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Madoka Magica Choose Your Own Adventure


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Hi there all! This is a little project I've been working on for over a year now. (Finally found a website to do it on, so I guess this is also a hello to everyone! 😆)

This will be, as the name suggests, a Choose Your Own Adventure story based on the events of the Madoka Magica series and its side stories. It's heavily inspired by an old CYOA posted on 4chan back in 2011 called the Magia Series (First season was Magia Revolution)


While not COMPLETELY necessary, having knowledge of some of the side stories is recommended. The relevant manga are:
Oriko Magica (and its continuations: Sadness Prayer and [Extra Story])
A Different Story
Homura's Revenge
Mitakihara Anti-Materials (not a canon story, but written by Magica Quartet and has a few interesting character points)  


Will you change the fate of Madoka and her friends, or will you meet the same end, doomed to suffering and failure? While Witches and the Incubators' manipulations are worry enough, yet darker forces are at play, forces hellbent on bring to an end any hope these girls have of a happy ending...


Open the Spoilers for the first part! 😁



Episode 1: Awakening...

The Witch:

This you must ken (understand)
From one make ten,
And two let be,
make even three,
Then rich you'll be.
Skip o'er the four!
From five and six,
The Witch's tricks,
Make seven and eight,
'Tis finished straight;
And nine is one,
And ten is none,
That is the witch's one-time-one!


~Btzzzzzz ~Btzzzzzz
The sweet bliss of sleepy, thoughtless nothing…
~Btzzzzz ~Btzzzzzzz
At least, it was…
~Btzzzzzz ~Btzzzzz
That’s it, enough of this racket!

Lurching from the covers, your hand comes down hard on the alarm; or, where the alarm should be… Instead, you grasp at empty air and slam face-first into the floor, the alarm still ringing tauntingly.
When you open your eyes and pull yourself up, head spinning more than you would expect from such a short fall, you find yourself in a familiar room as you shut the alarm off.

Wait, that’s not right… is this, no… what…?

Trying to collect your thoughts, you suddenly realise in a panic that everything is coming up blank! On the verge of hyperventilating, you slap your face. This is no time to start freaking out! The best thing to do for now is to figure out where you are.

Looking around, you note an unhealthy amount of pink: The flowery curtains, the walls, pink hearts on the bedsheets, even the door was pink. In the corner opposite the bed is a small desk with a computer, a small bag hanging beside it, and above, an oddly designed clock that reads 6:30.
From the window comes the singing of birds and the occasional ‘snip’ sound and you figure you’re on an upper floor due to the faint cheerful yelling from below.

The sound draws your attention down and you find you’re dressed in a pair of pale-yellow pyjamas, the top tied at the collar with some pink ribbon. Your chest, although not by much, sticks out in the curve of breasts and your statue is small and slender, like that of a girl’s.

As you return to looking around the room, your eyes stop on a reflection on a computer screen. The face looking back at you can only be described as ‘cinnamon roll.’ Innocent pink eyes stare back at your petite face, long pink hair flowing down over your shoulders and behind your back.

Two words come to your mind, a name: Madoka Kaname.

Suddenly, a wave of memories washes over you: Magical Girls, Incubators, the birth of a goddess and her fall to a devil. Madoka is a character from an anime… this makes no sense, how could you be Madoka?!

At that moment, you notice a faint echo, deep within the back of your mind…
What was that…? There it is again! A voice? It’s too hard to tell, like it’s buried deep underground (or whatever constitutes for ground in the subconscious…)


A.      Panic
B.      Go back to bed
C.      Leave the room
D.      Follow the events of the show
E.       Other… (Give your own suggestions!)


As weird as it sounds, this is pretty much my first time using a forum, so I don't really know the best way to manage voting for the options, so for now I guess just say what option you want. 
Feel free to suggest a way to manage it, I'm always open to learning from all you forum veterans! 😁

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We have an ongoing story in this format around here somewhere... The way the organizer intended members to vote on their actions was based on the reaction system. Eg: If you want A. to happen, react "useful"🔧 If you want B. to happen, react "Optimistic" 🌈 etc.

I am unfamiliar with this series, but it seems you've gotten up a good start! Sounds fun, I wish you well. 

Since you're new, why not give us a shout in the introductions thread :)


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I'd seen the story using the reactions for voting but didn't see where the reaction button was. (found it right after you suggested it >.>) 

Vote using them:
Silly for A.
Sad for B.
Confused for C.
Skeptial for D.
Creative for E.

Also, the extra side story managa reading isn't required, they're almost entirely for characterisation and what not. The only thing that's needed from them is knowing who Oriko and Kirika are and they'ire motivations.

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