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A-F Lottery!!!


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Welcome to the Summer A-F Lottery!

~You're invited to buy in~

  • 100 Points to enter.
  • Enter by posting below
  • Points will be deducted from your account by the amount you specify.
  • You can donate as many points as you want to the jackpot after entry cost.
  • The more participants, the larger the jackpot - and more winners!
  • The winners will be picked from a random name picker online tool.

On September 21st - The winners will be drawn!
Make sure you reply with your intent to enter. Jackpot will start out with 1,500 Points.


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*slams all points on to the table* put it all on red!

...wait, it's the lottery...oh....

(I'll put 645 points in, as I have no clue as to what they are used for :3)

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Hello everyone! Tearfully I must announce the end of our Summer Lottery, but I’m really excited for what Fall events we have in store, so it’s a bittersweet feeling.

Now, Its time to draw for our winner of the jackpot, which has made it up to 5,145 points!

Good luck @Xyro @Beocat it’s between you two and myself. Well here goes!

And the winner is, @Xyro

Congratulations!! You win the Jackpot.


@Beocat you will both be getting a medal to display in your profile and postbit for participating. Thank you!

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