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Found 1 result

  1. XII360

    Anime - dub or sub ?

    so was unsure whether to put this onto chit-chat thread, orrrr general anime tab, but nevertheless! was studying (or atleast opened my old notes, to prepare for my upcoming classes) while browsing forums, when i saw @NG-Anime post a thread about dub, and then i suddenly had an epiphany which do you preffer? subbed anime or dubbed anime ? personally, i prefer sub more than dub, dub is fine, thats where i learned to speak english, butttt i somewhat enjoy reading more than just hearing, thus comes subtitles in subs, its rare to see subs in dubbed anime due to how, its kind of already in english so theres little point of them to hassle on it? +/- i semi translate what the characters actually say and compare it to what the sub's say, its somewhat of a fun game i do in my brain when i play games/watch anime what about you ?! do you prefer subs more than dubs?, dubs more than subs? is it depending on who the V/A's on the characters ?!, both ?! lets have a discussion and avoid my studying have fun !
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