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  1. Fate/Zero An action packed battle royal where seven masters and seven servants fight for possession of the Holy Grail. There is more Fate but a lot of those have a little bit of romance
  2. Legend of the Galactic Heroes Space Battleship Yamato Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin (or another Mobile Suit - big series but this is a good starting point). Fate/Zero (or another Fate - big series but this is a good starting point). Psycho Pass Claymore Monster Berserk Madoka Magica Those are a few shows that might be worth a spot.
  3. Love the arguments, however to counter the some of you're points, firstly it not 'I cannot understand it' but rather its a little to childish for my taste. I got into anime in my adulthood, so I lack nostalgia for entry anime of my generation. If a show was directed at teens and young adults and I'm now watching it as an adult for the first time, I often will find issues with it which prehaps younger viewers wouldn't have noticed. As a kid, I myself grew up with the Prequels and whilst I love those films dearly I'm the first to admit their faults. Also one might like a certain style of food, such as British cuisine yet despise the Cornish Pasty, so disliking a certain dish even prehaps a staple is not the mark of some one who inherently hates a certain style of food. Same goes for Anime, I generally have not liked Isekai, but love other Anime genres.
  4. I know it not a Manga but it feels more appropriate to post this here than in the anime section. Currently I've been working on an English translation for Volume 5 of Apocrypha. I've almost done Chapter 1. However the OCR translations I have end on that chapter. I hope at some point to find either a direct scan on the novel other chapters so I can translate them as well. Also Volume 3 is missing the final chapter, chapter 4 and if anyone knows off a direct scan of that chapter or has the light novel and is willing to share. I'd be much appreciated.
  5. I would say Witch Hunter Robin, I hated that show so damn much. The absolute boredom I felt watching it has been burned into my mind.
  6. You gotta get onto Fate. It so good - Zero is a great starting point followed by Unlimited Blade Works and then the Heaven Feel Trilogy. You can then if you dare circle back to Stay Night. After that, it pretty much which ever of the spinoffs you want. I've seen them all up to Solomon (no release in UK still) and the upcoming Strange Fake.
  7. The first dragon in an anime I ever saw, fly high Sieg. Fly high.
  8. Time Travel, Mystery and Suspense. Its a good series and has a few twists and turns.
  9. Fate/Zero is personally my favourite anime of all time. MGS Origin is Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin
  10. Holy shit it set to premiere on the second of July!!! I must have been asleep when this got announced, the wait has been long but the end is in sight. Can't wait to watch this episode. I hope it only the tip to was is to come.
  11. I've just re-watched Fate/Zero again, I've watched it six times now. I think I might be re-watching MGS Origin next.
  12. Glad you enjoyed it. Also I'm still watching Zeta Gundam and Yu Yu Hakusho.
  13. You know I've not watched Grand Carnival yet, got it on Blu Ray but I've been busy with other shows. I'll likely watch it soon. As for Stay Night 2006 and Unlimited Blade Works 2014, UBW has got the nicer animation, art style, fight scenes ect... and its story is pretty good with the fight between Shiro and Archer and Gilgamesh playing a big role in the narrative as the lead antagonist. But 2006 has Saber as the romance partner - so that's a huge win for that series.
  14. Their is a total of 140+ episodes in Fate. For the serious Shows. That adding Prototype, Apocrypha, Grand Order, Zero, Unlimited Blade Works, Stay Night and Extra together. Plus specials. I also added the films, but that only like six or seven. Didn't realise how much Fate I've watched/consumed. I guess it doesn't feel that big when you break it down into its spinoffs and main series.
  15. I've got to be honest not watched that much shonen - I've watched Hunter x Hunter and am watching Yu Yu Hakusho. I think that's cause I like Togashi style, but he is technically writing a battle shonen series with those like Dragon Ball. Sometimes I wonder if some of Fate is technically shonen and some of the other stuff I've watched as well. I mean some of it might well be, I know Death Note is a shonen just not a 'battle shonen'. And stuff like Gundam is shonen mecha? - I think, at least it was intended for boys 12 to 18 when it aired I suspect. Then again Gundam is so old, was shonen even a thing?
  16. Okay so I've not watched many that aren't tied to existing series, so sorry but you might need to do some homework before you can watch them. Okay so first Fate/Stay Night Heaven Feel - now this is perhaps not the best entry point to the series - but this is peak animation, so when you get here it is well worth it. So the first is Presage Flower, followed by Lost Butterfly and ending with Spring Song. Moving on from Fate, I'd recommend Madoka Magica Rebellion. This is a pretty awesome film, it is a sequel either to the series or two the movie adaptation of the series (beginning and eternal). So you could watch them as three movies, or a 12 episode anime with a sequel film. Okay something a little older and a standalone to boot, Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise, I found it a pretty engaging movie with obviosuly awesome animation and backgrounds as you can expect from 80s Anime. And finally the end to the epic saga, this probably won't be the only recommend for this movie as @MarathonGuy1337 is a pretty big Gundam guy but if you ever watch the Gundam trilogy or the first series, check out Chars Counter Attack for at least the pretty visuals and the epic sendoff to the biggest rivalry in anime history.
  17. I do like that one too. but any pairing with Saber is gonna be a good one. For Saber is best girl.
  18. Fate/Zero, Claymore, Parasyte, Psycho Pass, Madoka Magica, Ergo Proxy, Monster - if you've not seen those defiantly give them a watch they are all awesome and are similar too what your favourites are.
  19. When it happened I remember @MarathonGuy1337 being like 'oh shit that was so badass don't you thing that was so totally random and unexpected' and I was like;
  20. Well if you insist; I greatly disliked it, all I'm gonna say is Ghost Banri and that stupid car crash
  21. I need to rewatch monster man, first time I completed it I rewatched it with my brother a week later and due to how soon I rewatched it I picked up all the subtle forshadowing.
  22. Fate/Zero season 2 with friends, we should be done by next week if we keep up the pace then its either Attack on Titan Season 2 or Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin.
  23. And hear I thought you were going to bring up the time you showed me Golden Times...
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