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I need help finding this anime


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OK. The only thing I remember is that:

It was set at a school... I think

The characters use magic

Main character I think was a girl

One scene I remember is this boy character could give life to objects like a teddy bear. He gave life to this one teddy bear but because the the teddy bears mouth was sow shut he couldn't speak. 

Every time he gave life to an object, this boy would decrease his life span. In a way every time he used his magic, he was dying.

Please help. I've been going mad trying to find this anime

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Maburaho had a guy who could only use magic a very limited number of times before it killed him.

Pretty sure Magic Users Club had a teddy bear mascot the female lead talked to.

Both focused on students who could use magic. Neither sound like an exact match, but all I can think of at the moment

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