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Favorite budget meals


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@ruthisiancodex oh i do, but i figured that wouldn't have counted since not everyone has the space for one 😆 like budget meal, no problem! just toss in something from the garden! oh wait-

thats just what i do when were out of canned stuff or the gardens out of season, beans, eggs, grains, and canned veggies

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made curry with potatos and porkbutt that was borderline going bad. then made a simple pork cutlet from porkchops to make katsu curry. kimchi on the side.


tatos - 20 cents a tato. 2 weeks old

japanese curry base - 4 dollars for a 6 servings(i think) remembered using 2.5 servings for extra consistency

flour - pretty sure everyone has flour

panko/bread crumbs - some of yall might have in your pantry. if not their like 2 dollars a box. keep in your pantry well sealed. boom will last you a forever

egg - probably the hardest to get. but im pretty sure youll find some

pork chops - bruh like 4 dollar per pound. i literally used less than quarter than that. 

total - cheap asf. 


really though, if i had to guess; i spent less than 2 dollars minusing the things i had in my pantry and fridge.


sorry, actually looks like diarrhea lool(ignore the razer. idl why that was there)

if you plan on buying everything, would roughly cost you 30 dollars. would be for 6 servings though

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Honestly it would be Ramen. But what some people don't realize is you can do A LOT with it besides just putting boiling water and a seasoning packet in it. You can fry it up, add different things to it (I prefer adding ham and hot sauce to it) like various veggies, eggs, meats and other seasoning. One of my family members makes a salad out of it and brings it to family potlucks and it's freaking delicious. 

Also whatever fresh veggies and fruits that are on sale for that day (cucumbers were 2 for $1.00 and oranges were .63 cents each). For cucumbers I peel, slice, throw them in a container with some garlic pepper and a little salt, mix and I eat that. 

Chicken Gumbo sloppy Joe's (aka BBQ's).

You brown ground hamburger, drain the excess grease, buy a couple cans of chicken Gumbo soup (any brand, I usually use Campbell's) pour that into the hamburger, add a few squirts of ketchup and mustard (your preference on how much), salt and pepper then let it heat up on the stove. You can eat it on bread or buns or even Doritos (nacho cheese flavored chips). It's fricking amazing. 


I'll also buy frozen hot pies too every now and then. 


My fiance travels for work through most of the summer so it's really just me and my two dogs which makes it hard to make a meal so most of the time I'll pop in a frozen dinner or ramen for myself then snack on veggies or junk food. 

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Not sure if this is sold outside the UK or not but Rana's Mascarpone and Mushroom pasta is probably my favorite 2 minute meal at the moment (not sure if it counts as 'budget' though lol)98483011_0_640x640.jpg.f293fa5ce15f36026d5f053c6103cd89.jpg

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