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One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows


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For PS4/XB1/PC! I am so hyped for this game, don't know how Saitama is going to be balanced, just hoping all the technical stuff is done well and holding out for 4-6 player couch co-op seeing as 3v3 battles seems to be the main mode. Anyway guys, check out the trailer below and tell me what ya think! Tbh, I have been dying for an OPM game since I started watching the show, always thought an RPG would better suit a video game but I am incredibly excited because fighting games are my favorite genre. 


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Really? An OPM fighting game? That's interesting...?

Objectively speaking the trailer does look fun. I like the idea of pitching all OPM characters into battle. I can see Saitama, Genos, Master Bang, Sonic, Tatsumaki (if they decide to put her in) will become extremely popular characters at launch.

Wonder how King will fight in this game though...

*P/S: Saitama's pose when he's taking hit looks really funny. It's like he's just standing there thinking "Are you done?"

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On 6/27/2019 at 11:32 PM, Musuko said:

I never thought a fighting game would be possible since there are clear defined power levels in the show, but I'm still excited for this game. If Glasses makes it into the game, he'll be my main for sure.

There's a lot of Dragonball Z games where power levels are clearly defined, but that doesn't stop them from being a thing.


Game looks woefully generic to me, banking on licensing to sell the game but will ultimately be forgettable and not worth the time of anybody that isn't a fan of the series. (Like a lot of the aformentioned Dragonball Z games) Even it's hook isn't entirely unique, the idea of fighting over-powered opponents isn't really anything new in a fighting game either.

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