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90's rock music

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  1. 1
    100% in 00:01:16 Joey
    12/19/2018 07:53 AM

    100% in 00:01:16
  2. 2
    87% in 00:01:15 Leader
    12/21/2018 10:46 AM

    87% in 00:01:15
  3. 3
    75% in 00:06:15 Crevanille
    12/19/2018 02:27 AM

    75% in 00:06:15
  4. 4
    62% in 00:01:07 Kohloo
    01/11/2020 01:54 AM

    62% in 00:01:07
  5. 5
    62% in 00:01:16 Ohiotaku
    12/20/2018 03:20 AM

    62% in 00:01:16

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More opinion than fact.

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How is this 90’s rock? Maybe one or two questions with relevant topic. Otherwise.. what’s Ska got to do with rock? And Bringing up “king of punk” one isn’t related to the 90’s, and 2 is subjective. So... overal, not a well formed idea for a topic being (90s or rock)...

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