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Found 14 results

  1. Dot.com

    When Did You Give Up on Naruto?

    I can't seem to remember the exact chapter but for me it was during one of these scenes, during the Fourth War, where Minato commented on Sasuke's power and mentioned that Naruto had not yet matured like Sasuke did. In my head I was just like "Did this mofo just say that Naruto, who suffered because of something YOU did to him and somehow managed to become a sane, albeit slightly childish adult human, has not yet grown as a person?" I was done at this point. I mean, it was a combination of a number of things and by that point I had also stopped watching the anime but that was the final straw. Anyway, which scene did it for you?
  2. Naruto shinobi strikers is an online pvp game which supports up to 8 players, it has two game modes thus far; capture the flag and team deathmatch. An offline multiplayer mode is yet to be confirmed. This game features character creation for the first time ever in a Naruto game which makes up for the fairly small but adequate roster of 26 characters (13 confirmed so far). It has also developed and uses a new graphic style than seen in any previous Naruto games including NUNSR, what do you think of the graphics? What are you're guys thoughts on this new game? Do you think it looks good or should Bandai Namco have just stuck with NUNSR?
  3. flamer180

    What kinds of Cultures do u guys like?

    There is a whole bunch of listed cultures out there and different cool things about each one! - Japanese - Indian - British - American - Korean - Russian The only thing I can say for Russian is,: UHHHHHHHHH! I Personally like Japanese Culture alot!
  4. Yume Sheezy

    naruto Fixing Naruto Series

    I love Naruto and I think it's the GOAT, but all stories have flaws and no story is perfect. I have acknowledged this and decided to make video essays on how I would fix the flaws that I see. In thesee videos, I cover topics such as Sakura's potential, her relationship with Sasuke, screen time of side characters, power escalation, the loss of the theme of "hard work beats natural talent" and much more, all in an effort to perfect Naruto or at least bring out its max potential, of course in my opinion. Please enjoy. Naruto Part I: Naruto Part II (1/2): Naruto Part II (2/2):
  5. JalStar

    Madara's Death

    I posed this question in Reddit and it got a healthy response so I figured, why not put it here. My friend believes that Madara dying for the sake of bringing back Kaguya was a bad idea for the plot. How do you guys feel about it? Mind you, he loves Madara...
  6. I'm am trying to get into anime and I am currently watching naruto on netflix because I thought that that will be a good way to start. Should I finish watching naruto before watching another anime? Thanks
  7. This is one of my favorite song from Naruto Shippuden and remix by Marco B! I hope you guys had fun watching me do a quick session with power and blow ups! What’s your favorite Naruto Shippuden Opening or Ending? Feel free to let me know!
  8. saltyricebollz

    Metal lee’s mother

    So like I thought metals mother was Tenten but I read elsewhere that it’s unknown like what?
  9. Muco

    What has Naruto taught you?

    As some of you may know, naruto has ended and even though i'm a bit late, i would like to create this thread in order to know your thoughts about what you learned from Naruto or what you liked at most. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Mbs-Q8LU-I
  10. Bakuganfan01

    Most hated Naruto villain

    I've been rewatching anime shows of my childhood in the last few months, like Pokémon, Bakugan and Naruto. This is about Naruto now. Which of these villains are your most hated? 1. Orochimaru 2. Itachi Uchiha 3. Madara Uchiha 4. Obito Uchiha Let's start with me. I hate Orochimaru the most, because he is disgusting, a pedophile, sick and he killed so many people for his experiments. I think it's clear that those experiments were really cruel. Madara is my number two. The list of crimes he committed is longer than a million rolls of toilet paper combined. Then I have Itachi. He is pure evil, but he has some honor. He spared his brother and let him kill him. Why? Because he loved him. That's true honor for me. If you didn't know, honor is very important to me and I judge characters by that. At last, I have Obito. I hate him too, but not as much as the others. His actions were mostly to blame on Madara, but that doesn't make him innocent. So, who do you hate the most? Leave it in the comments.
  11. User 1510

    Naruto vs Naruto Shippuden

    Hi, I was just wondering who likes which series better and why?
  12. nakamuratoki

    movie Boruto: Naruto the Movie

    Just saw the movie the other day through you know what. In my opinion, it's much better than the Last, adult Narusasu have the best scenes :3 Everyone has a badass moment, and Boruto is much better characterized than the spoiled brat you see on the trailers. Has anyone watched it yet?
  13. which naruto teacher from konohagakure is right for you? I got Kakashi which I'm pretty happy about
  14. nakamuratoki

    Naruto Shippuden: The True Legend of Itachi

    An anime spinoff based on the light novel, it follows the story of Itachi from age 4 to when he had to murder his own family, except for his little brother Sasuke. Can't wait to see this!
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