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Recommend Fantasy Animes



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Magic Knight Rayearth (shoujo)

Konosuba or Rune Soldier (comedy)

Claymore or Goblin Slayer (dark/violent)

lots of others, but there’s a start

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Hey there, I’m not sure what sub genres you’re interested in or anything, but I really enjoyed the recently aired “The Rising of the Shield Hero”, it’s about a group of people from different dimensions who get summoned to a magical world as heroes, and the series plays out like a video game. You can get it dubbed or subbed, I liked both. 

Also enjoying the currently airing “Demon slayer” it’s only in subs right now though. 

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Flip Flappers


Sounds cutesy as hell, looks cutesy as hell, but is one of the coolest shows out there, made by the fantastic Studio 3Hz!

Did I mention it's technically an isekai? Except instead of being transported to another world and getting stuck there, they travel to all sorts of different fantasy worlds to get shit done. This plotpoint allows them some VERY extreme freedom, leading up to the ability to utilize damn near any genre it feels like.

One episode you'll have a Mad Max tribute with some seriously awesome fight scenes:


Another episode you'll have genuinely effective horror:


All nicely tied together by fantastic animation and an absolutely killer soundtrack.

One last thing! Did I mention it's an anime original? It has no source material, basically.

Translation: It has no source to follow, therefore, it tells its story at its own proper pace, and ACTUALLY HAS AN ENDING.


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