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League of Legends: Champion Quotes

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Leaders Ranking

  1. 1
    70% in 00:02:00 XII360
    05/30/2018 08:29 PM

    70% in 00:02:00
  2. 2
    20% in 00:01:38 SAO LILDOOP
    06/22/2018 01:12 PM

    20% in 00:01:38
  3. 3
    20% in 00:01:47 Keiko
    09/24/2018 03:36 AM

    20% in 00:01:47
  4. 4
    20% in 00:01:59 Clow
    04/22/2019 04:27 AM

    20% in 00:01:59

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well that was funny,

i havent played LoL in like a year?, yet i somehow got 7/10 correct kinda neat when i think about it

Response from the author:

I should make a harder version with more of the newer champs, then. 😈

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