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  1. I like a good fight or two in the series and movies I've come to enjoy since becoming an Anime fan. So what are you're favourite anime fights in the series and movies you've watched. To kick off this topic, I'll give a list of some of my favourite anime fights I've seen up to this point. Oh also this entire threat might contain spoilers at least as far as specific match ups in series. So you've been warned. Okay so starting this list off are some of my personal favourite clashes in the Fate series. If I listed them all we'd be here forever so I'll just list off a couple I really enjoyed. Gilgamesh is one of the stand out characters in Fate. You either hate him or love him. For me perhaps his coolest fight so far was the one between him and Hercules seen in Fate Unlimited Blade Works. Saber vs Berserker in Fate Zero is also a really cool set of fights, both their first and last encounters. I especially like how the two are connected from their own legends and how that revelation plays well into Sabers own tragic tale in this series. Kirei vs Kiritsugu is another absolute badass fight in Zero, and really has been building up for the entire shows duration. So whilst it not a servant clash it one of the best magus fights in any of the shows I've seen so far. Okay perhaps the best fight in Unlimited Blade Works Archer vs Shirou. I can't get into the real reasons why these fights are so awesome but if you know you know and if you don't then watch the series. Saber Alters has two absolutely legendary fights in the movie trilogy for Heaven Feel. To call them peak animation is an understatement. But Alter vs Hercules and Alter vs Medusa are honestly some of the best fights I've seen. Okay moving away from Stay Night and Zero, Fate Extra opening battle between Nero and Buddha was also very well done. As was the later Gawain vs Nero fight. Which again was one of the stand out battles of that show. Okay so Fate/Apocrypha, again a few two many to count. So briefly I really liked the Astolfo vs Mordred fight towards the end of the first half. Alongside the Chiron vs Achilles fight also seen in the first part. Later we get Siegfried vs Karna, which is a very awesome fight sequence in the show. Personal favourite for Apocrypha has to go to Achilles and his fight with Chiron and also his fight with Atalanta. Achilles arch in the show was pretty well executed not sure if its cause he had several characters from his 'time period' his personal hero and his mentor to work off but Achilles and a lot of his fights really play into his overall character development which I liked. And finally the best fight I saw in the Camelot films between Gawain and Bedivere. This fight was full of clashing personalities and belief, and was excellent climax in the film. And even when limiting myself I still went overboard, well what can you do. Still I'm sure others can bring in fights from beyond Fate.
  2. I'm not against other forms of animation as a principle - however Disney and Pixar movies are more focused on a very young child and family audience and I watch Anime for interesting stories, good fights and the likes so I guess those two producers of western animation don't really appeal to me. However for example the DC series from the early 2000s, and that He-Man from 2006 and some of the later Clone Wars (2008) episodes and storylines wasn't that bad and was pretty enjoyable because they have a sort of shounen vibe to them I guess.
  3. Okay the threads a little dead, I know what to do. Recommend all the Fate movie's I've not covered yet. That'll keep it going. Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works the Movie was the first adaption of the Unlimited Blade Works route of Fate Stay Night. It was done by Studio Deen the guys behind the 2006 series adapting the first route. Honestly it not a bad film, given how much story it tries to condense. For me as a Type Moon guy I was more intrigued to see this film, and to give Deen credit they nail some stuff. So a fun watch, but the series did it better. Fate Grand Order - First Order, is the first in the Grand Order timeline. It covers the events of Singularity F and serves as the introduction to Fate Grand Order's continuity. Naturally following on from the singularity F we skip over the first, second, third, fourth, fifth singularities to move directly onto the sixth singularity. Fate Grand Order - Divine Realm of the Round Table Camelot Wandering; Agateram and its sequel Camelot Paladin; Agateram. Pretty solid films, and if you thing you liked First Order you'll likely like this duology. Next we have Fate Grand Order The Grand Temple of Time: Solomon which neatly follows on from Babylonia the series which covers the Seventh Singularity. Moving away from the Fate Grand Order timeline we start the next series, Fate/ Kaleid liner Prisma Illya with the series prequel movie Oath Under Snow which sees Shirou Emyia become a true badass. Okay so the next film is Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Licht Nameless Girl - I'll be upfront not seen it yet as I've not really been able to get into the Kaleid timeline. Partly cause it not dubbed, it got picked up by Sentai and they dropped this stuff hard after season 2. So season 3, Oath Under Snow, this movie and the Prisma Phantasm all have gone un-dubbed. Still if I get bored and starved for content I'll likely give it a shot. That's all the Fate I've got sadly... beyond a few compilation movies, maybe @MarathonGuy1337 can give us all a list of the Gundam movie's he's not recommended yet.
  4. I pulled him on the banner. As an update on that, such a cool character. Still need to get past Babylonia and Solomon. And then the Epic of Remnants before I make it to Lostbelt. Surprisingly my stockpile of quarts for Muramasa was not eaten into nearly as much as I feared so I can still roll for Charlie and if I get lucky Arcueid Brunestud. Type-moons original waifu, well not including Venus or the Angle from Notes... which is technically the first part of the whole Nasuverse.
  5. Well I've not watched a great deal of anime recently, most recently two movies and one 12 episodes series. Mobile Suit Gundam I So I watched this movie with my brother who loves the Gundam UC. I quite enjoy UC, with Origin, 8th MS Team, War in the Pocket and Stardust Memory all being pretty quality shows. And as were building up to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and its been a while since I watched the first series, it been decided we'll catch back up on the one year war with the trilogy. Now the audio was hit and miss, music was great and the sound effects pretty solid - the voice acting, (I watched it dubbed so... yeah) well that was something else. The series defiantly did it a lot more justice, still most scenes were alright and a few were comical in their own way with some classic lines including 'I'm just plain scared', 'the Zeon are invading with an army of robotron invaders', 'I will poof myself' and 'go Amuro, go and defeat the enemy'. The character design is solid, but a few scenes and stills look a little rough - however the art direction for everything is pretty good. The animation is decent for 81, and it mostly cobbled together from scenes from the series. Still for a compilation film it could have been a lot worse, and to be honest unlike the series I didn't feel the story hit as many pacing issues and it moved more steadily to the important moments. Would have liked a little more of the space stuff and a little less Earth. Overall 7/10 a good film. Fate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table - Camelot Paladin; Agateram So I finally got around to seeing this film, and I must say it was worth the weight. I'm a pretty big Fate fan, so getting so see the conclusion to the Camelot singularity was pretty awesome. Bedivere story was nicely resolved with the conclusion of the film. Props to the Gawain vs Bedivere fight that was seriously the highlight of the film. The music was great, and the animation was pretty on point most of the time. So 8/10 great movie Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis - Collision I've been watching this show for a long time, before I was an anime fan I was watching this show, so I've got a huge soft spot for the series. I guess dress a space opera setting up with some fancy politics and I'm down for that. So I've just watched the third season, Collision and am now patiently waiting for the next one to get localised. Overall the visuals were awesome, Rosenritter armor was badass. As for the story really liked the focus on Kempf, and the other Admirals under Reinhard with Wolfgang and Reuenthal getting a lot more development. So 9/10, really awesome season.
  6. Fate/Strange Fake - Whispers of Dawn comes out 2023 summer. If you've never watched any Fate I've heard this is one of the best ones according to all the fans who've been reading the light novels/manga. So might be worth a try, plus from what I understand this is only a single episode special - kind of like a warm up for the rest of the series that'll likely drop later.
  7. I watched the second Camelot movie... that took longer than I expected. I waited till I got my hands on the Blu Ray. And well... it arrived a day ago.
  8. Yeah I remember that thread, beyond Irisfield and the Chimera Ant Queen I forgot the rest I posted on that thread.
  9. Well I see no Fate. Irisfield pretty cool, she a mum and married so I think she counts. Damn it I had a list of MILFS on here, but I've not got the best memory. Re-L from Ergo Proxy a pretty mature women. Cornelia from Code Geass again she's the big sister, and a commander (plus a princess). Yor from Spy X Family. Anime if not Animation as a whole's best step mom. No gif cause I couldn't find one for Ms Jessica Edwards. But she pretty mature. And that wraps up the list.
  10. Okay... I'll give it my best shot. So I've not watched many standalone movies... in fact I might have watched a grand total of 0. Maybe a Ghibli movie... that might be it. So a lot of my recommendations are linked into franchises and I won't go into watch order here on some of these cause it'd likely distract from the list. So starting off the list is Steins Gate; Load Region of Deja Vu. I don't remember much, I know I watched it and it was a decent romp but its got nothing on the series it follows. My brother a huge Gundam fan, so naturally I've seen the conclusion to the Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century. I've seen another Gundam film but this one is pretty decent. Ending a little weird, and one character introduced in the film is the epitome of smug and annoying. So next is Psycho Pass the Movie. It pretty good, like Steins Gate it more extra content post the masterpiece that is the first series. Hunter x Hunter Phantom Rouge... I'll be honest I watched this and the... other one (cause their are two) mostly cause I wanted more HxH. Not the best film, but if you watched or not watch the series not a bad use of a evening. Okay Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul. Not for the faint of heart, but we all watch it to pay respect and bear witness to the best dad in anime. Okay so back to more Mecha, for what would anime be without Mecha. This time End of Evangelion the original endings to the series before the Redo Remake quintology. This movie looks great, and gets very introspective in the final act. Next why not give Madoka Magica Rebellion a try. Personally I love it but its pretty divisive with the fandom. Luckily you either got two recap films or like 12 episodes to watch it if you want all the context of why these Magical Girls are so, so sad. Anyone who seen my previous post knew where this was going, and as no one has yet to mention these films yet, I guess I'll have to be the hero of justice and do it myself. Now would I recommend getting into Fate through Heaven Feel. No. But still the Heaven Feel trilogy is top tier animation, a great story, awesome characters and a kick ass score. So what more can we really ask for. That most the ones I've seen, I watched one other Gundam movie and a few of the other Fate movies, but that be my list for some anime films to watch. Mine might be more popcorn fair, but I've not watched many if any of the Ghibli stuff, nor have I really dived back deep into the Anime Movie golden age much yet.
  11. Fate Strange Fake Whispers of Dawn, it got delayed. Now we at least know roughly it been pushed back to summer 2023. Also six minutes of animation - so we technically got something. I'm content, hopefully it don't get delayed again. Knock on wood
  12. Sorry for the very medical and boring topic, but I have a feeling a few people on here will be way more knowledgeable than me on the topic. Can wigs cause hair-lose? I've had this wig for about four months, and it not really been a problem till about maybe a week ago when I noticed my hair was thinning. It not patchy, or any bald spots, but its clearly less full than it use to be. I've also been dropping weight for a solid couple months and that can also cause hair loss in some people. So I'm not sure if it one thing or the other.
  13. I seen the news, I'm sad it been delayed but I'd rather they get it right with delays than rush out something subpar.
  14. Have a friend, he watched Pokemon as a kid and so I decided to share with him some anime I'd been recently watching. In the end he sat down and watched Steins;Gate and he enjoyed it, we then watched Attack on Titan together and are currently chugging through Death Note at a snail's pace thanks to work commitments. I want to show him Fate/Zero but that'll have to wait till next year I reckon.
  15. Welcome to the Forums as the resident Fate fan, I've got only one recommendation - it's a slice of life, it dose have cute girls doing cute things.
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