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Found 114 results

  1. Anime Opening Quiz

    Let's see how's many you can get right. Put a comment below how many of them you got right.
  2. Insta!

    Hello my name is Tasha and id really like new friends who love anime. Follow me on insta if your interested. tasha.anime_queen9115 Im 20 years old btw
  3. My first AMV Videos

    Hello guys , im new here i wanted to get myfirst amv videos evaluated so im gonna post the link here and please tell me what you think and suggest improvement (im newbie) Attack on titan AMV [critical Level°]
  4. For the waifu demographics who like to fantasize until they find someone IRL, or just wanna marry that fictious one (not judging). How do you think designers/creators manage this? Individuals have their own personal values and tastes. My theory is that a base personality character is created for individuals to relate to, but from there you add your own ' with your own personal compatibilities and tastes as long as it's consistent with the character's core personality. This allows the consumer to enjoy that character and still appeal to mass (+ merchandise!). An example are the Hyperdiemsnion series. It caters to a variety of demographics too. It's cute girls doing cute things, there's yuri teasing, and there's waifu component (esp evidenced by waifu CDs, etc). Plus how would you respond if you felt your favourite character's personality and a trait did not blend? Would you feel comfortable altering it to something you like as long as it works with that character's core nature?
  5. Anime your way

    Hi, I have a research project that I'm working on. So I'm asking anyyone that's a anime fan to please take this survey. Please fill out the survey only once. Thanks for your help. https://goo.gl/forms/7frLkB4oe9C3tvHh1
  6. Perfect Balanced Anime

    Well Everyone i was thinking..about which anime would be a balanced anime for you, a perfect blend of different genres , Which had an impact like "Oh man ! This is just Dope" Well i know theirs a lot like Bleach, naruto and Some legendarty Titles but what is a perfect blend for you ??
  7. I just joined and I am here for a while but suddenly this question popped-up in my mind... Well, please take care of me from now on. There are many anime fans who are always updated (like me) in some new anime series or manga series. Some are really devoted (like me, again) and memorized the dates when the next episode will air. New animes really are 'kawaii' and 'sugoi' and some came with English subs and better graphics. Though, there are animes from the 1980s, 90s, and early 2000s that are really famous (or not) at their time and has a really good plot. Not all fans do this but I sometimes surf the net to find #oldbutgold anime that maybe my parents watched in their childhood or I watched in my early childhood. Here's some of mine: 1. Slam Dunk (this is one of the best, but it's incomplete. Though you can enjoy Hanamichi's baka-moments in this 101-episode anime) 2. GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) (it is not as famous as Slam Dunk but it has its own cool plot. It's a 40-episode anime and I think it has a 2012 adaptation) 3. The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge) (maybe many of you are familiar with Ouran Highschool Hostclub but...this anime came first!) 4. Kyou Kara Ore Ha! (this anime is also a delinquent-type, discovered it in the same category as GTO) 5...There are also animes like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon though I don't really consider them old because they're still ongoing...
  8. Fixing Naruto Series

    I love Naruto and I think it's the GOAT, but all stories have flaws and no story is perfect. I have acknowledged this and decided to make video essays on how I would fix the flaws that I see. In thesee videos, I cover topics such as Sakura's potential, her relationship with Sasuke, screen time of side characters, power escalation, the loss of the theme of "hard work beats natural talent" and much more, all in an effort to perfect Naruto or at least bring out its max potential, of course in my opinion. Please enjoy. Naruto Part I: Naruto Part II (1/2): Naruto Part II (2/2):
  9. The questions that many have asked and many have answered, Who is best girl? This question can spread through anime, video games, light novels, visual novels, manga, etc. I am very much curious about everyone's answer. Yes, there may be more than one, and if so, list top 3. - My best girl? Ika Musume, why? Cause its a squid girl Blue Saber (Altria (Arthur) Pendragon). Yuno Gasai, cause yandare. - Maybe this has been asked already, I apologize if so. Feel free to answer, thank you.
  10. New here, nice to meet you all (:

    Hello all! Very much new to this, I look forward to talking to new people. Above all, I hope find new anime to watch Thank you!

    Yooo Minna~SAN!! Current Anime being watched: Steins;Gate Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Mystery (from what I've seen) Recommend it? OF COURSE! It tells the story of Okabe Rintarou a self-proclaimed mad scientist along with his fellow "Lab Members" as they fight an organization in the future (terminator vibes eh), well anyways.. this is a must watch for everyone, though some may not understand it then watch it and you'll understand why I'm saying that this anime is outstanding (you could already understand what I'm saying just by looking at the show's ratings.) There's also some romance, that's pretty awesome if you ask me, though I've already watched the movie and have not watched the series full yet (which is pretty much one of the most stupid things that could happen) but I guess I have a Spoiler Paradox if that's what it's called, or maybe it was just my stupidity cause actually I thought the I was watching the first thing and I really thought that it was a movie, and the thing is I discovered that it was really the last of the franchise. Rating: 9/10 (I wanna stay true to the MAL Rating, though what I wanted was 10/10, but see for yourself. . GO WATCH IT!! [mal type=anime id=9253] THAT'S IT FOR TODAY, SEE YA LATER!
  12. I've read and watched tons of stuff from long running shows to seasonal Anime. from 50 volume series to oneshots recently tho I've hit quite a small blunder and that is I'm running out of shows to watch, and running out of stuff to read so if you dont mind recommending stuff that would be great it can be anything Genres I like: Shounen, Romancee, Comedy, Slice of life, Mystery, Long running title's ps: would have added my anime and manga list but its to tedious for me to type them all Thanks
  13. H&R Block Challenge

    Are you guys doing the H&R Block Budget Challenge by yourself or for your school?
  14. So i was thinking about Koneko from Highschool dxd and Angel from angel beats, and i saw that they look alike. Do you think they are related in any way?
  15. one piece and berserk characters fight looks interesting. what do you think?
  16. Unknown ANime

    Please help me I am trying to find this anime by locating its theme song. it would be very helpful if someone could identify the song played at 4:40.
  17. Madara's Death

    I posed this question in Reddit and it got a healthy response so I figured, why not put it here. My friend believes that Madara dying for the sake of bringing back Kaguya was a bad idea for the plot. How do you guys feel about it? Mind you, he loves Madara...
  18. Tokyo Ghoul:re

    What are your thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul:re?
  19. Crunchyroll worth it?

    Is Crunchyroll premium worth it? and is there English dubs? Thanks
  20. Any good short 1 season anime's?

    Does anyone know any very good short ish 1 season anime's? Thanks
  21. I'm am trying to get into anime and I am currently watching naruto on netflix because I thought that that will be a good way to start. Should I finish watching naruto before watching another anime? Thanks
  22. Personally, I think satsuki is bestgirl in Kill la Kill. I even have a lanyard!
  23. Top 3 anime of Winter 2018

    Hi there.. Vote on the poll for your top 3 anime of Winter 2018. https://aniblogger.com/2018/04/01/best-of-winter-2018/
  24. What's Your Top 10 Anime!

    Let's hear it! (In no particular order) Here is mine. Cowboy Bebop Neon Genesis Evangelion Yu Yu Hakusho Stein's Gate Rurouni Kenshin Samurai Champloo Death Note Code Geass Gurren Lagann Kill la Kill (My sincere apologies to the anime that were left off the list )
  25. music &nbsp;song - amv anime Darker Than Black https://youtu.be/cnwGRsJnEeg Please if you enjoyed subscribing to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ1cPEHHahzFRjrk3CTj7iw <iframe width="480" height="270" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cnwGRsJnEeg" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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