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Found 9 results

  1. so ya, how fast can you type in a minute? ill post the site i used for this game as its the one i usually use to see how fast i can type https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english rules are pretty simple; type as much sentence as you can in one minute and then post your results as direct image for everyone to see ;o or just say what you got, ill start : D also heres translation for non-nerds? keystrokes : 533 - wrong letters: 7 - total: 540 keystrokes
  2. King_Sama

    A Way Out

    The only thing I can describe "A Way Out". The Mafia franchise and Army of Two unborn baby. This game has action, suspense, betrayal, and whatever else you can guess. You and your partner will never want to put the game down and if you do, you'll just want to pick it up again. In short the game is awesome. The game starts off with you and your partner picking one of the two characters you'll be using; Vincent and Leo. Vincent, is a college graduate being sent to jail on a murder rap. Leo, is a gangster in for for whatever you can think off. Now I can tell you that it matters which character you'll be using, but the only thing that differs between them, is strength. Vincent is sightly stronger then Leo, making him useful in pick-ups from high ledges. Leo can't do that. That's all. The game plays like chapters, you're playing as Vincent and Leo in memory, while the real characters are on a plane heading out of the states reminiscing about everything until that point. Now I'm not going to give you guys to much information on the game, because I wouldn't want anyone to spoil this game for me at all. What I can tell you is that this game goes deeper then two criminals escaping from jail. It digs into their lives having you get emotional invested in your characters progression. You want your character to escape, you want them to get to their families, you want them to ride off into the sunset with smiles on their faces; but you;ll soon see that's not going to happen. In an instant, all of that will change in a way you never saw coming. Me and my partner could barely believe it and it had us on our toes even more than the game already had. Speaking of partner, YOU NEED ONE!!! Not just anyone, not the person that you find online, because that isn't going to work. Finding a random person maybe your only way to play, but I highly doubt anyone gets this game without a partner in mine. It's a lot easier to play with someone you know, the chemistry will already be there, you know what person should be doing what in certain circumstances, and when you want to grab an achievement you don't have to force that person to help. I'm making this game sound like it's awesome in every way, but like with everything it has it's flaws. The mechanics for the driving isn't the best, it's stiff and loose all at the same time making it a bit harder to escape the cops. Especially, since all the cops come after you like you're in GTA and have 5 stars. When you finally get to use a gun you're over the freaking moon, until you see the gun mechanics and how many you get to use. You have 5 in your arsenal. Shotgun, sniper, rifle, sub-machine, handgun. All of them fire differently, aim isn't great and it takes about a clip to take down someone. You can easily look pass all of this, because the game makes up for it. To sum it all up, get the game. You and your friend will have a great time.
  3. Due to a lack of time I don't play nearly as much as I'd like, but I'm a big fan of video games. Everything from coin-op arcade games like Space Wars and Gauntlet back in the day to PC games like Doom or Quake to more recent MMORPGs like WoW and Skyrim, I've at least tried most everything - and played some a lot more than I probably should have. Sandbox/simulation games are what I keep coming back to however. I've played pretty much every version of Sim<anything> over the years, even SimEarth and SimAnt. I used to be really into Minecraft back when it was still Mojang/Notch. These days my current obsession is Kerbal Space Program (with the Kerbal Engineer and kOS mods). Keeping an eye on No Man's Sky and Space Engineer for the future. So what's your favorite and/or current video game? What sort of games do you like?
  4. SleepyRevix

    1st Annual Anime Gala

    I just found this awesome convention type thing that needs funding, it's called the 1st Annual Anime Gala. Apparently they have games, cosplay, tournaments, dancing and much more. I'm so excited for it and I think you guys might be too, I hope it's okay that I post the link here. All of the information for the gala is on these two sites, I hope this okay because I'm super excited about this! https://www.annualanimegala.com
  5. Hello fellow Otaku! Today I am excited because I have found an old PSP ROM online and a PSP emulator to play this game! I know it's ~technically~ illegal, but I'd rather not but a working PS2 and a $60 game that I can't entirely read (I need to learn more than Hiragana) when I could play it and record it now. I will probably but the actual game for my collection someday anyway, so I don't mind as much. That being said, I am going to start playing it after this post! Make sure to PM me if you want a review from a fellow forum-er! :3
  6. OtakuTeaTime

    Seeking new titles

    Hey there anyone from the forum have any good Dating sims/visual novels that they have played before? I am currently trying to work on making a light novel that i have written into a dating sim and i am trying to find good suggestions on games that people have played before? no wrong answers anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated! thank you!
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone is playing this game here ? I would also like to hear what are your views on it and what do you think of it being released on console
  8. Im sure alot of us play games of some sort, What do you have on your desktop? i personally have all of my games on my desktop. I dont like unused space. lol I also sort my games into categories so i can easily find them. let me know how you organize your desktop!
  9. Metro

    Anime Forums Games Servers.

    Hello everyone. This is the thread for make people aware of servers that I own that anyone part of the Anime Forum can join, if you are interested state what game you have and I will add you to a conversation where I will take your username and add you to the white list if any of you own any servers as well and are willing to share it with anime forum community I will add it here, (If the servers are closed or people can't join is probably because its down for maintenance, recording or the servers have just gone down) Server Status: Garry's Mod: Under going maintenance Rust: Open! Minecraft: Open!
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