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  1. The three episode rule; is the most important rule to live by for any anime fan. I do find it interesting when a show has a brilliant first episode and you imminently know this is going to be good shows like Steins Gate.
  2. I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body and fire is my blood. I have created over a thousand blades. Unknown to death, nor known you life. I have withstood pain to create many weapons. Yet those hands shall never hold anything. So as I pray... Unlimited Blade Works.
  3. Netflix has most the Fate Anime, only ones mission on there are the movies. But otherwise you should be good. Chronologically watch Zero, followed by Stay Night, followed by Unlimited Blade Works, followed by Heaven Feel Trilogy - Ideally I'd say watch Zero after Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works, Heaven Feel Trilogy as Zero is a prequel and well minor spoil big reveals. Also as a side note, Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven Feel Trilogy are not set one after the other there all different routes the main character Shirou goes on. Once you hit off those you then can choose to tackle each show as you see fit, none follow on from each other and are pretty self contained. Personally I'd choose to go for Apocrypha first, then Grand Order (one series, four films - the other is the the First Order movie, followed by the Camelot Duology Films, then the Series and finish off with Solomon (not released the English dub yet). Finally sit down to watch Extra - once you done all that you've done Fate. There's fate prototype, but that's only subbed online, and I found a fan dub which is uploaded on the forum but no subtitles. There also other anime on Netflix and they should be the same with English dub and English subtitles.
  4. Made it half way through Baccano! now and Isacc and Miria are now possibly my favourite duo in all of anime, there so funny and steal every scene there in
  5. Yeah most anime I watch I like, lesson I learned is always read the synopsis of a show before you sit down to watch a show.
  6. Nice, she's best girl and nobody can say otherwise
  7. Yeah that true, but I have a feeling Akira is not the anime HelpMeFind is looking for
  8. Up to prototype is what could be considered (canon) in the fate multiverse - though I bet the Magical Girls spinoff is also canon too cause it pops up in Grand Order's Mobile RPG. And I forgot one show lord el-melloi ii case files, I think they released a special recently. But that is a sequel to Fate Zero following one of the characters that survives the events of the show (not going to ruin who). So that something else in Fate. There's other shows as well, along with some movies but those aren't fate but adaptations of other Type Moon Visual Novels - I haven't seen any of those, so no idea to the quality. Currently I'm hoping they announce either an adaptation of one of the Cosmos of the Lostbelt arcs for an adaptation, a true adaptation of Fate Prototype or best of all would be an announcement to start adapting the first half of Fate Strange Fake - cause any of those would be gold as far as I'm concerned. This is the show I remember finding out about; Lunar Legend Tsukihime Its an adaptation of the Tsukihime anime, the game Melty Blood is related to it. I've never sat through it so it might be an interesting watch.
  9. Well, just so happens I might be an unexpected expert because despite not knowing anything about Fate a year ago or much about anime I now know quite a lot. So Fate Unlimited Blade Works is the second of three routes - each route is a different timeline but all are canon. Route one is Fate Stay Night (adapted by studio deen as the 2006 anime), I know its older and not as nice looking but give it a try anyway if you can the story is good and it's for Saber who naturally is best girl Route two is Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, you've watched this so you're solid Route three is Fate Stay Night Heaven Feel, this is the final route and is the Sakura (girl with the purple hair) focused route. I've watched all but the last film, Spring Song, so don't tell me what happens but it looks good. Now you've finished stay night so next you can watch Fate Zero, this is basically the prequel (think Star Wars but no 'I hate sand' lines). This is probably the best Fate Anime, so this is the highlight. Next you've got a couple choices but watch in what ever order you want; Fate Apocrypha - deviated from the main timeline before Fate Zero, though the events of Fate Zero did happen to some extent. That not why you watch Fate Apocrypha you watch it for Astolfo, Mordred and Jenna (in that order). Fate Grand Order - this one its own universe deviating from the main timeline around Fate Stay Night, start with the movie First Order, then watch Camalot Movie Duology, then watch Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia (Gilgamesh is the main man so awesomeness ensues) and finish off with Solomon movie. Fate Extra - a short thirteen episode series, it features Nero Claudius (also called Red Saber - but not Saber of Red who is Mordred), this one is also the only anime that was written by Nasu (trivial factoid done). Finally if you're this far, Fate Prototype, this is a short one episode OVA - it based of the prototype timeline where Arthur was a man not a women. Its a cool what if, but its very short being only twelve minutes long. And now officially you've watched all of Fates anime, there's a few others I haven't seen. There's the Iyla series (which is magical girls three seasons plus a film called Oath Under Snow) and a few more slice of life stuff such as Carnival Phantasm, Grand Carnival and What's on the menu for the Emyia household (think that's the name). You're right, I'm a huge expert on Fate because, I have no idea how it happened but I am
  10. Just started watching Banacco, enjoying it so far the voice acting and the opening are awesome. Also made it to episode 16 on Witch Hunter Robin. That show has become a drag, I really hope it can turn it round.
  11. Just finished Death Note, I think overall a great show perhaps a few episodes towards the middle held it back from being a masterpiece. 

    But overall really enjoyed the show. 

  12. I haven't watched samurai champloo yet, but I really want to get round to it at some point
  13. Just made it to episode 11 on Death Note. Been pretty good so far. 

    1. deaaath


      Good stuff! 
      It's a awesome thriller anime, so I think you should keep the binge train rollin' !

    2. MediaConsumesMe


      That's the plan, I binge every show I watch with few exceptions (I might break Hunter X Hunter down into arcs when I get to that one). 

    3. Kreideprinz


      Nice, Death Note is pretty good. 😎 Second half felt a little off in terms of pacing but not in any consequential way. Love it!

  14. Do you know the studio behind it? Did it receive a Dub, Sub or was not released outside of Japan? Was it shown at any venues or strictly an OVA?
  15. Well I'm new but welcome back, we newbies kept the forums warm for you
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