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  1. Didn't know the blu-ray was announced a month ago, this is certainly looking like another pre-order. It comes out November 15th. However, wonder if it'll only be the US version. I should just invest in a damned region free blu-ray player. 

    Note to self. 

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  2. On 9/23/2022 at 6:00 PM, RNRC said:

    What do you look for.. What catches your eye?


    Well, I usually go for something serious so shows like; Monster, Pyscho Pass, Ergo Proxy. Or if I want to watch something a little less serious, but with more action (or at the very least more hype in the moment-to-moment story telling) I like to watch shows like Fate UBW, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Code Geass. I still say these shows aren't just dumb fun, they still have something to say. But those are the two types of shows I mostly seek out. As for specific genres, I don't really discard anything. From magical girl, suspense thriller, mecha, battle royal, space opera. I've pretty much watched them all.

    The only genre's I'm not a huge fan of is Slice of Life and Iseaki. Not sure why but I've never found a show in either I'd rate especially high, not sure if it just the genres themselves or if I've yet to find a show in them which I really find special. 

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  3. The recent aniplex feast just vindicated my hopium; 

    Fate Strange Fake just got announced. A1 pictures is doing it, so I imagine it gonna be similar to Apocrypha. 

    It also got a simul-dub and releases December 31st 2022. So I am hyped for this. 



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  4. 19 hours ago, Aldarion said:

    But generally, I only watch anime once, and then switch to reading the manga anime was based on.

    I've looked over my anime list, and it turns out I've watched just shy of half of the shows I've completed a second time. Which is pretty crazy, and that doesn't factor in shows I've rewatched more than once... which is Fate/Zero standing tall at five total watches, Steins;Gate coming in just under at 4, and Psycho Pass and Madoka Magica tying at third place at 3 total watches.

    I do usually watch a show solo and if I think it any good I usually watch through it again with my brother. Monster, Code Geass, Death Note, Ergo Proxy all got additional watches because of that. And I sat through Monster back to back. With the Netflix release announced (hoping that includes UK) I'm going to have to do a third watch through - maybe with some non-anime watchers to show them that anime has some good shows to offer. 

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  5. Finished Fate Apocrypha the other day, and just sat through all of Code Geass R1 within the span of two days with Marathon Guy. He'd never seen it despite being a huge mecha fan, naturally he thought it was awesome. 

    Also strangely the dvd cut the pizza hut cameos. 

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  6. Okay so their been a development recently regarding a new Fate anime in the works. Currently a twitter handle called 'Fate SF Anime' has been created alongside a website with the name 'Fate-Strange-Fake.com' apparently this is very similar to when Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia first started creating interest for its anime, with the creation of its website. To be fair, it seems most the Fate Anime have a website, Zero, Unlimited Blade Works, Heaven Feel, even Fate Grand Carnival got a website. So this might be the first signs hinting at a Fate Strange Fake anime being in the works or about to be announced. 

    Regardless, this is pretty awesome news. I mean with all the badass servants in Strange Fake such as Hercules Alter, Gilgamesh, Richard the Lionheart among others this looks to be one of the most action filled badass Fate series yet. 

    Also it might mean... we finally see some Strange Fake character appear in Grand Order. With the recent drop of Charlemagne from Extella Link and then Arcueid from Tsukihime, who really knows what cool characters might come next. I mean a sentient (not growling) Hercules would be so cool to have. 

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  7. I just did a re-watch of Parasyte the Maxim with @MarathonGuy1337, if you've not seen it and like a show which is kind of a mix of The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, sit down and watch it cause it won't disappoint. Also been re-watching Fate/Apocrypha - I'm on episode 12. Might not be the best Fate show, but I still think its pretty good. 

  8. Could try Madoka Magica - that a depressing, artistically pleasing, short anime only 12 episodes + a film. Made in Abyss is less dark but again good storyline and short at around 12 episodes + a film. New seasons coming out so could check that out as well.

    Parasyte is another anime, it a little longer at 24 episodes however it again a good compelling story, great animation and a nuanced take on Alien invasion similar to the Thing or Invasion of the Body Snatchers but grapples with some unique and interesting story beats and character development. Then there is Psycho Pass, I mention this anime from time to time, again unlike the first two it a little longer, at around 22 episodes however it got great animation and a really great cast of characters and is one of the Urobuchi classic from the early 2010s like Madoka - a great series and well worth a watch if you've not got round to it yet. 

    Finally I'd be remised if I didn't recommend it, Fate Zero, again this one is a little longer one season is 12 episodes and the other is 13. It has a slow start, but by god is it worth sitting down and giving it a full watch. It well animated (ufotable), great characters and lots of action. It also got a Sequel in the form of Fate Unlimited Blade Works so if you like it you got more to look forward too. 

  9. 7 hours ago, Kōyamaki said:

    Has anyone watched a great anime that they think could have been better? What are some of your titles that you think could have had a more appropriate conclusion?

    Welcome to the NHK


    "Welcome to the NHK" was great by any standard but, I think it could have actually been even better than it was. Had I been the head writer, I would have made it where the tone gradually shifted more toward a suspense thriller direction, where it turned out that there really was a conspiracy to keep down the guy, and that the secret organization was using next generation technology to project illusions ( similar to "Chaos;Head" ) with the aim to gaslight him into thinking that he was only delusional. In the finale, I would have it where it all culminates in a John Carpenter's "They Live" style showdown. Since firearms aren't readily available for civillian purchase in Japan, something would need to be worked out to give the character a fighting chance against his enemies. Maybe have it where he got his toys from the Yakuza or something?

    Well I think the point of 'Welcome to the NHK' was to show how conspiratorial thinking, and viewing the world as out to get you is dangerous and leads to misery and depression. I mean only by leaving his apartment and getting on with his life dose Tatsuhiro end up getting a somewhat better one. 

    I think, Blue Gender could have had a less rushed ending. Not saying the intended ending is bad (Humans must live with the Earth and all that mumbo) but it happens way to quickly. In like twenty seconds three episodes fly by. 


  10. Lunar Legend Tsukihime, defiantly dose show its age, the soundtrack is great and the voice acting pretty good (I watched dubbed). The opening is nice and atmospheric and the ending animation is also really good. So there defiantly a lot of positives. The down sides is some pretty wack animation sequences, like one bit where the characters are bobbing up and down, sure its an extreme long shot, but it doesn't get away with it. Also lots of bloom and filters, an issue many anime in the early 2000s suffered from. 

    Still the story well told, like I've been following it knowing nothing about the Visual Novel. I might be a Nasu-Simp. But if you don't go back expecting Ufotable level animation (or studio deen level for that matter) you will at the very least like the soundtrack. 

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  11. I've re-watched 48 or the 100 something shows I've watched. So a little under half the shows I've watched, I've revisited a least once. What shows have you guys watched again after completed? How long after an initial watch did you wait to re-watch a show and did you come away from re-watching a show with a different opinion than the first time you watched the show. 

    For me I re-watch a lot of shows because I like to show @MarathonGuy1337 some of the shows I've seen and thought were good and worth a watch. That doesn't always pan out well when he goes away having a wildly different opinion on the show, such as his blinding hatred of PMMM and Ergo Proxy. And his initial distaste of Fate (he didn't get Apocrypha and Zero upon his first watch) up until he saw Rin in unlimited blade works and came around to Fate as a whole.

    And other times he goes the opposite way, Death Note a show I through was pretty good, around an eight. He ended up declaring it a masterpiece, ten out of ten, greatest of all time. Which you know was defiantly a win. And then there's the time we have the exact same opinion, such as with shows like Steins Gate and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. 

    And Cypher, but we don't talk about that one much. 

    One of the shows I distinctly remember revisiting very soon after completing it was Monster, which I think I started watching it a few days after I finished it. Currently I'm re-watching Fate/Apocrypha and Parasyte the Maxim. As for anime I'm planning on re-watching, that would be Hunter x Hunter. 

    So what shows are you guys planning on re-watching or just started a re-watch off?

  12. 4 hours ago, Animedragon said:

    Currently watching Madoka Magica (again)

    The Magical Girl series for those who don't like traditional Magical Girl series.

    Nice, it the only MG series I've gotten into. You planning on watching Rebellion when you finish, plus the new movie set to come out next year of all goes well and no delays. 

    I'm also currently doing a rewatch, showing a friend Parasyte the Maxim. The shows pretty badass, and beyond the 3D cgi crowd shots the animation is pretty much on point for most the show. We've already cracked through the first eight episodes, so it goes to show how binge worthy the show is.

    I'm also at episode nine of Lunar Legend Tsukihime, so three more episodes till the end. I don't really get the hate some have for the show, I thought it was pretty good. 

    The fights aren't all that, but the music is nice and the story pretty solid. 

  13. On 7/17/2022 at 2:26 PM, Takatofan1986 said:

    I know it's gonna sound dumb but....

    You and me both, but the character that probably had the most impact for me was...


    See the source image

    Before I'd watched Apocrypha I had seen less than five anime in like five years. So I wasn't a huge Anime guy. However after I finished Apocrypha I'd watched ten times that in the span of a few months. Why I watched Apocrypha? Because I wanted to know who this character I'd seen all over the internet was. I didn't even know it was Astolfo from the legends of Charlemagne. I didn't even know Astolfo was a guy in the show... 

    But what surprised me was this seemingly joke character was actually compelling, his ideals, his charisma. I actually rooted for Astolfo in the show. Also the scene were Astolfo encourages Sieg to live his life was pretty touching and a nice moment,

    Plus he taught me another valuable lesson...

    Sometimes it takes a real man to be best girl.

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  14. Well there always the OG OP MC that is Goku from Dragon Ball. Then there is Gon and Killua that have some pretty awesome OP moments in HXH. Yusuke Urameshi from YYH is another OG OP MC as well. Shirou Emyia from Fate Stay Night is also pretty OP, but Fate series in generally have the OP characters be the servants so Artoria Pendragon, Archer, Iskandar, Gilgamesh, Karna and Jenna D'arch are all pretty OP characters and are in the 'main cast' of characters for the shows they are seen in.

    Finally there is Madoka Magica who's MC by the end of the anime by all metrics could annihilate any of the characters mentioned above,. 

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