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What's the weather like where you are?


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Temps in the 50s & continued rain until late afternoon. Ah well, at least being cooped up indoors won’t seem so bad.

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20 minutes ago, Soramee_ said:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? This look like something from halo. How is it so beautiful!!!

Haven't I mentioned?  I live on a ringworld.  That small bluish blob in the pic is the gas giant we orbit.  I had to buy a fancy wifi router with a subspace communication module just so I can log in to AF.  (Those aren't cheap either, let me tell you!  You think GPUs are expensive?  You could buy a dozen 6900xts or 10 3090s for the price of a subspace module and still have plenty of money left to fill your tank with gas.)



(jk of course.  Especially about having enough money for gas! ;) )

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