Three intriguing anime cyberpunk titles

1. Ergo Proxy


Ergo Proxy revolves around a rather dystopian future where mankind is forced to live in dome cities due to an incident that caused the planet to become almost impossible to live in. The dome cities are advanced with life support, technology and are heavily controlled by the AutoReiv robots.

However when AutoReivs starts to go mad and become self-aware from the Cogito virus, Inspector Re-I Mayer is on the case. She encounters an intriguing character called Vincent Law and what appears to be a monster – a proxy. Her investigation causes her to seek both Vincent Law and this proxy.

This series can be difficult to watch as it dives into the psychology of many characters, particularly when the characters visit several domed cities around the world. But the way the events unfold is satisfying, as we learn more about the events of what necessitated the need for the domed cities in the first place. Highly recommended.

2. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex


Ghost in the Shell is set in a future world where it is possible to become a cyborg using prosthetic parts and brains. Virtually everyone has some form of enhancement. These prosthetic parts allow the user to enhance both their physical strength and abilities, but at the same time introduces its own set of societal problems as more criminals become more sophisticated with this technology.

There are different adaptations, with the most iconic one being the original Ghost in the Shell movie. My personal favourite out of all of them though is the Stand Alone Complex TV series.

Stand Alone Complex follows a special operations team called Section 9 that works behind the scenes for crimes that are deemed to be too sensitive for a normal Police response. The team is an interesting composition, both Motoko Kusanagi and Batou are both fully cyberised but Togusa has opted to remain fully human.

Expect lots of tactical action with Section 9’s impressive arsenal, along with cases that question humanity as the lines between man and machine become blurred. This is a franchise worth getting into.



Set in a utopian society where your future is determined based on the almighty power of a supercomputer called Sibyl.

Conventional Police weapons have been abandoned in favour of the Dominator – a weapon that can quantify your crime coefficient and determine a response based on that value. To stun or kill.

PSYCHO-PASS follows inspector Akane Tsunemori and her enforcer partner, Kogami Shinya and their team as they work to solve an increasing number of criminal cases. At the same time, Akane finds herself reluctant to rely on the Dominator as she learns more about the true nature of the Sibyl System.

If you’ve seen Ghost in the Shell, you may notice some stark similarities in the setting – both are set in advanced societies with a similar art style. Highly recommended.


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