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Big Boar

Yes! My first attempt of translating romajis into Japanese!

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After memorizing Hiragana and it's dakuten and handakuten, I tried testing my memory by translating some romajis names. Even though I memorized the Hiragana I still takes a while to translate. Will I become faster and instant on this? All that is left is to learn Japanese words along with basic sentence order. Subject-object-verb and I can now talk and write Japanese!


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Posted (edited)

おめでとう,  あなたは 私のより 手書き が  上手いです 

Im not going to translate this for you this is your exercise for today 😛

Currently i am learning japanese at a very slow pace because lack of motivation but i want to pick it up rather soon again.

Looking forward to how you will be progressing

Edit: shouldnt aragaki be

あらがき instead of あわがい 

Edit 2: yes you will get faster the more you use it. I can read hiragana instanrly but it took me 3 minutes to write the sentence at the top because i havent had enough exercises yet to apply the grammar to do it quickly so it takes some time

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I'm learning Japanese as well, for about three years now, at a slow pace (evening course, on Monday evenings).
It's a nice feeling when you go from the point where you can read individual hiragana to constructing full sentences.

If you want some extra practice, there's duolingo and obenkyou. Both free on android. I use the latter for kanji exercises, but it also has hiragana, katakana, numbers etc. 

54 minutes ago, Big Boar said:

Will I become faster and instant on this?

Practice makes perfect, and you'll get quicker at it the more you do it.


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