, that an achievement. Also looking over your list I realised (with shock and horror) that you have yet to see any of the Fate anime. You need to get on that bandwagon. Its good.
  8. That alot of tens, my count was 64 total masterpieces you've seen. Might be a tad excessive, I usually try to ratio my list to a solid 1 in 10 shows can be '10s' and the rest gotta be moved down.
  9. I stumbled on this website a few weeks back? Fate/Grand Carnival Official USA Website (fate-go.us) Right now it just got some info on the cast and crew, characters and episodes. It doesn't seem to have had an updates since it first went public. I wonder why Fate Grand Carnival got a English Website? It could indicate it might get a similar treatment to other Fate works owned by Aniplex? Or it could be simply just so English native readers can more easily keep up with the production, episodes and such. Interesting none the less.
  10. I just finished HxH 2011. I still got the last film to finish before I close the book completely on Madhouses HxH.

    But the show was incredible, a true 10 out of 10. I wish I could rewatch it for the first time all over again. 

  11. I just finished the Chimera Ant Arc of Hunter X Hunter. Only one left now then I've finished the show. I happily admit Hunter X Hunter lived up to all the praise people give it. Chimera Ant arc was amazing. By the end I wasn't even on the Human side only, I was sort of routing for everyone paradoxically. Sort of like when Fate Zero was towards the end I could pick a side between the remaining characters cause I was invested in them all equally Same thing happened here, I was routing for the Chairman and the King. Pouf and his evil schemes. Pitou and Gon. The ending was touching, and I look forward to seeing how the show wraps everything up in the final twelve episodes. It gonna be nice seeing Leorio again. As he's not been round since Yorknew City despite how awesome he is. Through if he'd been in the Chimera Ant arc he might have been eaten.
  12. Yeah it started out as a Erotic Visual Novel. There isn't much smut in it to be fair, from what I've heard it just a graphic scene or two per route. Think of them like the 'Romance Scenes' you might have got in Mass Effect. Only more lude, I read somewhere one has Saber perform an Oral act on Shirou. Or it might have been Rin.
  13. ... Including this one? I mean I ment this one more as a joke.
  14. Artoria didn't mother Sir Mordred, Morgan La Fea, Artoria's sister did. Artoria would there for be Mordred's 'father'. This family tree sure is messed up. Morgan's only been seen briefly in a flashback in anime form, but she'll likely find herself in the villians role of an anime adaptation soon. Fate has so many great characters, anytime you need to find an archetype you can always find one in fate and there never just 'average', there always some of the best
  15. You know, I sat and tried to think of Anime MILFS for a solid minute and was kind of stumped. I mean I've seen lots of sexy female characters in anime, but do they all count as MILFS. Is it just stacked women who have some motherly instinct or trait? Or do they legit need to be mothers? I went for the second option in the end. So these all are sexy anime mothers I could think of. First up no thread is complete without a needless Fate plug and another Enizbern, this time going for the tragically doomed Irisfield. @MarathonGuy1337 will appreciate Yasuko, from Toradora. Then Junko, from Madoka Magica, I mean she's more moe but I was running out of characters to choose. Finally the Chimera Ant Queen... not the prettiest anime mother, but she was pretty cool.
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