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  1. I guess mind would be; Monster, Ergo Proxy, Wolfs Rain, Fate Zero and Psycho Pass.
  2. Mines just a shelf but this is what I've grabbed so far. It's a random assortment of DVDs and Blue-rays. Also if anyone knows we're I can find the monster dvds without selling both my kidneys. That series is awesome but impossible to find online.
  3. I read on your profile you like Naruto. What episode are you on. I know it's long. But I've never seen it.
  4. There templates online, I used clip studio paint to make mine. Found this on GitHub; https://gqgs.github.io/3x3-generator/
  5. Been listening to Forever Lost by Myth and Food and Colourful by ClariS. Cause I finished Rebellion and Dawn of the Deep Soul very, very recently. Those songs hit real hard after you watch those films.
  6. Okay so I've seen this trend on a few other sites and forums. But can't see it on here. Older users likely know what an anime 3x3 is but fir new users it's basically your nine top anime shows that shows off your taste in anime arranged in a three by three. I'll go first;
  7. Akane and Kogami from Psycho Pass are a good duo, even if they don't always see eye to eye Shirou and Saber from Fate Stay Night also make a good duo as they fight there way through the grail war. There's proberbly a few more like Reg and Rico from Made in Abyss. But can't think of many more.
  8. Made In Abyss + Dawn of the Deep Soul Puella Magi Madoka Magica + Rebellion Re-watched - Psycho Pass Season 1 Heroic Age of Arslan Fate Stay Night (Studio Deen)
  9. Finished the series tonight alongside the third film (skipped over the two recap films). The third film was crazy good, the show had gotten darker towards the end but nothing prepared me for Bondrewd. He's now one of my favourite characters now, holy shit he was next levels evil. Yet still the greatest dad of all time. I heard on here the second season announced won't continue with the same characters. However for me that film was totally satisfying and if that's were Rico and Regs story is left off. Not really anything else to say, I don't want to ruin anything so thus post been spoiler free, but if you haven't wanted made in abyss, got put off by it more 'light hearted' start - you got to sit through it for the third film cause that shit was straight up epic.
  10. Yeah my foray into anime was Fate/Zero so I put that at a 10, I've never seen the old yamato but the remake I've seen. I gave the first season of the reboot a nine, cause it was really good.
  11. It might seem werid, but I'm often forgiving of older shows - such as Fate Stay Night by Studio Deen. Whilst it doesn't hold a candle to Fate Zero, UBW or HF by Ufotable got a show made in 2006 it still very well made. Obviously if somthing was trash in its time, it can still be trash today. Such as Mars of Destruction or Cipher. Those are god awful. And not just cause there old.
  12. Fate Zero was the only series in the Fate Franchise penned by Gen Urobuchi. Nasu write the stay night visual novel which were adapted into three anime. You got Fate Stay Night by Studio Deen and the film version of unlimited Blade Works. Ufotable did the Unlimited Blade Works series and Heaven Feel trilogy of films. I've liked all the Fate I've watched even Shafts Fate Extra, but Zero is clearly the best in the bunch followed closely by Unlimited Blade Works - the animation in that show blows my mind.
  13. 8 isn't a bad score, it still means a great show (I think) I just personally elevate Zero over Apocrypha. Might be because it was written by Gen Urobuchi. Or because it got my favourite waifu I. It. Probably a bit of both.
  14. Currently listening to my anime songs playlist, currently on Wolf Rains Strangers. That anime is full of awesome songs in my opinion. Songs that really give the whole show its own ambience and atmosphere.
  15. When I first heard about the cowboy bebop adaption I knew it would suck. There's so much that can go wrong with adapting animation into live action. Also 1000 episodes, your basically just over a tenth in. Personally that is way to many episodes for me. Plus who knows how many episodes will be added once it finishes in a few years time.
  16. 150 episodes, damn that's a lot. Is that a sizable chunk of the show or just a fraction of it. I think the reason I haven't watched those shows is not just there size but likely the reason you couldn't get to double digits on Naruto. From what I've heard Naruto is indented for younger audiences, which explains both it's length and repetitiveness and it's one note op characters.
  17. I've been meaning to watch Trigun, I only saw the first two or so episodes on Netflix's. But it looks good. I'm also new to the AF, been on here for the best part of two whole days.
  18. Yeah I don't stream anime much, but I never truly got into streaming in general. I think it's because there's so much choice there's no choice. I haven't watched any of the big three, but knowing there size and the fact people have said there's lots of filler I decided to not make an attempt. I didn't see the point of watching thirty plus episodes losing my patience and dropping it.
  19. 23 started casually watching anime about three years ago, got into anime more seriously when I was 22. Not sure why it took me that long, but it is what it is.
  20. Berserk (1997) has a very happy ending.
  21. I'm pretty new to anime, so I've only cracked over fifty shows, but my taste I think is pretty strong. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/AnimePedestrian Okay, only score I saw that confused me a little was Fate Apocrypha and Fate Zero. Your Fate Apocrypha scores fine, personally I feel it often gets too much flak and is a great show. However personally Fate Zero score and writing along with its lore compelling narrative themes and motives elevate it above Apocrypha. Feel free to check over my list and see if there's anything you find perculior. Also check out Fate Unlimited Blade Works, that show is awesome.
  22. So I make a habit of completing shows, however there was one show I started watching. And I dropped it, it's the only show I've ever dropped. It was called Kokoro Connect. For some reason the show just started grating on me, and I stopped watching it in favour of another show. So what shows have you guys on here started and stopped watching, at what was the reason you stopped watching the show?
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