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  1. In the anime Naruto, the hand seals used are supposed to channel "chakra" energy to use ninja magic or Jutsu. But, Did you know hand seals come from Hinduism and especially Buddhism?! In Buddhism, hand seals are called mudra and channel energy depending on what you want. Such as, using mudra for meditative practice or for health purposes!
  2. Don't get me wrong I'm a big one piece fan but i have issues with anime and one piece fans First thing why one piece pacing is so bad in anime manga is far better in pacing and I just don't understand why the hell in anime they show us each and every characters reaction to a certain incident like literally each and every character!! And why the story have to be so prolonged I mean correct me if I'm wrong I enjoy one piece's quirkiness but i dont think it has a greater storyline i mean oda is a good story teller but not a good writer in my opinion don't get me wrong I really liked the whole cake saga but in each and every arc and saga things tend to be repetitive like the strawhats go to an island get split up coz of some reason and till each and every strawhat is delt with a boss luffy doesn't show up to the main boss and this is basic outline of every arc I mean why and if it's taking a lot of episodes to tell a small story( a arc story) then it's not a good storytelling And why does toei have issues with pacing like they show the intro then pervious episode's shit then some other character's shit who is basically not even a significant character and then some flashback then the outro and the preview of next episode that's it And I feel toei hates sanji And one piece fans are toxic See one piece is good but there are more good anime too And stop the debate about which is better one piece or naruto Well that would be an interesting debate But for the next time
  3. I think its really cool how dragonball series has displayed powerful techniques like meditation, and even a bit of yoga! (i saw broly trying to do tree pose in the manga). Broly In Tree Pose The technique of meditation has always been around but it's is something characters like Vegeta need to progress on their path as a martial artist. Goku used to meditate when he was younger, Tien did too, and Piccolo meditates in DBZ alot. Vegeta is really smart because he realizes that their bodies have been trained to the maximum but now they must strengthen their minds through mental training.. In real life, meditation is used to calm ones mind/body and can be used to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Its insane that Akira Toriyama (RIP) knew a good amount of concepts on meditation. Stuff like half lotus, Burmese pose and full lotus are used in the show. When Jiren Meditated he used full lotus, a pose that has ones feet near their thighs to go into deep states of meditation. Jiren: Full Lotus and using cosmic Mudra Full Lotus Usually masters of meditation use this pose and beginners use Burmese pose. They even use the mudra or Dhyana mudra instead of the popular "Chin" mudra or hand seal thats quite popular. -Goku & Meditation Goku in Particular is using mindfulness and basic meditation to calm himself in the manga. As Ultra Instinct is Highly Difficult to get into unless one meditates. Goku has been seen meditating in Dragonball Super Anime although its not while sitting. He is using the technique called mindfulness to be aware of his thoughts, feelings, and environment before the assassin Hit tried to kill him. All day, 24/7 And if you don't know, mindfulness is a real meditation technique that can be used whenever you want. You can be anywhere and use mindfulness. Once again, Its when you focus on being aware of everything within and around you, in the present time that is. Also, Zen Buddhist monks use mindfulness to cultivate an advanced state of awareness called Mushin..... A Mind State that inspired Ultra Instinct. I might talk about Mushin eventually in another post.
  4. Any Transformers fans here? This is my Optimus Prime cosplay I made for myself out of cardboard. I started working on it since November 2023. I used cardboard, aluminum foil, red and blue paint even made the decals from the original toy from the 1980s on MS Paint and I liked how the decals came out, the decals I recreated on Paint really looked how the decals looked you had to insert on the original Optimus Prime figure or Battle Convoy. (If you are familiar of how the original Transformers toys originated from the Diaclone Toyline from Takara Tomy same for Microchange.) I worked so hard on this, one problem is that tried to put on the pauldrons I made out of cardboard and used paper towel holders for the smoke stacks but I don't know how to find a way to put them on my arms with the material I have at my house. Anyways, I am so proud of creating this cosplay, I even made videos showing off my home-made Optimus Prime cosplay on TikTok LOL! Yes, I made TikTok videos of me in cosplay, and making this Optimus Prime cosplay and showing it to my TikTok audience is a huge step up of my time cosplaying on this platform. And I will be wearing this at Fanimecon 2024 at the masquerade. Me wearing my Optimus Prime cosplay.
  5. Dear Anime Producers and Creators, We are a group of lovers of the manga "Shamo" by Izo Hashimoto and Akio Tanaka who dream of this unique story being turned into an anime. "Shamo" is one of those manga that moves deeply and offers an unforgettable story about the transformation of the main character, Ryo Narushima, in the world of martial arts. The manga "Shamo" has gained enormous popularity around the world due to its dark and emotionally charged plot and insightful approach to character psychology. It is a story about pain, rejection and transformation that attracts readers with its authenticity. That's why we appeal to you to consider creating an anime based on the manga "Shamo". We believe that such an adaptation could provide unforgettable moments for viewers, conveying the depth and value of the original story. By signing this petition, we express our full support for the "Shamo" anime adaptation project. We believe that this is an opportunity to share this unique story with a wide audience and appreciate its artistic and emotional value. https://www.change.org/my_shamo_link Thank you for considering our request and committing to creating an anime that can inspire and touch the hearts of many people around the world.
  6. Hey guys, I have Dragon Ball (151 episodes), Dragon Ball Z (291 episodes), and Dragon Ball Super (131 episodes). If there's any anime enthusiast who wants to watch them in Blu-ray, feel free to ask, and I can share them. P.S. The total file size is 1.81TB.
  7. I DO NOT have a screenshot of it, but I came across an anime clip on Facebook which had a scene where one female character mentions to a male that her swimsuit is “skintight”, and then exposes her nipple to him. Next part, the male character shares a swimsuit with another female character or the same one, can’t remember. And then dive down in the pool. I’m not sure whether it was a piece of hentai or from an anime series of some sort, but could someone please help me as soon as possible to identify that Anime series and Episode? I Thanks.
  8. Hello ! I am new here! I like anime ,especially One Piece!I also like anime advent ccalendar!
  9. Hello om Jacob johnson and I'm new to the anime community. I have a project I'm working on thats half comic book half manga and involved many innovative characters. I'm looking to raise fans a million to be exact in less than a year thats before 2025. I have a tiktok page with my comic on there you should check it out https://www.tiktok.com/@michaelbarrett513?_t=8fiMyPL5WZS&_r=1
  10. I'm really excited and can't wait! So who's also going to be watching One Piece?
  11. The story seems so relatable with very few minor differentiators. A group of three friends- Gojo, Geto and Shoko. Gojo is looney just like Naruto. Geto turns heel like Sasuke. Shoko is literally the Doctor just like Sakura. They have a teacher who later becomes the principal just like Kakashi became the Hokage. You can even relate it with the 3 saanin. Just like Naruto had Nine tails inside him, similarly Yuji has Sukuna. It is a good anime but one cannot leave aside the similarities from an anime which majority people have been following since childhood.
  12. Its Time For The Deep Weeb Questions Who's Your Favorite Anime Character And What Anime Is They From, And What Is it That Makes You Like Them So Much? i'll Go First ShowName: Desert Punk Character Name: Desert Punk He's SuperFunny And Is So Entertaining He;'s Always Doing Something Stupid Each Sec Also is A Pervert This Anime is For Anyone Who Liked Blue Spring, Gintam Etc i really recommend watching it |============================| | Click Me | | | | | |============================|
  13. I've seen a lot of strong opinions about many Shounen titles, but everyone seems to have an opinion based on different criteria and expectations of what makes a Shounen great. Is it fair to base all Shounen Anime / Manga expectations on a few popular titles even if the stories and overall vibes are vastly different in many ways? Or is it like the Isekai genre where repetition is expected with slight variances?
  14. Can Ostutuki Kaguya in Naruto beat Big Mama in One piece.
  15. I just finished series and movie and I searched but couldn't get the exact answers I was looking for so please just tell me some things How did Mirai come back after dying? In the starting of second movie Mirai clearly had her memories at first but after meeting Akihito she lost it, why? Who is Kanbara Yayoi, how she knows everything and what is the actual relationship of her with Akihito? (we got a hint saying she is the gatekeeper and is ancient) And who are these three people at the end of Mirai-hen? (From the looks of it left one is Izumi but who are other two?)
  16. Heeeheh~ I was kinda too nervous to post here, but! I tried cell-shading some chibis and it turned out ok, so why not? Brunette is my beloved OC Shizumoto Kaede and the white-haired bob-cut fellow an equally beloved canon villain from season 1 of Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, Kusatsu Kinshiro. I am a shameless OC insert kind of person and Kaede is one of my absolute favorites. Having someone so clumsy that she's basically a walking hazard as a hero is just In short, she's my baby lol. You'll probably be seeing more of her here in the future~ Please, if possible keep criticism to yourself; I'm happy with this the way it is and can't make changes to it now anyway.
  17. So it wasn't until I saw clips of the current season that made me step back and realize just how different Hawks as a character is now. Any sort of charm or charisma he had is completely gone. Granted you can claim that it's because the heroes just took a massive L and I can understand that, but even with the recent manga chapters, he seems more of a former shell of who he used to be and has been relegated to being Endeavor's cheerleader rather than a "light of hope" as Horikoshi claimed before. He's now just this generic good hero character now, not that it's inherently bad for him to be like that, but the thing is, doing this completely removes any sort of potential of seeing moments of him wrestle with himself regarding issues like Twice's death and how he couldn't save him. We don't really get to see much more of what he's thinking or how he's feeling after the war because the story then shifts back to Deku and his classmates by the end of the season. The season spends a good portion of having the story centered around Deku working with the pros, and you're telling me there couldn't have been a moment of him reflecting on his fight with Twice or the commission? While I don't believe Hawks was in the wrong in that situation, especially after watching the anime, and regardless of how you might feel about his actions, it still doesn't take away from the fact that Twice's death was sort of overlooked. It's SHOULD'VE affected whether he's actually killed before or not. He mentioned it maybe once, showing slight remorse, but we don't see him ponder on it for long, and eventually his whole story, and reaction to his idol also being an abuser like his father was is just skipped over. He asks Endeavor if he's responsible for Shoto's scar and finds out it was actually Shoto's mother, and the guy just thinks about how HE'S in the wrong for apparently "abandoning his troubled parents. That's another point I'd like to bring up. Why is Horikoshi writing Hawks to feel any sort of guilt over leaving his abusive household? In what way does that make Hawks a selfish or weak person? So basically, Hawks' has been stripped of everything that made him cool and interesting, being to be a cheerleader for Endeavor, and is for some reason having to deal with the 'guilt' of leaving his abusive parents behind. Like, I'm sorry but wtf happened to Hawks? Going back to my first point regarding his shift in character, I know many fans will say shit like "That wasn't the real him" or "He's a changed person" but I call BS. All these posts made by Hawks stans talking about how he's no longer 'Hawks', but 'Keigo' instead is kind of lost on me. The hope he feels after the war that apparently shows the "real" him has always been there. This isn't anything new. The real him IS the laid-back smart-ass who wants more time to himself, it's his goal after all. I highly doubt he lied about his ultimate goal since he even shared his deepest desire with his idol, telling Endeavor he wants to live in a world where heroes have "too much time on there hands." I know the anime gives these "visual hints" I guess, like giving his eyes that light glint to it now rather than his usual half-lidded eyes with no glint, but I find a bit unnecessary if you in turn want to add emphasis to his eyes during scenes that benefit off that little detail like for example the recent episode where he he's taken aback by Uraraka's speech and the reactions of the angry mob. Some people wanna state that he's an optimist and his laid-back personality is just an act, but was he ever an optimist lol? Sure as hell wasn't introduced as one. Like he always hoped to be free, but there was always some cynicism deep down. They could have done a great story to have him come around to *why* he's developed into an optimist, but he basically came out of the darkest moment of his life just expecting the best out of people. I personally never really read him as “big optimist”. Like, wasn’t he very specifically atypical in his initial characterisation? He talked shit at the top 10 presentation, his goal was to not have to do anything. The one time he was outspoken about his “beliefs”, Endeavour thought it was out of character and something he normally wouldn’t do, which was true. That doesn’t really come across as “virtuous and altruistic Hawks, peak optimist” to me. This is more of a petty complaint I'd like to mention is how annoying it is to see his simps infantilize him in the recent episodes (makes it worse since, Idk if it's intentional or not, but he does look younger now which is a fat no for me, dog) but then again, this issue can be seen with A LOT of characters in the series, it's just become more noticeable for Hawks because of how badly he's been nerfed. Another petty complaint I'd like to add uhhhh his new look?....I don't like it. Typically, especially in shounen/action series when a character suffers battle scars it tends to make them look grittier and cooler. But Hawks, like I mentioned in my previous point just looks...younger? I don't get where all these people are coming from saying the guy looks "waaay better than he did before" when that's a whole ass lie. There's a reason why his character design was my favorite in the series, but he just looks so tacky and nerfed it's hard to even look at him now. I'm willing to go as far to say the manga made him look better, the anime makes him look like a chump. Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say with all this piss is that I'd prefer to see Hawks as more than the one note character he's turned into in the anime and has been for quite some time in the manga. An interesting character stipped down to something generic, what a waste.
  18. Hi! If you had a budget of $20, which JoJo item would you buy from Amazon, for cosplay?
  19. moon

    new anime

    Hi, I'm new here, I'm writing a new anime and I'd be happy if you read the summaries of the episodes of the first season and express your opinion And if you would like to see this anime on the screens Thank you very much for your cooperation. NEW WORD MI SEASON 1 Episode 1:The Discovery of MI In the small town of Millfield, a group of friends discover a strange, hidden portal that leads to a mysterious place called MI. They are immediately drawn to the enchanted land, full of wonders and dangers that they have never encountered before. As they explore the vast, magical landscape, they meet a variety of strange and wonderful creatures, including talking animals, enchanted trees, and powerful sorcerers. They also encounter darker forces at work, including evil wizards and dangerous monsters that threaten the balance of MI. Despite the dangers, the friends are determined to uncover the secrets of MI and learn more about its ancient history and mysterious powers. Episode 2: The Search for the Lost City As the friends continue their journey through MI, they receive a prophecy that leads them on a quest to find the Lost City, an ancient place of great power and knowledge. Along the way, they must overcome a series of challenges and puzzles that test their bravery, intelligence, and resourcefulness. They also encounter rival groups of adventurers who are also searching for the Lost City, leading to fierce competition and battles. As they get closer to the Lost City, they uncover more clues about its mysterious past and the powerful magic that it holds. Episode 3: The Battle for the Lost City As the friends finally reach the Lost City, they find themselves caught in the middle of a fierce battle between good and evil forces vying for control of the city's powerful magic. The friends must use all of their skills and cunning to defeat the evil forces and protect the Lost City from falling into the wrong hands. Along the way, they discover the true nature of their own powers and the role that they are meant to play in the magical world of MI. As the battle reaches its climax, the friends are faced with a final, ultimate challenge that will determine the fate of MI and all who live there. Episode 4: The Wizards' Council After the battle for the Lost City, the friends are invited to join the Wizards' Council, a group of powerful sorcerers who protect and govern MI. As they learn more about the council and its responsibilities, the friends are faced with tough decisions and moral dilemmas. They also discover that there are factions within the council who have their own agendas and may not always act in the best interests of MI. Despite the challenges, the friends are determined to use their newfound powers and influence to bring peace and prosperity to MI. Episode 5: The Dark Forest While exploring a remote corner of MI, the friends stumble upon the Dark Forest, a mysterious and dangerous place that is rumored to be home to powerful dark magic. As they venture deeper into the forest, they encounter all sorts of strange and terrifying creatures, including giant spiders, cursed ghosts, and ancient monsters. They also discover that the forest is home to a powerful dark wizard who seeks to use the forest's magic for his own nefarious purposes. The friends must use all of their courage and cunning to survive the dangers of the Dark Forest and prevent the dark wizard from gaining control of its powerful magic. Episode 6: The Crystal Caverns While on a mission to find a rare and valuable crystal, the friends discover a hidden underground cave system filled with sparkling crystal formations. As they explore the caverns, they encounter all sorts of hazards and challenges, including traps, puzzles, and treacherous monsters. They also discover that the caverns are home to a group of dwarves who are guarding the crystals and have their own agenda for their use. The friends must navigate the dangers of the caverns and find a way to peacefully resolve their differences with the dwarves in order to obtain the rare crystal they seek. Episode 7: The Enchanted Garden While exploring a beautiful and peaceful garden, the friends stumble upon a hidden portal that leads to a magical realm full of enchanted plants and animals. As they explore the garden, they encounter a variety of magical creatures and plants, including talking flowers, singing birds, and enchanted trees. They also discover that the garden is home to a powerful fairy queen who has been cursed by an evil sorceress. The friends must use their wit and bravery to help the fairy queen break the curse and restore balance to the enchanted garden. Episode 8: The Cursed Tower While searching for a powerful magical artifact, the friends discover a mysterious tower that is said to be cursed by a powerful sorceress. As they enter the tower, they encounter all sorts of dangers and challenges, including traps, illusions, and treacherous monsters. They also uncover clues about the tower's dark history and the sorceress who cursed it. The friends must use all of their skills and resourcefulness to navigate the tower and find the magical artifact they seek, while also trying to lift the curse and restore peace to the tower. Episode 9: The Underwater Kingdom While exploring the depths of MI's oceans, the friends discover a hidden underwater kingdom ruled by a powerful mermaid queen. As they explore the kingdom, they encounter all sorts of wondrous and dangerous creatures, including mermaids, sea monsters, and giant octopuses. They also uncover a plot by an evil sea witch to overthrow the mermaid queen and take control of the kingdom. The friends must use all of their bravery and cunning to help the mermaid queen defeat the sea witch and protect the underwater kingdom. Episode 10: The Ice Kingdom While exploring a frozen tundra in MI, the friends discover a hidden ice kingdom ruled by a powerful ice queen. As they venture into the ice kingdom, they encounter all sorts of cold and icy dangers, including blizzards, frostbite, and ice monsters. They also discover that the ice queen is being threatened by an evil sorcerer who seeks to take control of the kingdom and harness its powerful magic for his own purposes. The friends must use all of their endurance and bravery to survive the harsh conditions of the ice kingdom and help the ice queen defeat the evil sorcerer and restore peace to the kingdom. Episode 11: The Fire Kingdom While exploring a scorching desert in MI, the friends discover a hidden fire kingdom ruled by a powerful fire king. As they venture into the fire kingdom, they encounter all sorts of hot and dangerous challenges, including sandstorms, intense heat, and fiery monsters. They also uncover a plot by an evil fire sorceress to overthrow the fire king and take control of the kingdom's powerful magic. The friends must use all of their bravery and cunning to survive the heat of the fire kingdom and help the fire king defeat the evil sorceress and restore peace to the kingdom. Episode 12: The Shadow Realm While exploring a dark and mysterious cave, the friends discover a hidden portal that leads to the Shadow Realm, a place filled with shadows and darkness. As they explore the Shadow Realm, they encounter all sorts of shadowy and mysterious creatures, including ghostly apparitions, specters, and dark magic users. They also uncover a plot by an evil shadow sorceress to bring eternal darkness to MI. The friends must use all of their bravery and cunning to navigate the dangers of the Shadow Realm and stop the shadow sorceress from carrying out her plan. Episode 13: The Celestial Plane While exploring the skies of MI, the friends discover a hidden portal that leads to the Celestial Plane, a realm of the gods and celestial beings. As they explore the Celestial Plane, they encounter all sorts of divine and powerful beings, including angels, deities, and celestial spirits. They also uncover a plot by an evil god to overthrow the other gods and take control of the celestial realm. The friends must use all of their bravery and cunning to navigate the dangers of the Celestial Plane and stop the evil god from carrying out his plan. Episode 14: The Dream Realm While exploring a hidden portal in MI, the friends discover the Dream Realm, a place where dreams and nightmares come to life. As they explore the Dream Realm, they encounter all sorts of strange and surreal creatures, including dream spirits, nightmares, and mysterious dream creatures. They also uncover a plot by an evil dream sorceress to take control of the Dream Realm and manipulate the dreams of others. The friends must use all of their wit and resourcefulness to navigate the dangers of the Dream Realm and stop the evil dream sorceress from carrying out her plan. Episode 15: The Time Rift While exploring a hidden portal in MI, the friends discover the Time Rift, a place where time itself is fluid and can be manipulated. As they explore the Time Rift, they encounter all sorts of temporal anomalies and paradoxes, including time loops, alternate realities, and time travelers. They also uncover a plot by an evil time sorcerer to use the Time Rift to rewrite history and change the course of MI's future. The friends must use all of their intelligence and bravery to navigate the dangers of the Time Rift and stop the evil time sorcerer from carrying out his plan. Episode 16: The Arcane Library While searching for a powerful magical artifact, the friends discover the Arcane Library, a place filled with ancient tomes and magical knowledge. As they explore the library, they encounter all sorts of magical creatures and spirits, including talking books, enchanted scrolls, and powerful magical artifacts. They also uncover a plot by an evil librarian to use the library's magic to conquer MI. The friends must use all of their intelligence and resourcefulness to navigate the dangers of the Arcane Library and stop the evil librarian from carrying out his plan. Episode 17: The Monster's Lair While exploring a dense and treacherous jungle, the friends discover the lair of a powerful and ancient monster. As they enter the lair, they encounter all sorts of dangers and challenges, including traps, puzzles, and ferocious beasts. They also uncover a plot by an evil sorceress to use the monster's power for her own gain. The friends must use all of their courage and cunning to navigate the lair and stop the evil sorceress from using the monster's power for her own nefarious purposes. Episode 18: The Spirit Realm While exploring a hidden portal in MU, the friends discover the Spirit Realm, a place where the spirits of the deceased reside. As they explore the Spirit Realm, they encounter all sorts of ghostly and ethereal beings, including friendly spirits, malevolent specters, and powerful guardians. They also uncover a plot by an evil spirit king to use the Spirit Realm's magic to conquer MI. The friends must use all of their bravery and cunning to navigate the dangers of the Spirit Realm and stop the evil spirit king from carrying out his plan. Episode 19: The Elemental Planes While exploring a hidden portal in MI, the friends discover the Elemental Planes, a series of realms representing the different elements of nature: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. As they explore the Elemental Planes, they encounter all sorts of elemental creatures and forces, including earth elementals, air elementals, fire elementals, water elementals, and spirit elementals. They also uncover a plot by an evil elemental overlord to use the power of the Elemental Planes to conquer MI. The friends must use all of their courage and resourcefulness to navigate the dangers of the Elemental Planes and stop the evil elemental overlord from carrying out his plan. Episode 20: The Final Showdown As the friends continue their journey through MI, they discover that all of their previous adventures have been leading up to a final showdown with an ultimate evil force that threatens to destroy MI and all of its magical inhabitants. The friends must use all of their skills and powers to face off against the ultimate evil and protect MI from destruction. Along the way, they must also confront their own fears and doubts and come to understand their true potential and purpose in the magical world of MI. As the final battle rages on, the friends are faced with a choice: will they rise to the challenge and save MI, or will they succumb to the darkness and allow the ultimate evil to prevail? The fate of MI rests on their shoulders. As the final battle reaches its climax, the friends discover that they have been chosen by the ancient guardians of MI to be the guardians of the magical world, tasked with protecting MI and its inhabitants from all threats. Despite the odds against them, the friends are able to harness the full power of their magical abilities and use it to defeat the ultimate evil, saving MI and all who reside there. As they emerge victorious, the friends are hailed as heroes and honored by the Wizards' Council and the other magical beings of MI. They are given a new mission to continue protecting MI and keeping the balance of magic in the world. As they set off on their new journey, the friends know that they have a great responsibility to fulfill, but they are ready to face whatever challenges come their way, united in their love for MI and their determination to protect it.
  20. I've watched plenty of anime, but I've been looking around, and need some help finding some good anime with comedy and action...anyone got some ideas? or perhaps can help me out? I've been looking on some websites, and found some decent stuff, but nothing i'm interested in...like I said, perhaps you guys could help! Thanks!
  21. had to choose between it and kaiju no 8. i chose hxh, what are you guy's thoughts on the series and do you think i made the right decision ?
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