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  1. Well I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Mecha. Could be wrong, just a shot in the dark really.
  2. Saber and Shirou Gilgamesh and Kotomine Rin and Archer Caster and Ryuunosuke Sieg and Jenna Achilles and Atalanta Berserker and Illya Mordred and Kairi Those are just some of the duos from Fate which I felt were pretty cool.
  3. Gin right now, I want to try Whiskey next and also Applejack.
  4. I've not been drinking for very long, I've only just really been exploring it from the end of last year. Currently my preference as been spirts. Only the finest of beverages will suffice.
  5. So currently I've been watching select anime with two other friends, one relatively new to Anime who'd only watched Steins Gate and Pokemon and maybe like one episode of Guilty Crown, before any of the next shows featured below. The other @MarathonGuy1337 What's been most interesting is the different reactions from each of us towards the shows we've watched up until this point. The first, which he selected as he was relatively new to Anime but even he had heard of this one. Attack on Titan. He eneded up coming away with a general 'it was alright' attitude. @MarathonGuy1337 thought it was pretty good, and I didn't really care for it at all. Death Note which @MarathonGuy1337 choose and unfortunately Death Note was not a hit for this newbie. I personally didn't think it was all that bad, however as this was my third watch some sequences and plot contrivances were grating. @MarathonGuy1337 still believed it was a masterpiece. Finally we reached my choose - after watching Death Note for five months and given its meek reaction I was tentative of my pick. However Fate smiled on me. Yes I choose Fate/Zero and surprise surprise we all had a blast - my love of Fate is kind of well know to regulars on the site, but the newbie ranked it above all the previous shows he'd seen (admittedly not many) even @MarathonGuy1337 who initially had not been taken in to Fate - as I showed him Apocrypha first and it took till he and I sat through Unlimited Blade Works for him to finally get Fate and the wider nasuverse, but on this watch of Zero he seemed to be much more sucked in. We beat the first season out within a few days of watching. Which was far faster than I had expected given Death Notes... slow burn. So have you guys ever shown a friend a show that they ended up loving, despite you not being as madly in love with it or have you been shown a show that someone claims is a masterpiece but you end up not liking it at all.
  6. Well I've slowly been progressing Zeta Gundam and so far so good, it a sharp upgrade from the first series in both its story pacing, and the animation quality. Rip Capricorn
  7. I've mostly watch Action, Fantasy, Thrillers and Space Opera. I also like for the shows I watch to generally be either well or even slower paced, with a few faced paced exceptions. I also do have a soft spot for anything even remotely deconstructionist in nature, so long as it isn't pretentious and is actually saying something.
  8. Pink Hair is not insanity It can also mean cute, funny... and... Personal Skill; Evaporation of Reason Oh never mind.
  9. Great series, perhaps the best suspense thriller anime out their. Another man of culture
  10. You can buy anime on certain app stores - not sure about the quality. I stick with Blu Rays.
  11. I nearly always exclusive watch Anime dubbed, mostly because anime is a visual audio medium and I am not a trained apache pilot capable of splitting my eye sight. If I can only watch something subbed, and I want to watch it, then I'd do it but if their is a recourse to avoid me having to pause and start the show every ten seconds I'm taking it. To be fair, I bet most Japanese people watching or playing western media use their version of dubbing - I mean Arbiter from Halo 3 in Japanese did sound pretty bad ass.
  12. Just started Zeta Gundam. Also showing some friends Fate/Zero - currently only on episode 1, but I have high hopes.
  13. Fate Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou got romance drama, drama with himself in more ways than just one and a serious grind to become a better mage and hero of justice. Yu Yu Hakusho got a lot of grinding in it for the Yusuke Urameshi to unlock more of his spirt detective powers, and the drama that comes with him trying to keep his new identify as a spirt detective secret whilst going up against demons. Claymore also got a serious grind as Claire attempts to learn new powers and abilities as she goes up against Yoma and worst in her mad quest for revenge.
  14. Claymore. Just finished it, it like a mash up of all the best bits of Berserk, Parasyte and Madoka Magica - I know strange combination.
  15. I've not watch the second series, so I'm only judging on season 1. I likely will continue it, but I'm gonna try and get through Yu Yu Hakusho and 91 Days first.
  16. Shogo Makashima, he's what every armchair detective, history and philosopher wants to be a man of serious action, willing to tear down the world purely to test his theories and validate his beliefs. Plus he owns his death like a true alpha.
  17. My taste is pretty varied, I think it cause I've yet to watch a show as it comes out and is in season so I've often opted for a more what ever series peaks my attention. I would say my current time frame I watch within is 90s to well the present. Their a few exceptions to this rule, so I might go into a few of these rule breakers. As for why I seem to watch shows from the 90s to now, I think its down to localisation became more common for shows moving from the 90s to the early 2000s to now where every show gets rapidly localised either subbed or dubbed. So at least that's why I think a lot of the anime I watch tend to come from that large time period but rarely beyond that. So for shows I think are worth while and show a little of my broader taste beyond 'anything after 99 is trash' or 'if its from last year it already in the void and forgotten' I'll give a couple shows from across the anime. So I'll kick this list of with Fate Stay Night from 2006, I'm a big Fate fan so I naturally was bound to head on back to 2006 and watch the first route's anime adaptation. The new ones do look better - obviously, but Stay Night dose had a pretty awesome story in its own right and Saber best girl. Psycho Pass, a criminally underrated show from 2012. It was also one of the first shows I watched when I was getting in anime back in 2020. It also styled me for a time as a Urobuchi fan cause I watched Fate/Zero, Psycho Pass and Madoka Magica all shows written by him in that rough period. Wolfs Rain from 2004, is one of the first shows I saw and sort of recognised it was from an 'era' of anime - the adult swim early 2000s - I happened to like shows from that time period Full Metal Alachmist and Ergo Proxy I decided it likely be up my street and so gave it a shot. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Okay so War in the Pocket from 1989, was one of the first Gundam works I watched... after Origin I think. It was a short, well executed OVA series and was also very well animated looking better than a lot of more modern shows. Hunter x Hunter from 2011 was the second big Shonen I watched after Full Metal Alchemist and would recommend to any shouen fan whose not seen it yet, it got perhaps the best power system of any of them and the Chimera Ant Arc is top notch stuff. Evangelion from the 90s, this is defiantly on the darker side. I've seen most the rebuilds but for me the series peaked with End of Evangelion and I'm defiantly happy with that movies conclusion. Spy x Family is defiantly one of the newer shows I've seen, it mixed the wholesome aspects of most Slice of Life but also maintained the speedy and more focused plot of shoune which I really liked. Claymore is the show I'm currently watching from 2007 and it literally Berserk with more Waifu's. Seriously when you get to the point from the gif above, ready yourself for an Eclipse level event.
  18. Attack on Titan was made out to be like this absolutely incredible series but to be honest their better fights in Fate. Yeah I went their. Take out the fights, and just judge it on the story and well it not even doing that well, the plot twist with the Female Titan was so obvious it was almost painful, the Struggle for Trost was a struggle to sit through by the end. And at the end of the day their is far better Shonen and Seinen to watch. Plus the animation is inconsistent. To put it nicely. Next one was Trigun I went in expecting something akin to Samauri Champloo or Cowboy Beebop. And at first it was a comedy. It nailed more jokes than it missed so I was alright with it. It then switched up gears and went for a more serious show. Again it proceeded it first few episodes here well and I was again pretty impressed. Then the backstory episode. From their it was a downward spiral to the end, and by the time of Vash vs Knifes I had cashed out which was a shame as it was a decent show up until the twist. I think this opinion might be contested, but you guys want some unpopular opinions. However I think the new series has higher prospects for me as it sets it self up as the second half from the start (from what people been saying) and establishes the twist as not a twist but a part of the story. And I think that's more my preference.
  19. Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho are both shounen so you might find those similar to Naruto. Berserk is a grim dark fantasy, so it has many features similar to Attack on Titan, with lots of gore and violence. Monster is a suspense thriller similar to Death Note, another suspense driven show could be Ergo Proxy or Wolfs Rain. Finally can't not recommend Fate, start with either Fate/Zero or Fate/Unlimited Blade Works both have awesome fights and pretty good stories.
  20. Here's the intro, it was actually form 2002 - I was working off of memory before. It an updated version of the original show, with a little more plot but its no HxH or Fate. Still it more in the vain of Clone Wars (2008), and The Batman Animated Series. I think I watched a fair bit into season 1. At least it not as bad as the Netflix rebooted version - cause that almost went down as well as that new Velma show.
  21. I like a good fight or two in the series and movies I've come to enjoy since becoming an Anime fan. So what are you're favourite anime fights in the series and movies you've watched. To kick off this topic, I'll give a list of some of my favourite anime fights I've seen up to this point. Oh also this entire threat might contain spoilers at least as far as specific match ups in series. So you've been warned. Okay so starting this list off are some of my personal favourite clashes in the Fate series. If I listed them all we'd be here forever so I'll just list off a couple I really enjoyed. Gilgamesh is one of the stand out characters in Fate. You either hate him or love him. For me perhaps his coolest fight so far was the one between him and Hercules seen in Fate Unlimited Blade Works. Saber vs Berserker in Fate Zero is also a really cool set of fights, both their first and last encounters. I especially like how the two are connected from their own legends and how that revelation plays well into Sabers own tragic tale in this series. Kirei vs Kiritsugu is another absolute badass fight in Zero, and really has been building up for the entire shows duration. So whilst it not a servant clash it one of the best magus fights in any of the shows I've seen so far. Okay perhaps the best fight in Unlimited Blade Works Archer vs Shirou. I can't get into the real reasons why these fights are so awesome but if you know you know and if you don't then watch the series. Saber Alters has two absolutely legendary fights in the movie trilogy for Heaven Feel. To call them peak animation is an understatement. But Alter vs Hercules and Alter vs Medusa are honestly some of the best fights I've seen. Okay moving away from Stay Night and Zero, Fate Extra opening battle between Nero and Buddha was also very well done. As was the later Gawain vs Nero fight. Which again was one of the stand out battles of that show. Okay so Fate/Apocrypha, again a few two many to count. So briefly I really liked the Astolfo vs Mordred fight towards the end of the first half. Alongside the Chiron vs Achilles fight also seen in the first part. Later we get Siegfried vs Karna, which is a very awesome fight sequence in the show. Personal favourite for Apocrypha has to go to Achilles and his fight with Chiron and also his fight with Atalanta. Achilles arch in the show was pretty well executed not sure if its cause he had several characters from his 'time period' his personal hero and his mentor to work off but Achilles and a lot of his fights really play into his overall character development which I liked. And finally the best fight I saw in the Camelot films between Gawain and Bedivere. This fight was full of clashing personalities and belief, and was excellent climax in the film. And even when limiting myself I still went overboard, well what can you do. Still I'm sure others can bring in fights from beyond Fate.
  22. I'm not against other forms of animation as a principle - however Disney and Pixar movies are more focused on a very young child and family audience and I watch Anime for interesting stories, good fights and the likes so I guess those two producers of western animation don't really appeal to me. However for example the DC series from the early 2000s, and that He-Man from 2006 and some of the later Clone Wars (2008) episodes and storylines wasn't that bad and was pretty enjoyable because they have a sort of shounen vibe to them I guess.
  23. Okay the threads a little dead, I know what to do. Recommend all the Fate movie's I've not covered yet. That'll keep it going. Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works the Movie was the first adaption of the Unlimited Blade Works route of Fate Stay Night. It was done by Studio Deen the guys behind the 2006 series adapting the first route. Honestly it not a bad film, given how much story it tries to condense. For me as a Type Moon guy I was more intrigued to see this film, and to give Deen credit they nail some stuff. So a fun watch, but the series did it better. Fate Grand Order - First Order, is the first in the Grand Order timeline. It covers the events of Singularity F and serves as the introduction to Fate Grand Order's continuity. Naturally following on from the singularity F we skip over the first, second, third, fourth, fifth singularities to move directly onto the sixth singularity. Fate Grand Order - Divine Realm of the Round Table Camelot Wandering; Agateram and its sequel Camelot Paladin; Agateram. Pretty solid films, and if you thing you liked First Order you'll likely like this duology. Next we have Fate Grand Order The Grand Temple of Time: Solomon which neatly follows on from Babylonia the series which covers the Seventh Singularity. Moving away from the Fate Grand Order timeline we start the next series, Fate/ Kaleid liner Prisma Illya with the series prequel movie Oath Under Snow which sees Shirou Emyia become a true badass. Okay so the next film is Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Licht Nameless Girl - I'll be upfront not seen it yet as I've not really been able to get into the Kaleid timeline. Partly cause it not dubbed, it got picked up by Sentai and they dropped this stuff hard after season 2. So season 3, Oath Under Snow, this movie and the Prisma Phantasm all have gone un-dubbed. Still if I get bored and starved for content I'll likely give it a shot. That's all the Fate I've got sadly... beyond a few compilation movies, maybe @MarathonGuy1337 can give us all a list of the Gundam movie's he's not recommended yet.
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