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Found 95 results

  1. So this has been on my mind for a while now, I love Anime so much it brings me joy and happiness! and i know a lot of people on here also love Anime But would you actually give up your life to enter the Anime world of your choice? It can be anything from Sword Art Online to Fairy tale, it's your choice in the end. Personally i would definitely give up my life to enter the Anime world. Obviously i would take my family and friends with me as i care about them too much to let them go! As for choosing which Anime to be in, I would love to be apart of either the HIGHSCHOOL DXD world, Plastic Memories world, or The seven deadly sins! I know it's sad, but i just wanted to know peoples thoughts and opinions on this! So now for the question. Would you give up your life to enter the Anime world of your choice?
  2. NG-Anime

    Looking for English dubbed anime

    Looking for a new anime to watch with a friend. She not really into watching subbed anime I’m not that bothered but was wondering if there were any good English dubbed anime people have watched .. we had a good look around on the web but most that we had found were the usual like death note , Bleach etc . Let me know any??
  3. pierrem70

    I bought my first manga book!

    So i am so happy! I just bought my first ever Manga, which is Death Note and i love it so much!! I love books with background images and writing notes inside so you can actually notice what's going on it's fantastic It is my first ever Manga that i will be reading, but i definitely will be buying other manga books too! I still do prefer Anime over Manga, though just because it's colourful Please let me know any Manga, you think is worth me buying! What do you guys think about Manga, and what was your first manga you read?
  4. The Article So, I read this article this morning (Japanese Twitter has some funny topics sometimes) and it got me thinking.... what makes an anime world class? I guess to me, it would have to loved by all and known in most major countries. That means, no nasty debates over whether it is good or bad (that means SAO is what an Otaku might think is world class). I would consider that it would also have to avoid the tropes too many anime fall into (harems, ecchi, groping, etc). I guess for me, my Miyazaki and some of my Shinkai anime would qualify...I can understand Ghost in the Shell being included too. Maybe even Cardcaptor Sakura. What do all of you think? What would your definition be? Have any World Class or Otakus might think is... in your collections?
  5. anime4eva

    What's Your Top 10 Anime!

    Let's hear it! (In no particular order) Here is mine. Cowboy Bebop Neon Genesis Evangelion Yu Yu Hakusho Stein's Gate Rurouni Kenshin Samurai Champloo Death Note Code Geass Gurren Lagann Kill la Kill (My sincere apologies to the anime that were left off the list )
  6. pierrem70

    Have you ever had that feeling?

    I know that this is completely random. But have you ever had that feeling where you had a weird and strange day, Watching Anime always makes you smile at the end. 😀It gives you a buzzing feeling, and ends your day on a really good note because of Anime? Whenever i watch Anime i just get that warm feeling, Because i know that i will never get bored of Anime!!!! Its freaking awesome and Kawaii😀😍🙂 Anyway, i just wanted to know if anybody else had that same feeling watching Anime or even after watching it. It would definetely depend on what kind of Anime you are watching, but yeah! So ever had that feeling before? At the moment im currently watching, Tomodachi I have no friends!!! Its such a great Anime
  7. Does anyone know an anime worth watching? I know every anime is worth watching, but one that you guys prefer..
  8. I'd like your help guys . i'm lokking now for an anime after i saw a lot and i"m lokking for some new stuff to watch but i can't fine none HELP a brother out PS: first post PSS: first day
  9. Agares

    Neeeed new stuff desperately

    I've read and watched tons of stuff from long running shows to seasonal Anime. from 50 volume series to oneshots recently tho I've hit quite a small blunder and that is I'm running out of shows to watch, and running out of stuff to read so if you dont mind recommending stuff that would be great it can be anything Genres I like: Shounen, Romancee, Comedy, Slice of life, Mystery, Long running title's ps: would have added my anime and manga list but its to tedious for me to type them all Thanks
  10. Bfking23

    Sci-fi Anime Suggestions Please

    I need help finding some or any sci fi anime, and I don’t mean like Gundam (which is good) or Ghost in the Shell (also good), I want something similar to the game Killzone Shadow Fall if anyone knows that, basically furustic guns and heaps of epic looking battles and stuff, can’t find anything good like it, thanks in advance
  11. novFilms

    is water wet people?

    hey guys after you answer the pole explain why you think it's wet or not. and remember we are here to have fun, not fight.
  12. EnviousEnvy

    What Is On Your "To Watch" List?

    What anime series/movies do you want to watch but unfortunately haven't gotten to yet for whatever reason? My list currently: Outlaw Star Space Dandy Fairy Tail Akiba Strip Tenchi Muyo: War On Geminar Date A Live Karneval Ikki Tousen Blood Lad Blood+
  13. So i have recently just finished an Anime called Plastic memories, i thought i would watch it and give it a try and i tell you what i absolutely enjoyed it very much! It's such a sad and emotional rollercoaster though, it broke my heart to watch the ending. have any of you guys seen this Anime? if so did you enjoy it, what did you like about it, and did you cry a little be honest. Honestly though i enjoyed this Anime, and i would recommend watching it If you are struggling to find a new Anime to watch that is Here are the answers to my own questions: 1. I have watched it and i enjoyed it allot 2. I loved the Story and the background on everyone's Lives 3. I am going to be Honest i did cry a little Now it's your turn everyone! Thoughts about this Anime?
  14. Jay. sama

    Underated anime

    There are great animes out their like 91 days and twin tails and others but their underated.
  15. So i just finished reading a manga called 3D kanjoo, i finished it all in one night about 4 hours to read it all. the story ends in a happy ending but i have this weird lingering feeling of loneliness and sadness after i finished it. then after reading that i watch the last two episodes of Darling in the franxx, and idk why but my mind is starting to realize how lonely i am, reading and watching those to really messed me up. i have friends but i rarely see them as they each do their own thing and only on occasion do we meet , i have a job and i always put on a fake smile and act cheery around my co workers but when i go home at the end of the day and in my room, reality hits and i go down a roller coaster of mental breakdown. i love anime and manga but whenever i watch them or read them this feeling always comes up. I live a life of solitude, im to shy to meet new people so i hole up in my room and as days go by i feel my mentality degrade. im alone and idk what to do.
  16. My favourite is a toss up between Orihime and Urahara.
  17. hello people! want to share my channel and this scene from Cross Ange. im uploading scene's from Ecchi anime. if you like it please subscribe to Big Boar
  18. flamer180

    What kinds of Cultures do u guys like?

    There is a whole bunch of listed cultures out there and different cool things about each one! - Japanese - Indian - British - American - Korean - Russian The only thing I can say for Russian is,: UHHHHHHHHH! I Personally like Japanese Culture alot!
  19. For the waifu demographics who like to fantasize until they find someone IRL, or just wanna marry that fictious one (not judging). How do you think designers/creators manage this? Individuals have their own personal values and tastes. My theory is that a base personality character is created for individuals to relate to, but from there you add your own ' with your own personal compatibilities and tastes as long as it's consistent with the character's core personality. This allows the consumer to enjoy that character and still appeal to mass (+ merchandise!). An example are the Hyperdiemsnion series. It caters to a variety of demographics too. It's cute girls doing cute things, there's yuri teasing, and there's waifu component (esp evidenced by waifu CDs, etc). Plus how would you respond if you felt your favourite character's personality and a trait did not blend? Would you feel comfortable altering it to something you like as long as it works with that character's core nature?
  20. EnviousEnvy

    Why Do People Think Loveless Is Yaoi?

    I get it that it has some soft yaoi moments (very little) but seriously it's not even close to being an actual yaoi anime or manga. People see the very short and few intimate moments and scream "yaoi"! and that's all they get from it. All fighters develop a close relationship with their sacrifices; I mean they kind of have to have a bond otherwise they can't be partners. However it isn't love nor lust. It's not even softcore yaoi. The manga artist even stated that both the anime series and manga weren't and it wasn't her intention to make people think that it was. I'm sorry but this has been bugging me for years...
  21. EnviousEnvy

    Popular Anime That You Couldn't Get Into

    Just as the topic says; what popular anime (such as Bleach, One Piece, DBZ, etc.) series couldn't you get into? Do you have a particular reason why? State below 🔽 🔽
  22. CrimsonCardinal

    Perfect Balanced Anime

    Well Everyone i was thinking..about which anime would be a balanced anime for you, a perfect blend of different genres , Which had an impact like "Oh man ! This is just Dope" Well i know theirs a lot like Bleach, naruto and Some legendarty Titles but what is a perfect blend for you ??
  23. as a tittle say many harem (I speak about harem cause have a lot ecchi/bath scene/ fancervice but even normal show sometimes) use a fancervice like a weapon to love Ru or Dxd are two example. the question is why they never show under part expeccialy in a show when breast are weapon for money?? for example isnt more honest this edit than original? [SPOILER] https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/4479066 [/SPOILER] original [SPOILER] https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/5918237 /SPOILER] edited ps hope this don't hurt anyone pps i know they censored for kids but many of these go/went ongoing during the night for this i ask
  24. CasseyFujiwara


    Yooo Minna~SAN!! Current Anime being watched: Steins;Gate Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Mystery (from what I've seen) Recommend it? OF COURSE! It tells the story of Okabe Rintarou a self-proclaimed mad scientist along with his fellow "Lab Members" as they fight an organization in the future (terminator vibes eh), well anyways.. this is a must watch for everyone, though some may not understand it then watch it and you'll understand why I'm saying that this anime is outstanding (you could already understand what I'm saying just by looking at the show's ratings.) There's also some romance, that's pretty awesome if you ask me, though I've already watched the movie and have not watched the series full yet (which is pretty much one of the most stupid things that could happen) but I guess I have a Spoiler Paradox if that's what it's called, or maybe it was just my stupidity cause actually I thought the I was watching the first thing and I really thought that it was a movie, and the thing is I discovered that it was really the last of the franchise. Rating: 9/10 (I wanna stay true to the MAL Rating, though what I wanted was 10/10, but see for yourself. . GO WATCH IT!! [mal type=anime id=9253] THAT'S IT FOR TODAY, SEE YA LATER!
  25. Leo_Sandoval115

    New here, nice to meet you all (:

    Hello all! Very much new to this, I look forward to talking to new people. Above all, I hope find new anime to watch Thank you!
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