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Magic the Gathering Arena: players corner

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Hello all, MTGA (Magic the Gathering Arena) is one of my all-time favorite games. Sadly however, there is no good option for finding matches with your friends, in fact you're invites to matches do not even get seen if the other person does not also invite the sender. It is because of this problem I thought I would make this thread, so us MTGA players can coordinate our matches better and not just fight randoms all day. 

Thread Rules: If you post please post your MTGA profile name and code, for example mine is: LILDOOP#62084 (THIS IS NOT YOUR PASSWORD)

You can view your profile name and code by going to your profile page when logged into MTGA fyi. 


This thread is for anything MTGA related, so you can post cool decks you have made or ideas for decks. You can, once you have given your code out request matches with other players who have done the same and discuss times you will be on. You can talk about lore or make up your own card ideas, really anything MTGA related. So yea, this is like a little club but not in club form because I already belong to 4 clubs. 


Btw, here (below) are some card ideas I made (tell me your thoughts?). 


Davriel, Malignant Copyist 

Card Type: Legendary Planeswalker -Human (Mythic Rare) 

If your opponent has exiled more than 15 cards you have hexproof and Davriel, Malignant Copyist gains 1 extra loyalty counter per turn. When Davriel, Malignant Copyist dies exile it. 

+1 Target player exiles the top two cards of their library. 

-6 Opponent loses health equal to the amount of cards in their exile. 

-X You may play any number of opponents exiled cards without paying their mana cost. Creature cards played this way go into exile upon death. 

Starting Loyalty counter: 3 

Mana Cost: 2 Swamps +4 swamps (or) Islands. 


Garruk, Walkers Bane 

Card Type: Legendary Planeswalker -Human (Mythic Rare)

Beasts you control enter the battlefield with +1/1 counters. 

+2 Place a 2/2 black and green beast creature token with vigilance onto the battlefield. Beast has: "Pay 1, creature gains your choice of either death-touch or trample until end of turn. 

-6  For every land you control put a +1/1 counter on all non token beasts you control. For every swamp you control deal 1 damage to all opponents creatures. 

-8 Destroy any number of target planeswalkers then exile them. If you destroy Garruk, Walkers Bane this way transform it. 

Starting Loyalty counter:  3

Mana Cost: 4 (no color) +2 green, +2 black

Transformed = Garruk, hateful hunter 

Card type: Legendary creature -Human 

Stats: 10/5 

Traits: Indestructible 

Garruk, hateful hunter has indestructible as long as it is attacking if your opponent has at least 1 planeswalker card in exile. 

Whenever Garruk, Hateful hunter is dealt damage sacrifice a beast. Whenever Garruk deals damage to target player or planeswalker proliferate. 

Pay 7, sacrifice Garruk, Hateful hunter and put Garruk, Walkers Bane into your library third from the top. 


Ob Nixilis, the Profaned 

Card Type: Legendary Planeswalker -Demon (Mythic Rare) 

Whenever an instant, sorcery or triggered ability causes an opponent to lose life you gain life equal to 2x the life lost. 

+1 Look at the top three cards of your library, choose an instant or sorcery card from among them and play it without paying its mana cost. If no instant or sorcery spells were used deal 2 damage to target player. 

-X Take control of any amount of target creatures. The creatures gain haste until end of turn. At the end of your turn destroy all stolen creatures and put a loyalty counter on Ob Nixilus, the Profaned for each creature destroyed this way. Lose life equal to the creature's power and toughness combined; if you die this way transform Ob Nixilus, The Profaned, his power becomes your health. 

-8 Place all the God Eternal's onto the battlefield tapped. 

Starting Loyaty counter: 5 

Mana Cost: 2 red, +2 black,+2 green, +2 blue, +2 white

Transformed = Ob Nixilus, Devourer of Souls 

Card Type: Legendary Creature -Demon

Stats: 5/5 

Traits: Menace, Flying, hex-proof 

Gain health equal to Ob Nixilus, Devourer of Souls power whenever it deals damage to target player. If Ob Nixilus, Devourer of Souls dies lose the game. 


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I never played it but heard a lot about it. So, if my laptop can run it, I'd give it a try. Of course I'd be a total noob at it, so not much of a challenge (at first). 

Just registered (Illusion of Terra#88779). Tried it out. It reminds me of Faeria which I used to play a lot (and was quite decent at it). Though, since they introduced the paid decks I played it less and less, and only occasionally play a game or two.
MTG seems to run on my laptop (although it does heat up quite a bit).

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I am in the process of settling into a new place, new job, and school schedule. But as soon as I get some form of a stable schedule going I would love to play from time to time. I am a blue black player though so I am sorry in advance for my control. I have a few gimmicky decks built around bolas and artifacts so we will see how things go down.
It would be so cool if they added EDH to Arena. I would be the happiest man alive. It is an impossible dream tho.


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