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In the wake of a million fires
I see my own flesh on burning wires
And tears come streaming from your eyes
For you can't bear to hear these helpless cries
And I don't know if they're coming from you or me ...
"Oh dear God," I hear you whisper, "Please set her free ..."

Waking with a start I find you in the dark
You hands cold as ice and your face stark
For you're always so stoic even in the night
For that's when demons find us and bring fright
To our hearts, to our heads, to everything we know
And the smell of burnt flesh still hasn't let go
So I sit by your side and I wait 'til the morning
Watching and waiting as I sit here mourning
For I know you are praying, even in your sleep
And I know you are crying, for your heart doth weep
And when you awake I know you will say,
"Tomorrow's tomorrow, but today is today."
For you always have the right words on your lips
And whenever I falter you appear, you eclipse
For the sun is too bright on my sinful skin
So you cover it up, with the darkness within
And I know you are as holy and righteous as they
But you act like you're nothing whenever I say,
"Holy knight, holy one, what shall I do?
I have lost everything, now I can't lose you too
But I fear I have fallen prey to mine own self
And I hope, to your God, you stay yourself
But if you stay by my side, holding tight to me
What good can I do? What good will I be?
For I have sinned and brought His wrath down
And I know you doth wish to stay, but I fear you will drown
For the river is rushing and the rocks doth cry for blood
So I beg you, good knight, save yourself from the flood!"
But every time I beg for your life and not mine 
You turn right around and say it's divine
This life I've been given, this life I doth live
For you say it is mine to hold and not to give
For I can't give it up and I can't give it back
So you hold my hand and don't let me slack
Oh, how you continuously pray for my redemption
But when I protest and say it will bring no exemption
You say, with a smile, "I know it will not,
For your heart hath not a single blot
And therefore God need not forgive
But I believe it will help you live
If you remember I doth pray for your soul
Even when you think you are not whole
For if there need be redemption for your life
I pray for it to save your from your inward strife
For you suffer eternally for wicked caused to you
And not by the good caused through the things you do ...
So, my dear little one, forget the past
And instead hold tightly to what which will last ..."

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