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I want to find out which other gods and goddesses that has the same position 


The Gods of Europe...

Norse mythology

Celtic mythology

Slavic mythology

Baltic mythology

Latvian mythology

Lithuanian mythology

Finnish mythology

Sámi mythology

Germanic mythology

Greek mythology

Roman mythology

Etruscan mythology


The Gods of Africa and the Middle East...

African mythology

Mesopotamian mythology

Ancient Egyptian mythology


Middle-East mythology

Yoruba mythology

Canaanite mythology

Hittite mythology


The Gods of America and Mesoamerica...

Native American mythology

Mesoamerican mythology

Aztec mythology

Inca mythology

Maya mythology

South American mythology

Caribbean mythology

Haitian Vodou mythology


The Gods of Asia...

Buddhist mythology

Hindu mythology

Chinese mythology

Japanese mythology

Indonesian mythology

Southeast Asian mythology

Thai mythology

Siberian mythology


The Gods of Australia and Oceana...

Australian Aboriginal mythology

Pacific Islands mythology

Hawaiian mythology

Maori mythology

Melanesian mythology

Micronesian mythology

Polynesian mythology

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