Three great adventure titles

1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

full-metal-alchemist-brotherhoodThis is the touching story of Edward Elric that embarks on an adventure with his brother Alphonse to find the Philopsoher’s Stone to amplify his alchemist abilities to restore Alphonse to his original body after his soul was transferred to a suit of armour which arised from an accident.

Yet the closer they get to finding the Philopsoher’s Stone, the more trouble and conspiracies they encounter.

Highly recommended for its memorable characters, and a definite must see that is easily approachable for any viewer.

2. Arslan Senki


This is an adventure about Arslan who seeks to reclaim Pars, which was once the Royal Capital of Ecbatana after becoming threatened by the Lusitanians.

During Arslan’s travels, he meets many new companions and also takes the opportunity to learn about strategic warfare, the attributes of becoming a kind ruler and grow his army for a counter-offensive.

Highly recommended.

3. Attack on Titan


This is a world where humanity is forced to live inside cities that are surrounded by giant walls after they were almost wiped out centuries ago by Titans – giant humanoids that take pleasure in eating humans.

This is the story of Eren Yeager who is determined to destroy all the Titans as revenge by joining the Survey Corps – a military unit that engages in operations against the Titans outside the walls. Adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and childhood friend Armin Arlert also decide to join the war with Eren.

Chilling with fluidly animated combat scenes, this is a definitely one to watch.


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