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  1. Welcome the the forums
  2. I've heard of Astro Boy, but more over Naoki Urasawa is awesome so I'll defiantly be watching this show.
  3. Yeah it seems this year I've been blessed with a few interesting movies and shows coming out.
  4. Okay so this year several shows and movies have peaked my interest; Obviously I watched Whispers of Dawn and am now hyped out my mind for the coming series. Psycho Pass Providence - I'm gutted I couldn't find a cinema showing the film close to where I lived, but I am going to watch this movie the most I get; This anime caught my eyes a while back, Lazarus - a team up of Mappa, ShinichirĊ Watanabe and Chad Stahelski, defiantly caught my attention. I'm not as big a Gundam head as @MarathonGuy1337 and likely others I spoken to on here and elsewhere, but Gundam 'Requiem for Vengeance' And finally, its finally here. The sequel to rebellion, I am so pumped and damn the visuals look awesome. Anyway those are my anime I'm looking forward to coming out soon. What are you guys and gals excited for?
  5. Gotta agree, Re;Zero main character defiantly has some werido vibes. I honestly don't really remember it much, it was back in 2021 I watched this. For me I'm closing in on the end of the Dark Tournament Arc in Yu Yu Hakusho So far so good, I've really been enjoying the series. Whilst overall I don't know if the series can beat HxH I will say this tournament arc is more interesting than Heaven Arena. I think HA is good, it just it spends more time training and the stakes don't feel very massive until Gon vs Hisoka. Whereas Toguro and his team, along with the entire Tournament being in enemy territory adds to the sense of danger Yusuka and his crew are facing up against. I also did re-watch Kill la Kill with @MarathonGuy1337 Finally I started recently Darker than Black. I generally like Studio Bones anime so I'm looking forward to it. November 11th seems pretty cool. That's pretty much all I've been watching new, a lot of re-watches but those having progressed that much as it in a group and all the group watchers need to be present.
  6. @MarathonGuy1337 Gotta concur with the Shriou Emiya pick For another Fate MC Kiritsugu Emyia And who could forget the legendary King of Knights herself Moving away from Fate; Shinya Kogami Also Marathon can't believe you forgot you're best boy; Amuro Ray Kiba from Wolfs Rain I'm not sure who's the real main character but Gon and Killua are awesome Yusuke Urameshi is also a pretty badass dude. That's all the one's I can think of at any rate.
  7. I'm now rewatching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Psycho Pass and Fate/Unlimited Blade Works. A lot of what I rewatch I generally do as I like to show friends anime I thought was good. But I also do find it comfy rewatching something I really liked. There's no uncertainty of it being disappointing if its a 8 out of 10 or up.
  8. Oldest one I know of is Yachiyo who's college age. But most are usually middle schoolers I think.
  9. Its a drama/action series set in prohibition america, and follows a man seeking revenge against the mob. Its only 12 parts so a nice easy watch. It is an anime original series, so it very well paced and told. Animation is a little spotty at times, but its really cool none the less.
  10. 91 Days was great, can't believe I slept on that show so long.
  11. Okay Vanitas season 2 finished, not sure what I'm gonna watch next. Phantom Requiem for the Phantom, 91 Days or continue with Yu Yu Hakusho not sure.
  12. Irisfield is very girly, and a little airheaded so she's likely my favourite. And who says only ladies can be bimbos!
  13. Oh no man that's fine, I did look up Anti-Heroes and my god there is like three different definitions. Tragic Heroes are another interesting trope in fiction. Tragic heroes are those who no fault of there own find themselves destroyed and beaten down at the end of the story. So think Job from the Bible. Anti-Heroes are defined as an inverse of the Tragic Hero, often no born as a noble or important figure they are the low borne man. Who through there own faults end up leading themselves to destruction.
  14. The morally grey I would define as characters who don't met the requirements of Anti-Heroes but also can't be called Heroes or Villains - so yeah like Anti-Heroes but a little boarder a term.
  15. I've watched a few anime now, but most the ones I watch generally have a balance of villains, heroes, the morally grey and anti-heroes.
  16. I like a healthy mix, so I like Heroic characters such as Artoria or Astolfo but I also like villainous characters like Kirei Kotomine and Shogo Makashima. I also really like characters who are walk the fine line between hero and villain like Reinhart and Archer.
  17. Fate - all the series are generally under or around 25 episodes. Broken into two parts. So you could just pick one of those - highly recommend Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works. Also Psycho Pass is only 22 episodes for the first season, and that series is fantastic.
  18. I mean like anime openings, people upload on YouTube and its inspired several watches. Wolfs Rain, Case Study of Vanitas... among others.
  19. Grand Order, Extella Link those are my two... as those are the only ones I've completed.
  20. Gonna continue with Vanitas now, currently on episode 5 or season 2. Odd thing was the recap episode has multiple entries on MAL. No idea why.
  21. You know I rarely read the description for anime. I mostly go by openings I see. Or if it's considered similar to something I already like.
  22. You know I had a plan to go to LA... for Strange Fake. Didn't end up going, as I was working up to that date, and then the price of a ticket across the sea. Been looking at more local UK cons, Anime League seems to have a few dotted all over the country over the year. But that's all I can see online, there might be more. What conventions do you guys if you are in the UK head to?
  23. Yeah, I looked into it. Ha ha, so I'm all good. Turns out what I thought was hair loss was in reality just... my hair being flatter than usual. I don't wear hats, so I never really compress my hair. So it normally poufy, but after wearing a wig it flatter.
  24. Kirei Kotomine - he seems a cool dude to chill and have some spicy curry with. Shogo Makishima - I think he and I would agree on many things.
  25. Hi all, long time no post, my old PC fan bit the dust and I never got the account set up on the new PC. Luckily got a replacement fan, as I need the Old PC back for files and stuff I still had locked away on the memory drive. I don't really remember the last thing I'd been watching around the time the PC crashed, but this month watched Fate/Strange Fake when it released and then watched the Sinner of the System movies right in time for Psycho Pass Providence coming out start of next month in UK theaters.
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