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  1. Finally, my blu-rays of Unlimited Blade Works, Extra Last Record and Grand Carnival arrived. Now all that's left is Camalot, Solomon, the Special for The Case Files of El Melloi and whenever they release Strange Fake.

    Then I'll have all the Fate anime. 

  2. Finally got Fate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table - Camelot Paladin; Agateram. It released for region B, so I'll snag that whilst it up online. Plus thanks to the pound being weaker than the Australian dollar I grabbed it for peanuts.

  3. I just finished HxH 2011. I still got the last film to finish before I close the book completely on Madhouses HxH.

    But the show was incredible, a true 10 out of 10. I wish I could rewatch it for the first time all over again. 

  4. Came back from work, and the Fate Grand Order Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camalot Wandering: Agateram has arrived.

    Looking forward to watching this film this weekend.  

  5. Just finished Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia. Overall I really enjoyed it, the fights were really good and the characters awesome - Gilgamesh certainly stole the whole show, alongside Merlin who was also damned enjoyable to watch either when he was being sincere or battering with Roman.

    I also like Ushiwakamaru, her design in the anime was awesome, and her fights were some of my favourites in the show.

    However Beast II looked awful. Not only was her design pretty 'spicy'  and in my opinion garish with colours and horns and wings. But the CGI looked awful when used for her. Gave me Stay Night Dragon flashbacks. But if that's the only downside I think that's alright. 

  6. I joined a discord for anime and gaming recently, if you want an invite DM me and I'll send. 

    It not overly active, but hopefully with some more members who don't mind discussing anime or games it will be.

  7. Well a few weeks back I joined an Anime discord. 

    It not rule heavy so far, pretty chill but also it could use being a bit more active so if you're looking for somewhere to meet some more fellow weeb's, otakus and gamers message me for a link. 

    edit: might have broken a forum rule there...

    See the source image

  8. Just finished Death Note, I think overall a great show perhaps a few episodes towards the middle held it back from being a masterpiece. 

    But overall really enjoyed the show. 

  9. Just made it to episode 11 on Death Note. Been pretty good so far. 

    1. Deeath


      Good stuff! 
      It's a awesome thriller anime, so I think you should keep the binge train rollin' !

    2. MediaConsumesMe


      That's the plan, I binge every show I watch with few exceptions (I might break Hunter X Hunter down into arcs when I get to that one). 

  10. Just found out the dub of Fate Grand Order Camalot came out. Looks pretty good.

    Now I just got to get my hands on it. 

  11. Just finished Paranoia Agent. That show had a surprising and surreal ending. It reminded me a little of Ergo Proxy. 

    It also shared some of the same faults, such as a few episodes that are a little filler feeling, not progressing the main mystery or narrative. 

    However the show did have a climatic ending, and the 'final twist' was satisfying. 

    1. Ohayotaku


      I haven’t watched Ergo Proxy, but Paranoia Agent is my favorite Satoshi Kon work & a recommendation anytime someone asks for psychological anime series.

    2. MediaConsumesMe


      It was a very good show, I just feel the episode following those three characters was filler. The ending also seems to be something hotly debated.

      I don't want to get into spoiler territory but it's interesting how that ending has so many theories attached too. 

  12. Just finished Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I now realize why that show is considered a classic, man that was one fulfilling anime. 

    The ending was also perfectly done, all and all highly recommend if you haven't seen it. 

  13. Finished Blue Gender about an hour ago. Overall great show really enjoyed it... The ending was however slightly rushed luckily I got what it was saying. I appreciated the message, and that it didn't just come out and say it but it was clumsy. 

    However for the first time since Code Geass I can say I actually liked the Mecha pilot. Yuji was to me grounded and went through an appropriate arch in the show. 

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