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Hey all :)

I am new to this forum site. I've been an anime fan for 7 years. I got into anime because my cousin gave me her mangas that she didn't read anymore. One of those series included Inuyasha. I got so into Inuyasha that I started watching the full series and my anime love just grew from there. Currently, my favorite animes are Demon Slayer, The Rising of the Shield Hero, and Guilty Crown. Recently I created an all anime blog and shop to share my love and knowledge of anime! I write about New Animes, Top Animes, Filler Episode Lists, and More. It's called PantomAnime. Other than that, reply with your favorite animes because I could always go for some anime recommendations :3.

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Welcome to the forum!

Weve got a following of Shield hero, and Demon Slayer fans lurking around here somewhere 😎

I remember watching Inuyasha every night as it aired on Adult Swim, those were good times. 

Heads up! There’s a section on our site specifically for posting a blog. I’m sure you’ve got some great content to follow, so share it with us when you get the chance.

As for anime recs.. My faves besides Shield Hero and Demon Slayer are: Claymore, Accel World, Trigun, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and the  Samurai X OVAs.

See you around

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Hi there, welcome aboard~

Inuyasha was one of my first animes too, via Adult Swim, which also introduced me to two favorite of mine, Death Note and Code Geass. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is my personal favorite, I also loved Nichijou, and Steins;Gate~

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time here~

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Welcome! New members are always a good thing :)

My top five from the current season would be: Dororo, Attack on Titan, Shield Hero, Fruits Basket & Isekai Quartet.

All time favorites include: Cowboy Bebop, My Hero Academia, Azumanga Daioh, Yuru Camp, & A Place Further Than The Universe.

 Hope you’ll stick around.

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Welcome to af friendly site inu yasha i liked that anime too but i never got to finish it was way too long for me from kaga the ghostly potato

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depends on what you want to see, action, sci-fi, giant mech, romance, comedy, slice of life. Theres a lot of different kinds of anime. Seems like you like action anime so I can say you might like these



Black Cat

Hitman Reborn

Hunter X hunter

yu yu hakusho

i was reincarnated as a slime

magi the labyrinth of magic, 2nd series magic the kingdom of magic 

fate/zero then the 2rd series fate/stay night unlimited blade works tv series not the movie

Baki the grappler 2001-part 2 baki 2011 part 3 baki 2018 

boku no hero academia

attack on titan

fullmetal alchemist

jojo's bizarre adventure part 1,2,3,4,5

ghost in the shell tv series

cowboy bebop


rurouni kenshin

samurai champloo


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