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  1. so this is kinda stupid cuz i remember watching an anime back when i was like a small kid, but i still remember the story(well, most of it) but i cant remember which anime it was. i searched everywhere but i just cant find an answer. the story is like this: there's a guy he marries a girl but then there's another girl who's really jealous because she likes this guy. she runs away from that place but she is followed by another guy who likes her. he tries to stop her but apparently this girl does something stupid( i dnt remember wat) she is kidnapped by someone and then she is saved by the main guy(i guess) then in the end there's something related to a baby being born and something like that . arghh i dnt knw WAT THE HELL AM I DOING THIS IS STUPID. I M SORRY GUY PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF U HAVE ANY CLUE I JUST REALLY WANNA KNOW WHICH ANIME THIS IS. I M DESPERATE.
  2. Anime villains ^_^

    Hey guy's I'm the Animetuber I have an anime youtube channel where i post every week a new video on various anime related content. For this weeks video i chose to present some of the best villains the world of anime has to offer... If you enjoyed the video, then please feel free to like comment and subscribe, so we can stay in touch, and i could get your opinions on my video's and channel Hope you have anime day. The Animetuber
  3. Anime villains ^_^

    Hey guy's I'm the Animetuber I have an anime youtube channel where i post every week a new video on various anime related content. For this weeks video i chose to present some of the best villains the world of anime has to offer... If you enjoyed the video, then please feel free to like comment and subscribe, so we can stay in touch, and i could get your opinions on my video's and channel Hope you have anime day. The Animetuber
  4. Space Dandy Episode 5

    SPACE DANDY EPISODE 5 This is not a review. It looks like one I know, but it's not. So If you've seen Space Dandy you will probably remember the episode where Dandy's ship is fined for a parking ticket. As a result he has to find other means to register a little alien kid to pay for his ticket. This little alien kid(see below) This Is Adelie <<<<<<<<<<<< So Dandy ends up in a sort of fatherly role for this young girl since she's all alone. There's a heartwarming 2 minute montage of their trip. All round this is probably one of my favorite episodes. But there's a bit of a problem... I was really enjoying this episode, had me feeling all warm and fuzzy. But then... then the ending came. I think Dandy says something pervy like 'you can come see me once you have big tits and curvy hips'. which is fine. That's totally something he'd say. Adelie kinda just scoffs (coz yknow shes used to his shit by now.) What I have a problem with is what she says to herself (/the audience) after that. She basically says she wants to "grow up as fast as she can" so she can be seen as a woman by Dandy... What? GOD FUCKING DAMMIT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! WHY!? THEY HAD A BEAUTIFUL PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP WHY DID THEY HAVE TO RUIN THAT??? (Because the author can't write past his own dick) Now I remember why normal people cant fucking watch anime. Why's that? you ask. 70% of female characters are fetish tropes that's why(not an accurate estimate). God I'm so sick of this shit, and it's not even the characters themselves. Fetish characters are fine in fetish shows, I know okay I watch that shit. But it's when they shoehorn that shit in where it ain't supposed to be, that really pisses me off. This was the first time we got to see Dandy be sincere and genuine. But no it had to be undermined by this crap. It's not like I don't expect something like this from Space Dandy. The show is usually pretty straight forward with It's priorities. <<<<(Not from episode 5) It just wasn't the place for it. I was so impressed with the episodes lighthearted maturity because at first I was all like "let me guess this little girl will develop a crush on Dandy" (which I wouldn't be mad at) But instead I was pleasantly surprised by a sophisticated relationship. (or at least more sophisticated than 'Lets mak viewer dik feel gud!') Hell I even felt bad for judging the episode before it had really started. And then the show spat in my fucking face all like 'NAH JK SHE ACTUALLY DOES WANT HIS DICK tehe~' What I'm trying to say is Fuck you Space Dandy... fuck you. I know I'm overreacting but I'm just mad that it tricked me that's all. Ultimately it was only one line at the end of the episode. It doesn't really affect the overall quality. I'm just so done with this crap. It's especially insulting because the show made it so clear it was a father and daughter relationship.(The show is not subtle about this) Adelie never had a father and so Dandy begins to fill that role for her, if only for a short period of time. Then at the end they just pull this romance bullshit out of their ass to keep the dicks in their audience warm, like no just fuck off Space Dandy. And that's about all I have to say. I just thought I'd put this out there since I don't feel like the Kissanime comment section quite understood how I felt. Outro: uhh 3 things actually, First of all 'Hi'. I'm James. (I know SeaOfRed doesn't quite roll off the brain tongue, so feel free to call me by my name ) Second, content to expect from me in the future includes subjects like: art; anime; games; stories and just life in general. Finally I'd like to thank you for reading. Tell me what you did and didn't like and your opinion on the subject.
  5. 1st Annual Anime Gala

    I just found this awesome convention type thing that needs funding, it's called the 1st Annual Anime Gala. Apparently they have games, cosplay, tournaments, dancing and much more. I'm so excited for it and I think you guys might be too, I hope it's okay that I post the link here. All of the information for the gala is on these two sites, I hope this okay because I'm super excited about this! https://www.annualanimegala.com
  6. Netflix's anime adaptations

    What's your thoughts on Netflix making all these anime adaptations of recent?
  7. Hello fellow Otaku! Today I am excited because I have found an old PSP ROM online and a PSP emulator to play this game! I know it's ~technically~ illegal, but I'd rather not but a working PS2 and a $60 game that I can't entirely read (I need to learn more than Hiragana) when I could play it and record it now. I will probably but the actual game for my collection someday anyway, so I don't mind as much. That being said, I am going to start playing it after this post! Make sure to PM me if you want a review from a fellow forum-er! :3
  8. Hey my fellow Otaku

    Hey guy's ^_^, my name is Marti, I'm 21 years old. I am like you passionate about the world of anime. For my part, this passion came to me at the age of 6 with manga and at 10 with the arrival of streaming sites. I decided recently to start my own YouTube channel under the name "The Animetuber". My main motivation for my channel is not to collect views but rather to use it as a base to spread my knowledge, views and opinions, with people who share my passion. This channel is fuelled by a new video every week on various anime related topics. Here's the link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClncE-8x36uxxEq-jCKId9g Here's my Twitter : https://twitter.com/TheAnimetuber Don't hesitate to post a review on my page, talk to me on Twitter , or even subscribe to my channel so that we can talk and share our common passion. Thanx in advance. The Animetuber.
  9. Tokyo Ghoul:Re 2018 anime

    WHO ELSE IS FREAKING HYPED FOR SEASON 3 TOKYO GHOUL?! Even if it might b shit... We won't know until we watch it-- I was shook by the promo afterall
  10. Want to join a fun and friendly discord?

    https://discord.gg/adMER3E Just a fun discord with little members, but you and many others can change that. With the members we do have we like to play games, talk, watch anime, and mess around with technology. There is a music channel in which users can share their tastes and converse over music, not to mention a lewd section... Warning we goof off a lot do not be alarmed.
  11. High school anime is extremely popular. There are countless series in the anime medium but why is that the case? It's because high school anime resonates with us. We can relate to the characters because we are either enrolling in our high school life or have already experienced it. Furthermore, we become emotionally attached to some of the characters presented and make judgements on their actions. We see them grow and witness their relationships and friendships develop etc. What do you think of high school anime? Is it something that resonates with you? I also made a video along with a friend regarding this question. If you are interested feel free to check it out. I think it will give a good understanding of our opinion and what we think.
  12. Hiya! :3

    Hi there ^^ I thought I would just introduce myself so you can get an idea of who's actually behind the screen :3 So yeah, I'm a 17-years-old boy and I'm from the small country of Denmark. I find myself on here because I'm basically looking for a forum where I can talk about anime and other things, and hopefully make some new friends ^^. I like to play music. I play guitar, ukulele, piano, violin and the bass. I also really love to draw and to write stuff. And now to the anime part of my introduction, I love watching anime, and my current favorites are Another, True Tears, Corpse Party, Elfen Lied and Yuri on Ice. What can I say, I like myself some good yaoi, romance or gore :3 I've watched anime for about 4 years now, and I have been to 3 cons in my life (last one being in november of 2017). Oh yeah, I also really like pastel aesthetics (Which probably shows by my profile pic). I am very shy irl, which is why I find myself turning to the internet to find and talk to new people (Also there isn't a lot of people in my town who watch anime, so it isn't something I can really talk about with people around me irl) But yeah, as I said, I like talking to new people so hmu if you want someone new to chat with ^^ I look forward to my time on this site/forum, and from the posts I've seen before joining, you all seem extremely kind, so I'm looking forward to talking and discussing stuff with you guys as well. ヾ(^∇^)
  13. Anyone listen to chillpop or lofi music? The genre is like becoming sysnoums with anime...at least if you check Youtube. The thumbnails and gifs all over chillpop and lofi music, and more so much of the music contains quotes and scenes from anime. I love the genre! For me it started with Nujabes thanks to Samurai Champloo, but then I discovered more ambient music like Tycho and somewhere along the line I discovered other chillpop and lofi music. If you have want to listen to some, let me know I'll send you some good ones from YouTube. Also, if you have anything good to recommend please do so!
  14. What's your favorite psychological anime of all time
  15. I need help with my anime character

    I need someone to color my anime pls
  16. Spotify, etc. anime music links

    Anyone have links to their favorite anime music to share? Spotify would be great, as I have "game" and "anime" playlists there, but youtube, or ?? is fine too. (For anyone with a spotify account, here's a link to my "anime" playlist .)
  17. Chit Chat

    Talk about anything
  18. Trying to grow a server

    Come join my Discord server!! https://discord.gg/KRFd5fB For things anime, art, games and music related.
  19. I'm looking for any suggestions on a any horror anime that are actually scary, or at least creepy, and not so gore focused. So far the only anime that has actually creeped me out was Shiki.
  20. Dragon Ball Super Scenes

    Hello friends, I will post Dragon Ball Super scenes here:
  21. Hello!! My name is Ximada and I started up a discord server for the purpose of being able to meet new people who share similar interests and hobbies! We have art, memes, nsfw, gaming, and more! I hope to see you there and, if you can't join, a bump would always be appreciated. Thank you!! - Invite: https://discord.gg/U3ymBVF
  22. My family is more accepting then they would be if it weren't for my oldest brother getting me into DBZ at such a young age. My dad was also stationed in Korea looooong ago (like the late 80s I think) and read manga while there, but outside of my household its almost completely taboo. I avoid talking about anime while visiting grandparents and others. I am the only otaku in my family and I am OK with that.
  23. My favorite anime is Fruits Basket. I can always pick it up and watch it. Especially during winter and spring.
  24. How did you get into anime?

    I grew up watching DBZ with my oldest brother and since then have grown the amount of anime I have watched. Also, my favorite anime is Fruits Basket.

    What makes a good anime?